500 Follower Q&A!! (Are you sure you are following the right blog?)

If the title of this post doesn’t give away what I am trying to do and say, then that’s ok. At this moment, I am getting closer and closer to approaching 500 followers here. It’s kind of amazing and I can’t believe that’s happening. Thank you everyone, I couldn’t be happier about all of this because I never expected to even reach this number at all. When I started this, I still didn’t expect anyone to read what I wrote and I was generally ok with that. So once again, thank you all.

Cutting to the chase, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do to celebrate this for a while. Then the idea for the simplest post came to being for me. A Q&A post! If you have questions, within reason or without reason, please ask them. Write them in the comment section below. I’ll answer what I can and what I feel like answering. (Tagging Lita here for reasons!) Thank you everyone! Can’t wait to celebrate this when it happens!


  1. Congrats for reaching 500 soon! Glad that you’re reaping the rewards from your passion in writing and blogging 😀

    Q: (Something mechanical) For mech anime/manga/LN series to be published in the future, would you be looking forward to 1) more Mechanical Mechs? (Completely mechanical) 2) Biological Mechs? (Non-mechanical – Maybe some futuristic possibility) 3) Bio-Synthetic Mechs? (A mix of both!)

    Sorry for the weird question haha, cheers! Hope more readers will notice your site in time! 🙂

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  2. Everyone’s fixating on the “mechanical” theme for some reason…

    My question: If you had to run a dream WordPress blog with another person or a group of people (the only prerequisite for your potential candidates is that they have to also be WordPress bloggers), who would you pick to help run it and what would you call it?

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  3. *unfollows just to mess with you*
    I kid, lol.
    congrats on a big milestone.
    as for questions, let’s see….in 2018, would you like to see Hideaki Anno do an Evangelion spinoff? If yes, What would it be about?

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  4. Yay! Congrats Scott 🙂

    Hmm question wise? What Mech anime would you recommend me since you are the expert 🙂 giving full metal panic a go now!

    Ok, real question: what is your favorite article that you have written and why?

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