Possibly Unknown Free Streaming Services

We all live in a very good time period to be an anime fan. We are no longer in that wild west anime time period where fans have to scramble for vhs of unknown quality visual wise and anime wise. We also don’t have to watch anime on tv anymore or find the most popular anime on youtube to watch in three parts. Now in this day and age, we can watch full episodes of anime whenever we want and wherever we want. Even seasonal anime an hour or so after they air in Japan. It’s changed how we look at anime because since we are all watching tons and tons of anime, we can form our own tastes because we are exposed to it all the time. Maybe there are some problems with over exposure and finding the good stuff out of the bad by ourselves, but I think we are better off today with our streaming services then we would be otherwise. Sometimes anime could be watched completely free (or ad supported if you are one of those people).

I think everyone knows about the mainstream services when it comes to watching anime, right? Netflix (bleh), Amazon Prime (Bleh), Crunchyroll/Funimation/VRV, and Hi-Dive, which is the new one around the block. So what, you may ask. Where are the free options, you may ask. Besides Crunchyroll/Funimation having a free option that allows fans to watch airing series one week behind everyone else? With some knowledge that I picked up from this well researched list from Katy from Yattatachi and some streaming services she hasn’t mentioned yet. Just to remind you again, these are completely free. (Please don’t block ads. The people behind these sites need to make money to have them keep running.)

-70+ Anime Available
-United States, Europe, and many other countries around the world

Tubi TV
-70+ Series Available
– United States, Canada, and Belguim

Yahoo View
-140+ Series Available
-United States

Midnight Pulp
-32+ Series Available
-Many Countries (Couldn’t find a complete list anywhere)

Asian Crush
-20+ Series Available
-I couldn’t find a list, so please let me know if it isn’t available in your area.

Youtube (Anime Distribuptors have legal channels you can watch anime for free on)
-Gundam Info
-Nozomi Entertainment

Adult Swim
-20+ Anime Series Available
-United States, Australia, New Zealand

-10+ Anime Series Available
-United States, Canada, Autralia, 18 Countries in Latin America

-100+ Anime Series Available
-Germany and Austria

-100+ Anime Series Available
-United States, Japan, and Taiwan

-50+ Anime Series Available

I find purchasing an anime streaming service or two per month cheap, but this list is here for those who can’t or don’t want to pay for anime streaming. This is all I could find for the moment. I couldn’t do as much research as I wanted to do, because almost every google search I could do lead to illegal streaming sites. A little frustrating, but not completely unexpected. I mean those are just sites that may be filled with unlimited viruses and pay people that don’t legitimately support the industry. Just Saiyan.

And I do realize that a lot of these sites don’t have all the anime ever, but they are free and might have some hidden gems that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. If you want to see an updated list of anime streaming services, look at the link I gave you above. If you want another way to find legal services for anime, because.moe is a great way to do that. I hope this helps.


      1. YouTube is one that I recently learned about. It’s where I’m watching Steins;Gate under Funimation’s channel. I had no idea they even posted videos on YT until a friend told me. xD I didn’t know about the other channels though so this was cool info.

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  1. My first encounter with Viewster was at London Comic Con three or so years ago. They were giving out energy tablets for free. A weird strategy, but I guess it worked since still remember them?

    If you live outside the US (like me) Youtube is a bit of a weird one since the channels often restrict access out of fear of angering distributors in other regions. To be fair, that can be solved quite easily…

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  2. As someone who has recently “gotten into” the idea of legal streaming after finally doing the right thing and getting a Crunchyroll subscription, and who kind of can’t afford to pay for multiple services at once, this list is super useful for me.

    Thanks a lot for sharing!

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  3. What people are sort of forgetting is that CR is free if you don’t mind 480p visuals! Most of the things I find on pirate sites are at that quality anyway so I’m fine with the free version, especially when you learn adblock stops the adds CR plays half way through every episode!

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      1. Oh yeah, that gets rid of it for a lot of people. I don’t watch seasonal stuff but even when I did it would take me over a week to get to a new episode anyway! I guess my watching habits are out of line with everyone else’s!

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  4. This is actually really nice because I am new into the world of anime and wanted to find this actually. I discovered your post through Jon’s showcase that was published by raistlin0903. I have to say your blog is really cool and I have made sure to follow your blog as well!

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