Last week in Mechs and Space: 5/14/18

Welcome to another one of my experiments! Considering that there are a lot of mech and space opera shows airing this year, I really wanted to talk about them in some other then just the quick seasonal posts that I write. There had to be a way to talk about them a little more in-depth, so this idea was born. Here is my replacement for the Space Battle Yamato 2199 episode reviews. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Space Battleship Tiramisu Episode 6

Until this point, Tiramisu was more focused on having two gags a week with on and off humor. This week was more story focused. While there were some gags, like Subaru hanging Christmas lights on his mech and Subaru losing his game’s save file, the plot was revealed. In a scene that more focused-on exposition, which our protagonist wasn’t there, the captain of the Tiramisu brings up how humanity is currently focused on battling clones. That’s an interesting concept that I never thought I would see. There is so much you can do with that. You know what, even Subaru’s flash back to never having a Christmas helped push the plot forward to. I wasn’t expecting that. I hope that Tiramisu continues with this interesting plot rather then throwing around hit and miss humor. I guess we will all find out next week.

Gundam Build Divers Episode 6

I wasn’t sure about this show in the beginning, but I am starting to warm up to it. It is a kid’s show, but there is a lot of charm going on that I am finding addicting. Even if this episode could be quantified in one sentence, like our gunpla kids acquiring an ace team mate that doesn’t fight anymore. First, they annoy him by continually bugging him to join their team, but they finally charm him by rebuilding a lot of the models that his team tossed aside. It was a lot of fun. Simple in concept, but great in execution. I look forward to seeing what happens next week.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: A New Thesis Episode 6

Oh man, we are on one of my favorite battles in the original anime. The capture of the Lserlhon Fortress is such a unique battle that revolves around a lot more than a fleet firing at another fleet. It revolves around a lot of cool sneaky aspects and trickery. So far, everything seems just as cool as the original. The show as a whole is a little dry, just like the original too, but I like all the themes, the complexities behind each situation, the fun characters, and Yang. Yang is still great. I know how this battle gets resolved, but I look forward to seeing it in a new light and see what kinds of subtleties that Production I.G. adds to the experience.

Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Episode 1

Wow, this first episode was fantastic. Possibly the most perfect first episode that I’ve seen in the while. It showed the relationship between the Earth and the Gamilas society right now, where the most important characters in the Yamato crew are after the end of the series, the fact that a lot of what the Yamato crew did was put into jeopardy by the use of a wave motion canon from the Yamato’s journey after its use as a weapon from a brand new ship, and installed a new threat into the series without much exposition. Such a master work. I like how a lot of the themes from the original season 2 were put in here as well while taking along what 2199 added to the mix as well. This season is definitely the show is going to be its own thing with homages to the original and I am so excited about that.

Fullmetal Panic: Invisible Victory Episode 4.5


Darling in the FranXX episode 17

All those slice of life moments came to a head when squad 9 visited 13’s abode. You know, the insufferable jerks of the FranXX piloting community. So yes, tension arises immediately. Still, for an episode that doesn’t involve much mech fighting, there was some crazy thins going on. For starts, apparently Hiro has small horns? Where did those come from? To go onto more crazy things, Kokoro has been reading about baby making and wants to make one with Mitsuru. Of course, Kokoro is taken to her superiors where they talk her down about it, but she ends up having sex with Mitsuru anyway. Ummmm, I don’t know if I approve of this, but I must see where this craziness goes.

That was it for this week. See you all next week for some more. I hope Invisible Victory’s fifth episode is great to make up for that huge miss step.


  1. Ahhh, I’m so excited to get started on 2202 now that it’s finally beginning on Crunchyroll. I look forward to following along with you on the show. I’m totally new to the Yamato franchise, having only seen 2199, so it’ll be interesting to see what direction they take from here.

    I’ve also been enjoying LOGH, again, only having seen this new series. I always meant to watch the original, and hearing fans of it praising this remake makes me happy to finally be a part of the journey. Predictably, Yang is definitely my favorite character.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad other people are following along with these Space Battleship shows. I was wondering what kind of audience this show has.

      I would never worry about anyone being new to either of these franchises, because remakes and reboots are how they get new fans. Especially when they are the two best sort of remakes I’ve ever watched.

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