Last Week in Space and Mechs: 5/28/18

Just a reminder that I will not be covering Darling in the FranXX in these series of posts, but I will have a complete review of the show once it’s done to make up for it. Last week brought some of these series in interesting directions. Let’s see how everything is developed further this time around.

Space Battleship Tiramisu Episode 8

Then humor in this episode was simple, but really funny. Especially with the comedic scenes between Suburu and his brother Isuzu as they drive through town in a truck carrying Isuzu’s red mech. (Once again, it adds some world building too.) I mean, talking about insurance for a mech like it’s a car? The joke is completely obvious but very unexpected at the same time. Insurance premiums are serious business, guys. The second half where the show made the obvious joke with a standard Gundam/mech mascot ws fun as well. The split between the simple mindedness and the “this is all a scam thing” was just perfectly timed. Poor Subaru. He can’t find a place where he belongs. Can’t wait until next week.

Gundam Build Divers Episode 8

So what happens after a big action set piece episode in most anime? A relaxation episode. This sort of takes place in this one. After the defeat of the Romel force, instead of fighting another one, the Build Divers take part in the special festival games. It has the typical festival games you would expect, but with mobile suits! Kind of awesome, right? Only sort of. The search game was just another way to insert more Gundam series fanservice into the series, but the plot hits towards the end with the mass drivers showing up yet again. Also, besides Ayame liking cute things, we get some small hints into her backstory. Dang, I guess she can’t stay a mystery character forever. Oh well.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes (2018) Episode 8

This week, we get a little deeper into the politics of the Galactic Empire! A lot of things happen in this episode. First Kircheis, Reinherdt’s second in command shows off his skills by stopping a rebellion with only the death of one person. There were some interesting bits of strategy, cool bits of seeing the shields from ships, and mind warfare as well, so that was a lot of fun and looks great visually. Also, why wouldn’t you lash out against a person that hits subordinates for not following orders? That just seems natural to me. Then the fall out of Iserlohn Fortress finally hits. The chiefs of staff first drop their positions, but Reinherdt, who is playing the nice guy for now, is offered a position but turns it down. The plotting for his take over of the universe commences. I know what’s happening next week, but let’s see how this adaption handles it.

Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Episode 3

If this trend of great episodes continues, the rebooted Yamato franchise is going to find its way onto my favorite franchise list right next to Ghost in the Shell and Gundam. The past couple episodes have been building how the Yamato’s journey to Iscander “helped” Earth, but everything came to a head in this episode where the effects of the Cosmo Reverser were put in full display here. It basically comes down to space magic and a time under the crust of the Earth where both Gamilas and Earth have been manufacturing ships at a faster rate, which puts even more weight on the Yamato crew. Also, the Gatlanteans/Comet Empire is attacking. Everything is being ruined forever again and the Yamato crew is going to commit treason. Love this show/franchise.

Fullmetal Panic Invisible Victory Episode 6

Yay, everything seems to be clicking together now. Also, I like this episode’s display of character knowledge. I mean seriously, how would Sousuke know that Mithril is still around in some form? They had their little Hoth escape, so I wonder how the sub crew is doing now besides relying on Radio silence. Anyway, this episode not only developed the city Sousuke is in right now from a technological and corrupt police perspective, we see Sousuke winning fights, the maintenance crew gets fleshed out a bit, and we see why Sousuke is there in the first place. Amalgam seems to be pretty far reaching in the mech world, which isn’t a surprise. Can’t wait for next week. I’m glad this wasn’t a side trip.

A lot of setting up of plots and ideas happened last week. Can’t want to see how they pay off. See you all next Monday.


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