Harems are dangerous, man

Hi everyone. It’s been along time since I’ve done a tag post. If I could ever give a reason for it, it’s because I give enough of myself and my personal feelings on my blog and I don’t usually like being tied down to certain prompts to do it. Also, tagging people takes a lot of time. Finding who was tagged before so you can skip over them takes quite a bit of effort and I don’t enjoy that experience at all. I’m sorry everyone who has tagged me for something else. Really, I am.

Still, this one sounded interesting and kind of dangerous. I haven’t ever built a harem before, though I have listed some of my favorite female characters on a separate post. This is kind of a different way to look at it for me. This is Anime Q and A’s idea, so let’s all thank him for creating this one.

So let’s lay down some rules.

The ‘Build A Harem’ Tag Rules:

1)Link back to the original post on Anime QandA so they can check out everyone’s picks!

2)Use the ‘Build A Harem’ logo somewhere in the post.

3)Make sure to mention the person who nominated you too!

4)Pick 5 Anime Characters (any show & any gender) that would be in your ideal harem if you were the main character of a harem anime, explain a little bit as to why they are your picks (if you want).

5)Make sure each character you pick falls into some of the following harem character types: Childhood friend, tom boy/girl, genki girl/boy, loli/shota, trap, tsundere, yandere, kuudere, dandere, etc. (If there’s a character you’ve picked that doesn’t specifically fall into one of these types or falls into multiple types that’s fine too!)

6)Nominate 5 people to participate in this tag!

I was tagged by Karandi and I am going to be bad by using her amended idea in my post. I agree with her idea that “deres” limit what a character is, because characters are much more then hot and cold like what defines a tsundere. Let’s give our characters more credit then that, ok? Also, it’s my harem and I am going to break the rules if I want to. I will use Karandi’s example and twist it a little bit, plus I will tag five people at the end. You can be sure about that.

My Harem

1) The do everything girl


You know those characters who are insanely attractive, but can do everything so naturally? Kind of like the all-around girl that can take care of all the bases? Well, Yurika Misumaru from Martian Successor Nadesico is that character for me. She is insanely attractive, is kind of bubbly, but is also insanely smart too. Even though she doesn’t look like it, she is a naturally gifted captain. Her nature and her intelligence don’t line up like most people would expect from her, so that is what makes her complex and interesting to me.

2) Smart and Sexy


I think that people who have been reading my posts for a while already know this, because I’ve said her name in many places. This is where I place my favorite female character (and waifu if you are the kind of person to use that term). This was the movie version of Akane Tsunemori from Psycho Pass. She has grown up quite a bit since the series. Add that and her thinking capacity and she perfectly fits this role for me.

3) Lives in her own realm


So this is a completely new addition for me, because I’ve been loving this series recently. It’s Chihayafuru. Chihaya is an attractive character who is incredibly bubbly, but she is more than that. She is so energetic and hard working in what she wants to accomplish. She’s too busy practicing and playing Karuta to hang out with the other characters in this harem, and that’s ok. She can do what she wants. If she didn’t, Chihaya wouldn’t be Chihaya.

4) She needs a hug!


As strong as she is, Kyouko Mogami from Skip Beat feels like she needs a hug. She had an incredibly hard beginning of her life and while she has gone past it all, Kyouko constantly gets dragged by people she knew in her past. As strong and wonderful and talented as she is, Kyouko just needs a hug and for some one to tell her it’s going to be ok.

5) Hot mech junkie

noa izumi

Ok, this one was a hard choice for me, but Noa Izumi from Patlabor is just too perfect and too hilarious not to put in this list. She is infinitesimally hot blooded and a never say die character that won’t let anyone step in her way and she is just so much fun to watch. Also, I appreciate how she loves mechs and gives them names. That’s an attractive quality to me. *cough* Give Noa Alphonse and she is completely unstoppable. Also, she is incredibly caring, wonderful, and funny.

In the end, I don’t think I really want to have a harem. Having them focus on me would limit their characters in a lot of ways. That’s one of a few things I don’t like harem anime series. Still, this one fun and I tried to pick choices I usually wouldn’t except one. In the end, I really want to see how these characters would interact with each other in a room. This is probably one of the least dangerous harem combos out there, so I think they all balance each other out very well.

So anyway, tagging people. That’s a thing, right?

1) Mel in Anime Land
2) WeeabroDerek
3) Heyitszel
4) MagicConan14
5) DerekL

That’s it. Have fun, people!


  1. It is worth pointing out that this list is both perfect and fantasy, because women like this are never single, if a similar woman even existed in the first place. They are like “women engineers”, who are rare as hen’s teeth, or “women who like cars” who are Unicorns: legendary, but not actually seen in person, just on TV. Also, these women aren’t suffering from the usual cat-lady weight problems, and they’re able to converse and interact with boys/men without immediately claiming #MeToo if you look at them for 5 seconds. These sorts of lists are a good way to show off your viewing history though and you’ve done a great job of it. Yurika Misamaru is a great woman in Nadesico, though “Captain… that hat…” is probably my favorite line referencing her.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re exactly right about these showing watch history 🤔. And you’re absolutely about them being to perfect to exist. Too many good anime characters.


      1. Fun characters. They are the fuel of quite a few good fanfiction stories. Gary Stu characters steal them away from their intended protagonist. I have a soft spot for the girl next door characters, especially the nearly good enough girl next door who still gets left behind, usually by a foreign import or space alien princess. Remember the uptight chick from Irresponsible Captain Tylor? And the sexy android woman all the marines are in love with? (I presume you have seen Tylor) I like the tightly wound older sister in Infinite Stratos, the one who is the head of the mecha school. That whole show has some hilarious subtext, even if the powered armor suits are ridiculous.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I do like Yuriko Star quite a bit. She is definitely a stand out character. Yes, the “nurse” is alright too. Man, there needs to be more adult characters in anime. We get some, but it’s more rare these days.


  2. These are great! And I’m so excited to see Psycho pass getting so much love in these harem posts.
    Skip Beat is probably one of my favorite anime and manga when the manga ends I don’t know what I will do with my life. Mogami does need a hug and she would be so fun to have hang around with and she will go all out for those she cares about which what makes the betrayal so horrible.

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  3. Thanks for sharing.
    I think your harem ended up great, though you are right in that if these characters all focused on a guy they’d probably be less interesting than they are. The problem with harem stories in general is that none of the cast really escape being a little single minded.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You’re welcome!

      Yes, exactly! There are series where characters do focus on their love interest, but they also have a goal that want to accomplish on their own. A few of these characters here are like that and it makes them so more rounded out.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. You have good taste. Tsunemori is a great anime heroine. Yurika is cool, although there are other girls from Martian Successor that I like more. Izumi sounds like the chick from Tank Police. From what I recall she was also attached to the machines she piloted.

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