Last Week in Space and Mechs: 7/16/18 (Gundam Build Divers, Yamato 2202, Planet With)

I feel like this segment is slowly turning into “Scott rambles about Yamato 2202 and some others shows” and I hope that you are ok with that. Well, I guess it doesn’t matter because I am going to do it anyway. Let’s have some fun with this ok?

Gundam Build Divers Episode 15

This episode was centered around Build Divers beating a challenge that nobody else could and it was a lot of fun. The challenged seemed impossible with the group having to escape the Earth’s atmosphere, fight through a series of threats, and then get through the enemy mechs to destroy the i-shielded La Vie en Rose. I feel like I like the main character Riku the same way I like Tom Cruise. For me, I don’t think that Tom Cruise is the world’s best actor because I don’t think he knows how to act human, but I like seeing him do all sorts of crazy stunts. I don’t think of Riku as a person either because he’s more of a plot device then anything, but I like seeing him pilot his Gundam and use its abilities to its fullest. Plus, the side characters got to do a lot of things in this episode too and I like all of them. That is why I had fun with this episode. I hope my opinion with all of this continues next week.

Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Episode 10

This episode does feel a lot cheaper then anything we’ve seen from Yamato 2199 from a visual perspective, but ever since we’ve had all that nonstop spectacle until this, it’s more than earned. Especially since the character work was at it’s best here. The cheap affect of having red fire flies surround the ship and be let loose throughout the ship started eating the ship’s power source and bringing the crew’s raw emotions out. Kodai and the new commander of their attack force went at each other. It was basically bullying stuff and despite all the anger, I like how they never fought each other. They both had some sense of self control still which shows how great they are as people. I also like the fact that the Gamilas representative helped with destroying the dots and never asked for credit. He’s a kind guy and more people need to realize that at some point. Still, he has that bomb on the Yamato’s wave motion canon, so I am concerned about what he is going to do next. Maybe he hasn’t even realized how he feels about this situation either. The drama is fun, don’t you think?

Should I also talk about the message from Tessa, the space waifu with ultimate power, sent toward the crew of the Yamato. I didn’t realize that the Yamato made it one third of the way through it’s journey to meet up with Terezart already. I mean, the last two episodes took place on a planet that isn’t out of the Yamato’s way, but didn’t add much distance to the Yamato’s story. Either way, it did some good for each of the character’s as well. The new members of the Yamato felt included by getting a message themselves and now they feel included as official members of the Yamato. Should I also mention the fact that Kodai had some clear reflection and asked Hijikata to officially become the captain of the ship. I am so glad that Yamato 2202 is not going down the trap of having our stressed out Kodai stay stressed out through out the series. He knows that he can’t handle being the captain yet and Yamato 2202 knows it provided an organic solution for all of this. Such good stuff.

Lastly, I like how this show is characterizing a race of people that don’t feel love or emotion. That’s an impossible hard task to do because not many series have been able to successfully do that, but Yamato 2202 seems up for the challenge of characterizing the Gatlantist race. We see who I think is Zworder’s son having some sword training from his instructor. We also see how Zworder was frustrated from the Yamato completely ruining his plans in showing how pointless love is. Maybe a race like theirs can have emotions after all? If you couldn’t tell, I really liked this episode. I didn’t even dig into everything because I probably could, but I am done now. Can’t wait for next episode.

Planet With Episode 2

For a follow up to the somewhat confusion episode 1, this second episode was almost exactly what I was looking for. We got more explanation into what is going on but nothing ever felt out of character for this show. It turns out that we have three sides of this current conflict. Two of them are apparent of an organization called Nebula which we have our angsty boy, cat, and maid on the peaceful side where they don’t want armored humans, and the villainous side sending those ridiculous monsters out to destroy humanity. Then there are the humans which are lead by a mostly angry business man who has to deal with his dad spending too much money at steak houses and six other different characters we get a feel of. Similar things happen in this episode as the last because the remaining powered people go out to fight one of Nebula’s strange monsters with one of them getting their power stolen, but our angsty teen in his robot cat suit ended up surrounded with no way out. Talk about a cliff hanger. Can’t wait to see where this goes next episode.

I still wish Zoids was here, but I am happy with having these three shows to talk about every week. I hope none of you mind all of that. This is still a work in progress because I am still figuring out how to do this every week. I think I might try something different the week after next because I am going to be on vacation from Thursday to Sunday and won’t have all the time for that.

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