Spring 2018 Anime at the half way point

The more that I watch things from this season, the more that I like a lot. Out of the shows that I selected to watch this season, I don’t think that any of them are bad. Some of them are a little disappointing, but they are completely watchable, and I don’t feel like dropping them. Such a strong season with unique and interesting shows. Yeah, high praise here. Darling in the FranXX is a show that I have a lot to say about, but I will write a post about that show when it’s done. I don’t way my controversial opinions over taking this post. Another post for another day!

Since I am currently doing my Last Week in Mechs and Space, I am just going to link that here. You can see my opinions on some of these shows in detail right there.  With that said, let’s jump into these shows.

Watch these right now:


This is most likely the closest to perfect show that you can see airing this season. Not only does it have strong art direction, has the best characterization ever, and just has the strong ability to switch between comedy and humorous moods. Every quick gag that happens in one episode has major consequences during the next. I urge you, give this one a watch. You will laugh, you will cry somehow, and you will care.

Fullmetal Panic: Invisible Victory

If we didn’t have a recap episode after episode 4, I would call this the best possible follow up to The Second Raid.

Golden Kamuy

If you push aside the bear and fire graphics issue, this show is great. I love the chemistry between Sukimoto and Asirpa, their characterization, the time-period, the fact that we are learning about Ainu and Hikawa culture, and I can keep going. I once thought that the villains were the worst part of the show, but as the episodes go on, they are just so interesting. The only thing lacking here is the plot is just finding gold. Still, it is pushing these interesting things together and its done in an interesting way by connecting/collecting the tattoos from prisoners out in the open, so no real complaints here.

Lupin the Third: Part 5

It’s more Lupin and it’s just as well executed at Part 4, even if the direction isn’t there. I wonder if Part 5 is going to be made of mini arcs with fun references to older shows in between. Can’t complain. You don’t need to know any other shows from the franchise to watch these, so please do.

Then these next:

My Hero Academia Season 3

At this moment, the show isn’t as emotionally resonant for me as the second season was, but this show is still good. All the characters including the new villains and some of class b are good, the action is solid, and I can keep going on. The emotional resonance is the only thing that is affecting me from ranking this higher.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes (2018)

What do I need to say here? I love space operas and I am glad this show is really good. At this moment, it’s taking a much more grounded approach then the original, because the space axes haven’t appeared yet and probably won’t. Ummmm, that might be a spoiler if they do it. Anyway, it’s good and I think that watchers of the original would like this as well.


I really do like this show. The characters are relatable because I feel like I know all of them, their situations make sense because do you think that this post is being written when there is day light outside, and the chemistry and romance between each of the characters is well done. At the same time with me being very picky, the show doesn’t steer away from those things. There are no surprises here. Still, this is a solid romance series.

Megalo Box

This is a solid sports show. It has a cool atmosphere, has some solid feels, some cool action, and other things. Still, I’m not the largest fan of sports shows. This does seem like a good one though. I keep coming back to it every week and I haven’t been disappointed yet. Maybe the fact that I am watching it episodically as the show produces more episodes is helping me get through it, because the fact that I know where this show is going and the lack of characterization of Joe is still hurting the show for me.

Then these:

Gundam Build Divers

Build Divers is a kid’s show. It has a simple plot with simple characters, but this show has been a fun watch. Especially when I watch it as my mind wakes up, because that’s the point of day where I am not looking for complex ideas, just heart and explosions. Also, there is an attractive female ninja piloting a mini Unicorn Gundam in the series. What’s not to like?


This show has a lot of complex or interesting ideas at play, but Kakuriyo seems more interested in just hanging back and letting the characters interact with each other most of the time. You know what? That’s alright with me. I like seeing Aoi and the Ogre King going on dates and getting to know each other, because it adds more complexity to that whole debt solving situation. I also like the world building, because the hidden realm is an interesting place. It’s a very relaxing show which has a lot of problems solved from literal Deus Ex Machina, but it’s the kind of show that I want to watch on a Monday night.

Space Battleship Tiramisu

This show has gotten stronger since an antagonist has appeared. It was parodying Gundam pilot tropes during its first half, but I really like the fact that an antagonist has entered the fray and the jokes are more centered around that now. A lot of those jokes are hit and miss for me, but maybe that will change since the anime has a focus now.

Magical Girl Site

The worst thing I can say about Magical Girl Site is that it’s average. Since that is at the bottom of my list, that is a good thing. If you can get through the first episode’s level of abuse, the other episodes are decent. The characters have a good chemistry with each other with some being romantic in nature while others are made from alliances of convenience, there is good action here and there, the intrigue of what the tempest is can be fun, but it’s just lacking something for me. Site isn’t that ambitious, because it’s playing everything safe and sound. It’s still completely watchable and it isn’t doing anything wrong.

No dropped shows here. Can’t wait to finish the cour and see how well each of these shows turns out. You never know how my own personal rankings will change as time goes on. The mystery is fun!


  1. “Wotakoi” Started out good, but it’s gotten kinda tropish. So it’s still good, but in a tropish way rather than an original way. If that makes any sense. It’s good, but not as good as it could have been.

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  2. As much as the shows this season are great, between trying to work on a collab from week to week, Idolish7’s return from hiatus and lots of other things with higher priority levels, I’ve fallen behind on Hinamatsuri, put Golden Kamuy + Lupin III on hold (plus seen 1 episode of Megalobox only to put it on hold as well). I’m with you in that Hinamatsuri is the best thing this season, though.

    The reasons I haven’t talked about BnHA more are: 1) it’s purely “turn off the brain”/motivational entertainment for me (much like how you describe Gundam Build Divers) and 2) BnHA already has a lot of talk around it. Reason 1 means I don’t really feel emotional resonance at some moments where I probably should be feeling it…like the Deku vs. Muscular fight.

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    1. We all are busy for one reason or another, so that’s understandable.

      All that regarding Academia makes sense. I do watch it on Saturday mornings when I have overtime for a reason n That fight lacked a lot of things for me as well. The latest episode finally hit an emotional nerve, but it was all action spectacle until then.

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