Last Week in Space and Mechs: 7/9/18 (now with Planet With)

I was hoping that Zoids would be licensed by some streaming services so this segment would have two new mech series instead of one, but I was apparently dreaming. Does Zoid have some weird binding contract to it that makes it impossible for anybody to stream it? The same kind of deal that the Macross franchise has been dealing with for years? Oh well, Planet With is here and that series has plenty of material in it that is worth discussing. Yay for something fresh and new.

Gundam Build Divers Episode 14

When did I start liking this show? Was it last episode? I’m saying this because very little happened in terms of plot and this episode was full of montages too. All of this was centered around Riku building his 00 Diver with the 00 Sky. I suppose you can call this a recap episode in some respects, but it was just Riku getting advice on how to make a new mech with his various mentors that he’s had through out the show. Surprisingly inspiring stuff. Still, anyone remember the second kid character that was with Riku in the beginning of the show? His name was Yuki? What ever happened to that guy? I know he’s there but he’s not there if you know what I mean. Still, I really like this episode because it felt like what Gundam Build Divers was trying to do for a long time. Can’t wait for next week or when the next episode appears.

Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Episode 9

Another great episode of this Yamato reboot franchise. I do feel like this and the last episode where a bit rushed because we had Kodai splitting off from the Yamato to confront this season’s main antagonist Zworder and then all the spectacle with the Yamato crew saving the refuge ships. This episode is the end of all of that. In short form, this episode could be just considered a hostage rescue episode. Zworder planted three Gatlanteans bombs on the refuge ships in the form of people and it’s up to Kodai to choose which ship gets saved. Since Zworder and the Gatlanteans don’t believe in love or sex, this was an attempt to show Kodai and the human race how futile love is. Well, some strange things happen. We all know that Yuki is aboard one of the ships and Kodai was going to choose that ship to be saved. I love Yuki for what she does. Deciding that she isn’t worth sacrificing for everything that is about to happen, she jumps out of the ship and to her possible death. Yuki you are the best. (Not to mention that the scene was followed was one of the strangest and amazing wedding proposals ever.) Oh, supposedly the three ships carrying refuges are ok too.

I suppose I should talk about the Yamato crew. Hijikata, Okita’s best friend, took the help of the Yamato this episode and he was just as amazing as Okita. The Yamato destroyed the Gamilas fleet single handedly as you would expect and also used the Wave Motion Canon in such a unique way. Apparently it can also insert planetary mass in a certain specified area. I mean, the planet below them was exploding and everything right? The wave motion canon just solves everything apparently. A lot like the Enterprise D’s deflector array. (Don’t leave for space without one.) So that’s how Kodai and the refuges (I assume) get saved and everyone except Zworder is happy. The way everything should be. Villains being happy is bad, people. Bad for everyone except them. With all of this packed stuff out of the way, I can’t wait for episode 10. Maybe we will a breather episode this time. Maybe? Maybe not. Who cares, it’s more Yamato 2202.

Planet With Episode 1

I’m not used to writing first episode reactions but doing this little segment of episode reviews now gives me the chance to do so. I can’t explain to you how confused and/or highly entertained I was by the first episode of this series. In a lot of ways, this could easily be compared to a standard first episode of a mech series. You know, the main character jumping into a pilot seat and fighting an enemy threat that just appeared to threaten everyone’s lives. The difference here is that it’s more insane then the usual first mech episode in good ways I think. Our main protagonist named Ginko Kuroi has had amnesia for two weeks and is living with a strange maid and a giant, perverted cat for reasons that haven’t been explained yet. We also see weird, cute objects appear around the world (mostly in Japan) and seven mech warriors appear out of nowhere to fight them. Ginko apparently has a vendetta against each of these mech warriors There is a lot of blanks that need to be filled and I can’t wait for more. There is something about this strange series that is drawing me to it.

That’s it for this week. I don’t know what else to say besides I hope Zoids can get licensed by somebody. If that happens and I didn’t notice, please let me know. I am completely desperate for it. See you all next Monday probably.


  1. It really is annoying at times that you can’t get access to everything you want to see. Living in Holland we even have less acces to some of the other countries in the world. I hope the show will become availble for you soon. Keeping my fingers crossed 😊

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, some days better than others lol. Luckily I have someone that gave me some great advice and that’s using an app that switches my location off so I now have acces to more countries. But in the past it was really frustrating reading some great reveiw for an anime and looking it up not being able to see it. But…it’s something that I eventually got used to. I just tried to enjoy the shows that I could watch, and that definitely helped 😊


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