Last Week in Space and Mechs: 6/18/18

Last week was an on and off week in terms of quality this week. All the disappointments and moments of awesome just balanced everything out and it just turned out kind of eh. Oh well, what can you do? I’m not in control of these shows….

Space Battleship Tiramisu Episode 11

Um, what? Where did this episode come from? We had a plot going and everything with funny happen stance things last week. Did nothing come from that because there was a cliff hanger and everything. This episode ended up just being a filler. There is nothing funny about a tv crew following around Subaru at all. Especially when they are one dimensional characters. Maybe walking a dog in space was a little fun, but it kept going on too long. What is worse is that there was no pay off to this experience. Subaru’s tv debut was missed because of a women’s volley ball game. Episode 11 was just a waste of seven minutes of my time. Hopefully something interesting happens in the last two episodes, because Tiramisu threw in an antagonist or two for a reason, right? I hope they would have affect this anime’s story a little bit? They still can, but it doesn’t seem like the show cares about the villains it introduced. Maybe it will next time.

Gundam Build Divers Episode 11

I’m getting more and more frustrated with this show. I know that this is a show designated for kids so it’s supposed to be easy to follow on quite a few levels, but this is just cheap writing now. No matter how many awesome action pieces we have our characters thrown into, if you repeat the same emotional beats again and again, the show turns into a tedious watch. This episode was focused on Ayame’s backstory, which was her Super Deformed force was winning until they started losing. Then disbanded. That was it? So Ayame wanted to sell her soul in order to get the mech that represented this club back from the bad guy? This is just an expanded version of the reason the last two people can hack jobs on their mechs. I will see how this next episode ends and see if I want to continue with this or not.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes (2018) Episode 10

This episode was a talky one but was set up for the conflict for the last couple episodes. You know what that means, right? Politics time. Due to the third-party space country in the galactic room, the Empire now knows that the Free Planet Alliance is going to send a huge military expedition of 30 million men into empire space to conquer it all. Part of the episode was centered around Yang and friends sitting in a conference room trying to dissuade the annoying commodore in charge in being too hasty with his attack, though with Yang’s silent nature it’s obvious how that one turned out. The other side was a quick moment on finally deciding to give the job of turning back the F.P.A. invasion to our golden boy Reinhardt. The build up is here with many political consequences of each situation waiting in the wings.

Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Episode 6

The Yamato crew made it out of Earth Space and where do they stop? The 11th planet of the Earth’s solar system. When did that exist? But anyway, this is the first time the Yamato crew has faced the opponent for this arc. The ship saves the remaining civilian population. The Yamato’s entrance was so epic and well timed. After the save, the Gatlantean/Comet Empire’s fleet appeared, and hell broke lose through out the land. I like how the Gatlanteans don’t care about keeping people alive or conquering people, which is the exact opposite of the Gamilians. They are really building the threat with this new enemy and I love it. Even with the Earth’s new ships, they are so screwed.  There were also a lot of good character moments that shows the resolve of each of the people on the Yamato. Each one of them has taken what Captain Okita has taught them to heart and it shows here. I wonder how they are going to get out of their current predicament, so off to the next episode.

Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory had a recap episode again this week. HISSSSSSS.

FMP must have a reason for these recap episodes. The show was delayed for a while, so maybe this is the compromise that Xebec had to make to get this product out the door. At least the quality of the anime is good, otherwise I would have a lot more complaints about it.

I guess there is nothing to do here except wait for next week and hope some of the quality improves and other shows stay the same. See you next Monday!


  1. Tiramisu was dreadful this week. Really not funny and it seemed like all that plot building just got tossed aside. I wasn’t expecting much from the show but from the midseason point on it has kind of built up some kind of expectations and this episode was just pointless.
    And yeah, FMP having another intermission kind of hurt when I went to watch the episode and realised there wasn’t one. Very sad.

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