I can’t wrap my mind around Fate/Cooking

Alright, so Fate/Cooking is my nick name for an anime series called Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family. I know, a very original and smart nickname.  You’re welcome, guys. Anyway, this show is a complete mystery for me. This the kind of anime that gets more and more confusing as time goes on. Hey, I guess Fate/Cooking is a fate series after all. It’s confusing in a different manner though. While typical Fate series have more and more technobabble as a series goes along to explain the craziness that is going on (this is bad writing by the way, just let everything happen), Fate/Cooking’s world building is thing that makes me more confused over time. To keep it short, fate/stay night characters appear, and I am completely unsure about why and what their relationships to each other are. With this world building problem, it’s obvious to say that you need to have at least watched a Fate/Stay Night series before jumping into this. This is the sort of problem only a sand box Fate series can have.

Before we jump into what confuses me, I must talk about how this show appeals to me. The first thing that interests me are the characters. Yes, these are the characters from Fate/Stay Night. All the Masters, servants, and side characters are there with a few extras on the side. Ok, maybe Hercules hasn’t appeared yet, but my point remains. The difference here is each of the character’s stress level. Now, it doesn’t look like there is a Holy Grail war in progress. Characters are thus more relaxed, so they we see more out of them then some moping, anger, scaring people with other people possible death, and many other unpleasant things. That means that we get to see everyone act like normal people. It’s good stuff, guys. Everyone is so likeable and that adds to relaxation aspect of the show. It’s a happy sandbox where people get to cook and eat. Oh, I should probably say something about the food.

Food is the second reason why this show appeals to me. I mean, food is important for all of us, right? Guys, this is a cooking show brought to you by a little studio named UFOTABLE. I’m sure they might have something to do with the Fate Franchise. *cough* (Yes, jokes. I have them.) We get cooking sakuga! That means every single swishing motion, cutting motion, and whatever other motions are necessary for cooking, feel incredibly realistic. The flow is so good from those simple animated respects. Oh, the food itself is great. You know how normal food looks great? Like most anime food, THIS FOOD LOOKS BETTER. OMG, each episode makes me hungry. Therefore, I am glad that this anime only has one episode a month. Not only for quality sake, but for teaching everyone how non-competition food anime are done. I’ve suddenly hungry from writing this. I’ll be right back, not that any of you will notice that.

After all this talking about why I enjoy this show, you may be wandering why I can’t wrap my head around this anime. Will, all that comes with the fact that this show is centered around the Fate/Stay Night universe. It may be an alternate reality, but there are still rules for this kind of thing. For one, why are there servants here? Is there a holy grail war going on? I know that this is an alternate universe, but servants still respond to their masters in way that you would expect them to. Is this holy grail war centered around who can keep cook better? If it’s not, can we get a Fate/Series that is centered around a food competition instead of killing? This is one of the few times where I want some explanation from a fate show. Please tell me what is going on. I know that I should just relax and enjoy what is on screen, but I am finding that completely impossible considering the baggage that comes with this series.

Thank you for reading this post, guys. I really wanted to advertise this show on my blog for a while, but I wasn’t sure how to approach. In the end, here is a short post describing everything about it that I find intriguing, entertaining, and confusing about it. If you have some attachment to the Fate franchise, give this one a watch too. Besides maybe Carnival Phantasm, I will guarantee that you won’t have seen a fate franchise in this form ever. Since this series only has one episode appear on Crunchyroll a month and each episode are only half the usual episode run time of a typical anime, it’s easy to catch up on. I mean, it started appearing in January. I can also kind of recommend people that haven’t seen the fate franchise to watch this too, but I don’t think any of you will get as much out of it. It’s nonsexual fanservice for fate fans after all.


    1. They don’t write down any steps on screen, but the characters narrate what they are doing. Not too many measuring specifics though.


  1. Yeah, it’s very weird that an offshoot of a franchise that explains everything in that respect takes a completely different direction. Technically it is a flaw, and a flaw that won’t be rectified ever (I guess). As hard as it may be, I can only suggest turning a blind eye to the mechanics of the show. It’s probably better to leave everything unexplained (I doubt it can be in the first place) rather than get a half-assed explanation. Confusing or not, It’s been a very enjoyable experience.

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