Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Episode 25 – A Final Confrontation

Before I jump into episode review, this is not the final episode. There is still one episode left where the Yamato makes it to Earth. There is a small sense of the Yamato gaining a sense of peace at the beginning of this episode, but this episode is the Yamato’s final encounter with the enemy. The remaining enemy, who are now the now rebel Gamilas group, set out to wipe out the Yamato again. For the last time. Since most of the Gamilas race is now under the thumb print of a new leader, Desler goes out on his own to fight the Yamato himself. We finally see where his insanity leads him. Also, you can probably guess how that goes. This episode is filled with a lot of drama and heart-breaking moments that are relatable with some good spectacle on the side. I also like how this encounter ended compared to the original Yamato series, because this solution makes sense. It’s just a good episode all around. There is even a fitting insert song at the beginning of it all.

The second to final spoiler warning. This is heart breaking, right?

This episode starts with an insert song and another montage narrated by Yuria Misaki. It’s a montage centered around the characters building relationships with each other and a lot of other couples form or develop further without the need of a word. The montage also tells us how life has changed for the Yamato crew. Two months after Iscander, the crew of the Yamato is in a positive state of mind. We see Yuki serving people coffee, which they immediately hate. It’s so funny to me. That scene also has a fun reversal after the Yamato crew picks up the Desler’s witch, Miezela (I wish I remembered her name before this. I’m sorry everyone), the last survivor of the planet Jirel. Yuki interrogates Miezela in an interesting role reversal between them while another role reversal happens when the XO brings the two of them coffee. At the same time, Miezea explains how she loves Desler, despite how he betrayed her and his entire race of people. That is truly heart breaking and it only gets worse. There is so much good stuff going on here.

Episode 25 Yuki Face
Good Yuki Face
Episode 25 Couple
Pilot and a Nurse
Episode 25 Yuria Microphone
Yuria and HIna
Episode 25 Role Reversal
On opposite ends of the table

As the Yamato enters the area that the warp gate is in, Admiral Goer uses a small fleet to attack the Yamato to push them into a trap, which doesn’t make any sense to me. I realize this series needed a last scene with Goer, who is destroyed in a moment of awesome by the Space Dimensional Submarine crew, but the Yamato crew was going there anyway. What is the point of that? Desler could have done everything by himself, which he does. Speaking of that, as the Yamato is in the middle of hyperspace or whatever, Desler’s ship, which is big, captured the Yamato. Desler, his female guard, and a bunch of gamiloids immediately board. People start dying on the Yamato side as the Yamato’s security crew struggles to keep them at bay. Holy crap guys, those five minutes of this happening were horrible and completely shocking. I’m glad that most of the force entering the Yamato were robots, because Niima and Analyzer were able to stop them in time.

Episode 25 Featured Image
The Gate Looks Ominious in Red
Episode 25 Goer
Episode 25 Bad Ass Sub
I love the submarine captain!

Speaking of Shocking, the relationship between Meizela and Yuki is played further here.  You remember that whole Miezela still loves Desler thing? While Desler kidnapped Yuki himself, Miezela happily exclaims at him AND DESLER SHOOTS HER. OMG. While everyone is talking and Kodai enters the fray, Miezela shoots Desler back. I think Desler is supposedly mortally wounded at that point, because he barely keeps himself alive for the rest of this episode. Before Desler’s female bodygauds shoot Miezela to death, Yuki jumps in to protect her. THEY ARE BOTH SHOT UP. OMG. After the shooting, Desler limps back to his ship to destroy the Yamato with the desler canon, eventhough beam weapons don’t work in hyperspace. The Yamato immediately fires hard shells and Desler’s ships blows up after trying to fire its wave motion canon. I like this ending so much more then the original ending that involved a shield that reflected wave motion canon back at the enemy ship and was NEVER USED AGAIN. A-Plus writers, A-Plus.

(I don’t feel like this needs any captions, these little bits of images are horrifying)

I’m not ready for this show to end, guys. It’s even worse with the cliff hanger for whether or not Yuki is dead. After all the time Kodai gets to know here, worries about her after she is captured, and goes out to rescue her, this feels so wrong. Yes, the Earth will be ok, but will Yuki be ok? Find out next time on my last episode review of this show. *sniff*

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