Space Battleship Yamato 2199: A Prison Planet

So, sorry for not putting as much work into this episode as I usually do. I just don’t have enough time to create a full post like I usually do. I’m going to Sakuracon and its also Easter Weekend. Usually, these would be too easy things, but I am a Lutheran. That means there is also Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. With Sakuracon in the mix, it’s a crazy time. On Thursday, I ran sound for the Maundy Thursday church service, I am currently in Seattle right now, and will return Saturday Night, where I will be one of the trumpeters for all three church services on Sunday. I was in the middle of church stuff and packing for Sakuracon yesterday, so I didn’t have enough time to edit a long post, rewatch the episode again so I can take some screen shots, and then schedule it. Instead, you guys are getting this lame post. I will at least share some quick opinions on this episode. That’s all I can do for right now. I’ll get more out next week, I promise.

This episode was great. You know how in general anime formula a big relaxation episode follows a major action spectacle episode, so we see all the consequences of what has happened before it? Didn’t happen here. Instead, we get a segment of our cast exploring a Gamilas Prison planet that is fully realized with all sorts of different Gamilas characters all over the place. I mean, there was an entire prison break out happening in which every single individual character was animated and not CG. The scenery was unique and big as well. They worked hard on this episode guys and it was great. It provided some interesting world development for the Gamilas side by showing how vulnerable they are and advanced the plot and our characters forward in interesting directions. What more can ask for? I really wish that I could go into more detail here, but this is all the time I have for. I hope all of you have fun, because I know that I am. See you next Friday with a more legitimate post.

(Oh btw, did you know that Yamato 2022 is going to be on Crunchyroll/Funimation sometime this spring? I can’t wait!)

This post is a part of the Yamato 2199 blog tour between me and DerekL. If you want to get involved: please click this link here, read what it says, watch the show with us, and post before noon on Fridays. Simple enough right?


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