Last Week in Space and Mechs: 7/2/18 (Some final episodes edition)

Oh hey, looks like we made it to the end of some of these shows. Yay, kind of. I have some mixed feelings about this, but I think that each segment will explain my feelings about each of these shows separately.

Space Battleship Tiramisu: Episode 13 (Finale)

In the end, what was the point of this series? I know that this was supposed to be a comedy series centered around making fun of mech shows, but this is the final episode of this series. Nothing was resolved here. You can call this episode a little bit of End of Evangelion and Gundam series centered battles around the Earth’s gravity. The Tiramisu was cornered by Isuzu’s forces into the Earth’s gravity well. For some reason, Subaru is the Tiramisu’s last hope, so we get the attractive Lt. talking to our whiny boy to go outside with a fancy new helmet. So here we are with Subaru fighting his clone and brother or just not paying attention to anything going outside his cockpit, because he was too busy putting a plastic cover on his helmet. Because of this, Subaru ended up in the pull of Earth’s gravity and then he survived somehow. That was it. Nothing was resolved. If the show wasn’t busy lollygagging around and followed a narrative, maybe we would have some sort of conclusion here. So, I ask again after all this nonsense, what is the point of this show? I guess nothing then. Not sure I want to check out the sequel to this one. I don’t think I care enough.

Gundam Build Divers Episode 13

This show was just a simple as you would expect it to be, but holy crap I actually liked this one. Everything of importance happened outside of the internet’s reign here and we get a classic Gundam Build fight and everything. Riku and mysterious villain meet outside of the internet and it’s interesting mostly. A fight with actual stakes and gunpla falling apart in middle of battle and everything. While this episode is just an excuse for Riku to build a new gunpla model, because that’s what every Gundam show demands at some point, at least there was a reason for it. I still don’t like how the two characters have the same extremes of each opinion of the mobile game. I wish there was more nuance of opinions on here like the villain’s encounter with our older gunpla team mate of Build Divers, but is all that we are going to get and that’s ok I guess. I wonder what Build Divers is going to do from here because everything up to this point has been text book. Maybe we will go beyond the book? Probably not…

Legend of the Galactic Heroes (2018) Episode 12 (Finale)

Why are there so many non-endings this season? I expected at least a conclusion or something with some cliff hanger bits, but this episode went a completely different direction. During the empire’s attack on the Free Planet Alliance’s ships, we get introduced to more of the show’s cast from a pilot in Yang’s fleet to many Admiral’s from the Empire that didn’t get much screen time before. These were some of the best space fights and fighter choreography that I’ve ever seen. Possibly even better then Yamato 2202. That’s saying something. That being said, we also get to a non-ending where Yang’s fleet and all remaining F.P.A. fleets Fly to meet up in one corner of space and Reinhard is here with all of his fleets ready to attack them. The fight coming up is the conclusion to this invasion arc. Why couldn’t we get one more episode to conclude all of this. Yang and Reinhard fought each other in the first few episodes and having them meet in combat again would at least book end all of this with a cliff hanger for future sequels. Jeez, what is wrong with this season? It’s leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Episode 8

Well, this was a different episode then I expected. Usually after a big action set piece like last episode, there is a cool down episode in place. The Yamato dropping off its passengers from the eleventh planet seemed like a natural episode to do that, but the surprise is good. That’s only the first surprise, because this episode had a lot of good ones. I like how the leadership of the Yamato crew called out Kodai’s angst and told him to stop. I also like Yuki was secretly on the ship as a nurse. I also approve of the fact that Yuki was completely dismissive to Kodai and changed right in front of Kodai (don’t worry, she just shows an under shirt), when she was told to get off the ship like she didn’t care. All sorts of fun and good stuff going on here.

Then there is the trap. That seemed a little convoluted to me, but considering that the Yamato apparently has a sinister Gamilian dick on board, everything makes sense. Why else would a rebel Gamilas fleet appear out of nowhere that fired on the planet the Yamato and the small Gamilas fleet on it without hurting the Gamilas ships? Also, Kodai was in a cave with a guy possessed by this show’s big bad. All of this happening at the same time? Kind of interesting. I wonder how the Yamato is going to survive this one. We all know it’s going to happen, but the solution is going to be something unique that we haven’t seen before. Maybe the Gamilas crew member will decide to not do his plan. Who knows? (I’m also sad that this show is the only space opera I have now. Boo, I want more space shows.)

Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory Episode 10

Let me start this one off by saying that this episode is the worst that this season of Invisible Victory has ever looked. There were a lot of interesting plot things to make up for it all. We see how dedicated the crew of the Mithril submarine is to their mission even though none of the soldiers are going to be paid now, we see Sousuke out trick one o the Amalgam soldiers that was attacking them and then go into hiding at a military base, and it looks like Chidori is getting into the perfect spirits to escape. There was also a little surprise with Kalinin working for Amalgam. Um, what? I have so many complex feelings about that. I mean, he’s always done things for himself, so I wonder if this is an actual side turn for him or if there is something else going on here. I guess we will all have to wait and see. That episode will be two weeks for now due to production issues. This is hard…

Unless some newer mech series this week, this segment is going to be extremely short. Ummm, I may have to come up with some plans for when things like this happen. Maybe I’ll get into more detail with each show on this list? That remains to be seen.


  1. I have started watching Space Battleship Yamato 2199 yesterday evening, (because of the fact I read about the new series in your post and I want to first see what came before) and I am absolutely loving it. And I totally agree: we need more space shows! Maybe the new animeseason will bring us some? 😊


  2. “I also like Yuki was secretly on the ship as a nurse.”

    It’s also a neat callback to the original (1974) series – Mori Yuki started as the ship’s nurse/Dr Sado’s assistant.

    Liked by 1 person

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