Old is New Again and other shows of interest in Spring 2018

Hi everyone. I know that I said that I would never write a seasonal preview again, but I felt inspired by this next season. Why? Because a certain theme that has become more popular in anime has exploded all over this season. What do I mean by that? Well, you know how Ushio and Tora has had a reboot recently, or Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure brought back the old 80’s style overly manly shonen thing, what about Devilman Crybaby, Tiger Mask W, or even Space Battleship Yamato 2199? You see what I am saying here? Older series are being brought back in a new way to appeal to a newer audience. The Spring 2018 season is doing this more then any other series by either creating new iterations into long running franchises or adding another part. How many series are there doing this? At least Eight series.

Besides combining the old is now new series things, I think I am going to have too much to watch because I have some new and original series that I want to watch as well. Man, I am so worried about Spring right now. I hope I have enough time to watch whatever I want to watch. Making difficult choices and cutting that list done is going to be hard if they are as good as they could be. Ok, let’s make a list about the shows that I am interested in watching, shall we?

Old is New Again:

Lupin the third: Part V:

More Lupin is always good. Instant watch.

Souten no Ken: Regenesis:

This is a prequel series to first of the North Star and I loved Fist of the North Star. I am worried about bad cg, because Polygon Pictures is behind this, but I am curious about what this series is going to do.

Fullmetal Panic: Invisible Victory:

Since it’s been over a decade since this show has last aired, this one counts in my mind. Since my early days of anime watching career, this has been another franchise that I always loved. I even loved it during my recent rewatch of season one. Right now, watching this seems like a given.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes (2018):

I loved this series when I watched it a few years ago. I want to see what Production I.G. is going to do with this one, though I am worried. Production I.G. hasn’t been completely hitting it out of the ball park with me recently. Only having 12 episodes too, so I wonder what this means.

Cutie Honey Universe, Captain Tsubasa (2018), and Megalo Box:

These aren’t genres that I usually dig in, because I am not a big sports or magical girl show watcher, but I am interested in these on an academic level too. I want to understand these franchises and these genres more then I do know, so maybe a slight return to their roots will help with this.

Newer Sequels I am interested in:

My Hero Academia Season 3:

Do I need to say anything here?

Gundam Build Divers:

To be honest, I’ve tried watching the Gundam build Fighter series and they haven’t really attached to me that well. I will try watching them again at some point, but I definitely going to try to give this one a go.

Original Series I am interested in:

Piano no Mori:

After Your Lie in April, not much has filled a certain musical drama spot for me. Maybe this is a series that will do it. I think it’s worth a shot.

Isekai Izakaya: Koto Aitheria no Izakaya Nobu:

This seems like an interesting twist or sounds like Restaurant to Another World. I wonder what they will do with this one that will make it different. Also, since I am not a Shogeki no Shouma fan, this is how I will get my anime food this season.

Hisone to Maso-tan:

I already self-identified as a Studio Bones fanboy. This show sounds incredibly interesting AND it’s a Studio Bones, so I have to give this a watch. Dragon Pilots and Studio Bones. Sold, just sold.

Magical Girl Site:

Magical girl stuff and a death game environment? This has me curious. Two things that are not usually my things, but that makes me find it even more interesting. Let’s see how this one goes.

Just my other lists from a long time ago, nothing here is set in stone. Some of these are going to be dropped along the way and other shows that I haven’t even thought about are going to take up some of these spots. That’s usually how it works. Let’s see what happens with Spring 2018. Thank you all for reading.


  1. The trouble with Full Metal Panic is the first season and fumoffu were best. Everything after that was emo, depressing, violent, or stupid. It stopped being fun. The last short series they had was really depressing and offered nothing nice to watch, other than animation quality. But it wasn’t pleasant. It wasn’t enjoyable. I fear that any new programming is going to suffer from the same problem. I’m planning to avoid it, and I own both the first season and fumoffu. I suppose the author got bullied into making it all serious, or maybe despair from life has been leaking into his work, but I have low expectations.

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    1. I liked The Second Raid quite a bit and I can’t see this new season going down the same route, because the emotional issues looked like they were solved at the end of Second Raid.


      1. Other than the fact that his love triangle are sharing brainwaves and are soon going to be peering through each other’s eyes. That’s a special kind of disability, really. The setting is kind of broken, the Whispered telepathy problem I mean, and the war machines going to work all over the place. This is like a more compact and vicious outcome that leads to something like Heavy Object.


  2. Depending on how you define “original” here, all of those series you’ve listed under “original series I am interested in” have pre-existing source material and so they might not count at all…

    If you’re interested in “magical girls and death game stuff”, you’re probably looking for Magical Girl Raising Project, and if you want to study magical girls “academically”, you’re better off looking at a…less Go Nagai show (Cutey Honey’s kind of infamous in the fanservice department for a reason). It’s a good season for magical girls and boys though – Mahou Shoujo Ore and Boueibu Happy Kiss are all happening in spring (aside from the ones you’ve listed)!

    Apparently Lupin’s supporting gal this time (outside of Fujiko) is a hacker this time, so I’m looking forward to see if they’ll get anything right about computer security.

    My full list of spring anime is going to be kept secret for another week or so because some people have already gotten their lists out already. It’s starting to become a pet peeve of mine, seeing people so eager to reject currently airing shows…

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    1. Original, for me, is it’s a new I.P. that I haven’t watched or heard about before. That’s about it. I’m not much of a manga reader.

      I am interested in Raising Project, especially after Irina’s review, and I might get around to it eventually. Just have a lot of things that I’ve been watching recently. I’m also watching Cutie Honey Universe to see more adaptions of Go Nagai’s work.

      That sounds awesome.

      Well, my lists are never final. Changes happen all the time, which is why I stopped doing them in the first place a while ago.

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      1. Ohmy, so it’s a series revival. Xebec is hit or miss, but if its on the quality of Keijo then I think it’ll do fine.
        Then again, the main series isn’t really that interesting compared to KyoAni’s fumoffu.

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      2. Yeah, fumoffu is definitely something special.

        I had to check this, and the original series was produced by Gonzo. That kind of says it all. I feel ok about Xebec being behind this one, because they did a great job with Yamato 2199.

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      3. the second season was done by kyoani, i think, and it just didn’t stack up to fumoffu, imo. i mean, robots playing baseball. nuff said. xD
        then again, seeing Chidori is probably enough to make mewant to see it. The studio might also do a Durarara revival, and I do want to see more of FMP.

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