Mecha March 2018 in review

Holy crap guys, thank you for making this event a success. I am so surprised by how many responses I’ve gotten from it. I wrote reviews about series that are much more obscure in nature then things like Angelic Layer and Wolf’s Rain, yet I think every single one of these Mecha March Reviews did better then each of those. I am still in disbelief that this happened. Yes, I am just going to repeat the same words over again, but thank you all very much again and again and again. With all your help and your responses, I am definitely planning on doing a Mecha March 2019. I even have some ideas of what shows that I plan on watching. Of course, none of that is final right now, but who cares. As long as I can watch some anime and write some posts about them, then this will happen.

I don’t know about any of you guys, but I consider my first round of Mecha March as a massive failure which lead it to be a huge learning experience. To this day, I still consider March of 2017 as my worst blog month ever. I blame it all on the fact that I had no idea what I was doing. I was watching shows during the Month of March, which meant that I wasn’t able do everything I wanted to do. The result of this was that each post was rushed and didn’t feel as complete and as well rounded as they could have been. This includes my terrible review on Gasaraki and my Evangelion posts. My Gasaraki post was way too short to explain all the premise and ideas that this show was trying to explore, so the end result became more confused in the end. My Eva posts were rushed out, which resulted in me not editing or doing the research behind all of them as well as I could. Also, because I didn’t have a small constant flow of Mecha March posts, I couldn’t call it Mecha March either. From those failures, came Mecha March 2018. How did that work for you guys?

What worked better this time then Mecha March 2017? I think it has to do with how I planned everything ahead of time. I started watching shows for Mecha March many months in advanced. The middle of November to be specific. I had enough time to watch every series at a slow enough pace that I wouldn’t get exhausted from rushing through all of these Mecha anime in a short amount of time. I actually did get exhausted from watching Mecha anime in the middle of watching Psybuster, but I had enough time to take a few weeks off here and there without hurting my productivity. I also wrote my reviews after I finished each show, so Mecha March was easier on me as a whole, because I only had to write 75% of my usual percentage of posts and had to only edit my reviews for each week.  Everything worked out in the end.  You know what? I plan on pre-watching everything the next time around as well. Looking back at it, I wish I could do that more often, because now I am back at writing all of my posts the week before hand again and it’s harder on me. I was living the good life for a while now. Damn it, I had everything so good. Now all of that is gone for now.

My discussion or list posts that I wrote were apart of those 75% posts that I just wrote the week before hand. Yeah, nothing special about those, but there was strategic planning behind some of them. Mostly for the post dedicated to Irina’s awesomeness and for donating to my Kofi. I guess you could call the weeks of thought that I put behind my OWL’s post before I wrote it as strategic planning too. Otherwise, everything else was much more serendipitous in nature. Maybe they were planned a week ahead of time by me asking what everyone thought through twitter, like my romance in mecha anime post, but that’s all the forward thinking that was put into each post. Oh, I should probably talk about my collab post with Lita. That was a lot of fun as well. Still, I think that the combination of pre-planning and writing these discussion posts out of nowhere helped Mecha March 2018 work. Well, at least compared to Mecha March 2017.

At this moment, I’m still gathering ideas on what I want to do for Mecha March 2019. Yes, I did mention that I have an idea on what series I want to watch. That whole watching shows ahead of time will happen again, because it worked, but I am not sure what else to change or to add. Maybe I can talk to certain people that started up a retro mecha podcast and possibly bring them on board? Maybe Lita and I can watch another mech show that none of us has watched yet? All of that might be worth giving a shot at least.  Other then that, I am not completely sure what to do. If you guys have some ideas that I haven’t thought about yet, please let me know. I’m always open to suggestions on this.


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