Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Episode 24 – Finally Made It

Here we are guys. The crew of the Yamato finally made it to Iscander. I’m starting to feel like this is going to be one of those “the journey was better then the destination kind of things”. Yes, the Yamato crew eventually gets the Cosmo Cleaner device, but we went through a lot of the same sorts of hurdles that we watched since the beginning. Yes, we see the Yamato’s journey and use of the Wave Motion Canon from the point of view of Starsha from Iscander, but it’s a lot of repeated beats of themes and concepts that went along with the story naturally. Now we have Starsha moping around and considering her options of whether or not she wants to save the human race based on the Yamato’s deeds that we’ve spent episode after episode on. This entire conflict could have been gone in a shorter amount of time and Starsha could have sent the Yamato on it’s way. Still, we got to see some characters in bikinis and we got to see part of how the Iscander race fell from prominences. Not a complete loss, right? So, in the end, this episode is still decent and serviceable, just not as enjoyable as it could be.

Spoiler Planet Landing in Progress

Can I just talk about how the silence in the beginning of this episode was absolutely beautiful? I mean, the Yamato just survived a lot of crazy things, right? They somehow defeated Desler, saved the Gamilas race, successfully saved Yuki, and now they are landing on Iscander. A lot of this scene was communicated more through body language then words. Admittedly, that’s easy to do when most of the crew spent their time staring out the window and measuring the atmospheric aspects of Iscander. Still the fact that characters knew how to move and where move where officers appear on screen shows how close they are. Ok, moving on from that, a select crew of main line officers and Yurisha go onto the planet to meet with Starsha in order to talk about the Cosmo cleaner. Thus, we go into what I was talking about earlier.

Episode 24 Featured ImageEpisode 24 Yamato Bridge

The anime now focuses on Starsha talking with her sister, the humans, and a representative of the Gamilas race to consider whether or not she is going to give the Cosmo Cleaner to everyone. Before Starsha says yes, the crew is waiting around with us. And then the nurse character mentions that everyone could blow off steam by jumping into the water in swim suits. Leave it to the fanservice character to create more fanservice amongst the ranks. Still, swimming does seem like a logical and natural thing here. Finally, after seeing Akira and Melda swim around a lot, Starsha gives the Yamato crew the Cosmo Cleaner. We also get some emotional stakes and appeals as well because we find out what happened to Kodai’s Brother. He was the last survivor of the Gamilas prison ship that crash landed on Iscander. Of course, he died, but he left a message for the Yamato crew and the whole human race. With all that out of the way and Melda and Yurisha going to Gamilas to solve a political crisis, our Yamato ship launches for home.

Episode 24 Yurisha Contemplating Things and Stuff
Part 1 of Starsha’s Comteplation
Episode 24 Fanservice
Crew Fanservice
Episode 24 Akira and Melda Fanservice
Akira and Melda Fanservice

I did skip over some small moments that made this episode pop. Seeing Okita, the Doctor, and Analyzer talking on the deck about the sea water is a very powerful moment. Also, seeing the moment with Yurisha and Yuki around the blue flower was great too as was Starsha giving Yuki some of those flowers as a gift. Despite all the waiting and characters being stagnant, there are quite a few things worth watching here. I just wish it wasn’t framed around repeating things we’ve already seen and have talked about.

Episode 24 Yuki and StarshaEpisode 24 Okita Doctor Analyzer

I don’t have anything else to add here, see you all next Friday.

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