Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Episode 23 – Into the Fire

Ok, I have to say a few things. This episode approached the Yamato’s “final” conflict with Gamilas in a completely different manner then the original series and I love that fact. Instead of destroying the hollow planet that is Gamilas like the original series, the Yamato took the peaceful approach and saved the planet from the evil dictator named Desler. I still have some caveats, but having our mission be a mission for peace really works here. The episode itself was solid as well. It has everything you need for a good episode or a movie. You know the classic things, right? If you don’t, they are action, spectacle, and romance. It’s not as good of an episode as the battle at the rainbow cluster, because that battle had more complex emotions in it as well, but it was still fulfilling. What more can one ask for?

Spoiler Alert Canon, Fire!

Yamato Side

Last episode ended with a giant laser beam, like the wave motion canon, being fired at the Yamato. Luckily, that laser beam barely grazed the ship and hit the planet behind them, which destroyed it instantly. We do get a name for the planet from Melda, but it’s loss barely gets any focus. After that, there is a small conflict with Gamilas carriers against the Yamato, but that encounter didn’t have any impact at all. Why, because the battle lasted minutes with the Yamato fighters destroying the enemy fighters and severely damaging the enemy carriers. I bet the Gamilas guard hasn’t faced battle before, while the Yamato crew is more then battle hardened now. Three ships? That’s nothing compared to everything they’ve faced previously. I should also mention that the Yamato crashed into the Gamilas capital building to send troops into it at first, but there was a certain falling object from Belarus 2, a huge space station, that threatened to destroy the Gamilas race as a whole. This resulted in the Yamato turning around and firing its wave motion canon in defense of the Gamilas people. Such a wonderful note of difference from the original series here.

Episode 23 Planet is destroyedEpisode 23 Epidra is gone

Episode 23 Crashed into the Capital
Yamato crashes into the capital
Episode 23 Belaras dropping the industrial district
Belarus 2 Dropping Something
Episode 23 Cool Shot
The Wave Motion Canon Fires

This moment was followed by the Yamato launching back into space toward Belarus 2 this time. I’m kind of happy how that space station ended. The captured Yuki was the real star and was way more than a damsel in distress that needed saving. Before Belarus 2 could fire its wave motion canon, Yuki and her body guard hacked into the system to make the wave motion canon and the space station explode. Of course, Yuki’s body guard lied to her, sent her out in space, and blew up Belarus 2 by himself, but all credit goes to Yuki still. There is pay off for this too. After Kodai was chasing after Yuki in a space fighter with Yurisha in the copilot seat, Kodai and Yuki meet in space, embrace each other, and stare at Iscander’s beauty in the distance. Do I need to say anything else here?

Episode 23 Belarus 2
A shot of Balerus 2

Episode 23 Wave Motion Control Destroy

Episode 23 Romantic Moment
Romantic Moment Between Yuki and Kodai

-Gamilas Side

Speaking of romance moments, there is a quick falling out scene between Desler and Starsha from Iscander. It kind of does show Desler’s disillusionment with his current existence on Belarus. I mean, if holding an entire planet and its remaining species as hostage sounds romantic too you, we must talk. This insanity continues throughout the episode. Why did Desler order the dropping of an industrial district on an entire planet to destroy most of his people? Because he’s crazy and wanted to reformat his entire society on Iscander instead. That assassination attempt must have done a number on him. I must keep reminding myself that this guy isn’t the same charismatic villain that eventually became an anti-hero throughout the rest of Space Battleship Yamato’s history. This is more realistic take, because Desler is way more of a believable character here, but there is some potential lost. Maybe there is a possibly of a chance, but it’s not happening right now. Before Belarus 2 blew up, his ship jumped out to escape the explosion. He will be back, but we don’t know in what capacity.

Episode 23 A Fallen Romance.png

Yeah, I skipped over the Gamilas general who battled the Yamato, because that was a nothing moment. A fence made from card board is not that interesting.

Episode 23 Oh Look Enemy Carriers
Oh look, enemy carriers
Episode 23 ONly a foot note


I’ve talked about as many attributes behind all of this then I originally planned, but I have a little bit more to say here. Instead, I am just going to see how the results carry over to 2022. At this moment, it’s clear the Gamilas race is going to continue at a higher level, unlike the original series where the last remaining people are living out their lives on a ship or two. We even have the names of some of the people that are going to lead Gamilas in the future. General Ditz and the rest of the resistance movement are probably going to be leaders of this new Gamilas and reformat their society. Let’s see how that plays out in the sequel that is going to air on Crunchyroll after this one. See you all next Friday.

This post is a part of the Yamato 2199 blog tour between me and DerekL. If you want to get involved: please click this link here, read what it says, watch the show with us, and post before noon on Fridays. Simple enough right?


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