Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Episode 20 – Space Battle in the Clouds

Just like I mentioned last episode, this one is all about the spectacle again. Not that is a bad thing at all, because I love space fights. Even space battles that happen in space clouds. It was just amazing. Amazing to look at, amazing emotional weights, awesome space ship effects, and amazing fight choreography. Looking at the space fighter choreography alone, this show must have taken some notes from the Macross franchise. You can feel every single jet booster and the g’s from every single fighter movement. I should also mention how one can feel all the rocket thrusts and how the laser blasts from every single ship feels visceral as well. Even if you can’t touch what is happening on screen, it leaves an impact on you somehow. So yeah, I might just have too many good things to say about this show and especially this episode. Let’s talk about this episode more specifically.

All spoiler phasers set for kill for everything that is coming next

Let’s just into the action, shall we? This fight begins with the Yamato seeing an enemy fighter wing and sending most of its own fighters, except Akira, after it. Of course, that is a ruse. A very costly ruse where the Yamato lost twelve fighters during this time. Using Domel’s ships special laser, he sent in another fighter wing to immediately attack the Yamato. While Akira is able to fight off a lot of the enemy fighters, the Yamato still took a lot of damage. The trans dimensional space submarine also fired a drill torpedo that went right down Yamato’s wave motion canon in hopes that it would be able to go al the way to the Yamato’s wave motion core, or just farther into the ship, and explode. Luckily, all that was stopped by Niimi and Analyzer. The submarine also sent in a small ship to land on the Yamato’s side, break into the ship and steal the Iscandarian on the ship. Unfortunately, they steal Yuuki, who is not from Iscandar, despite Kodai’s best attempts. He even tries to chase after the enemy in a fighter, but that ship gets away by immediately getting attached to a disappearing submarine.

Episode 20 Fighters appear out of nowhere
Fighters appear out of nowhere
Episode 20 Akira keeping enemy fighters busy
Akira keeping fighters busy
Episode 20 Submarine with a guest ship on it
Sub plus infiltration crew
Episode 20 Drill Torpedo
The Drill Bomb

So let’s talk about the final confrontation between Domel and Okita. Even if Domel was sure that the drill torpedo would finish off the Yamato, he sends torpedo bombers to make sure that annoying Earth ship gets destroyed. Of course, neither of those things work, so Domel immediately after the Yamato himself. Big mistake. Even if all three carriers (one was destroyed earlier) and Domel’s ship fired lasers at the Yamato, the drill torpedo was sent off to the Gamilas fleet, was hit by one of Yamato’s canons, and three remaining carriers are destroyed. So now we have a final laser blast confrontation between the Yamato and Domel’s capital ship. The Yamato wins that encounter, but since Domel refuses to give up, he launches a small part of his ship and attaches it to the bottom of Yamato. Finally, these two captains see who the other is through the magic of Star Trek screen technology. Domel tries to self-destruct his ship, which would take the Yamato with it, but luckily the wave motion shield was activated in time Everyone is safe, except for those who died in battle. With that out of the way, the wounded Yamato makes its way out of the Rainbow Cluster.

Episode 20 Torpedo Bombers
Torpedo Bombers
Episode 20 Ships caught in torpedo's blast
Carriers Caught in the Drill Torpedo’s Explosion
Episode 20 Combat Against Domels ship
Yamato vs Domel’s Ship
Episode 20 Captains Meet
Domel and Okita meet

Man, all I did was recap everything. After writing this, I was just completely mesmerized by this experience as a whole. There was just so much good writing between all the great characterization and the strategy involved in the war itself. Every character feels needed, which adds more weight to the show as a whole. Honestly, what else can I say? Maybe talk about this fight compared to the original Domel vs Okita fight maybe? So obviously, the characterization and graphics are getter in this version. Still, the first version had this space fight as a copy of how the Yamato was sunk in WW2. While some of those attributes were still there, 2199 changed up some things to make its own thing. That’s about it. See you next Friday.

(All Photos are Screen Captures from Crunchyroll. This episode in particular)

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