Last Week in Space and Mechs: 7/30/18

With only two shows airing episodes this week, there wasn’t a lot to talk about which can be disappointing. It’s not because Yamato 2202 and Planet With had some of their more action centric and emotional episodes which gives me some good material to write about.

Gundam Build Divers

No episode this week. I would have expected this show to go on break eventually, but it didn’t do it at the half way point. That’s kind of strange. Oh well, until next week I guess.

Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Episode 12

While I love the Yamato crew because they are well characterized and feel like a family, the truth or reality is that the villains are always going to take the spot light in this franchise. The Gamilas race in Yamato 2199 where some of the most characterized villains that I’ve ever seen and the Gatlanteans are challenging that right now. Especially with an episode like this where the emotion and the knowledge we gain about our villains is more interesting then the story itself. I mean, the only thing that happened in this episode where that the Yamato got caught in the Gatlantist’s comet/home world’s gravitational pull and eventually getting out. Just like we see the innards of the Gatlantist’ home world, we also see the innards of Galantist’s emotional issues. Some great spectacle that came from the comet attacking the Yamato happened in this episode as well and I love it.

The center of episode 12’s emotional issues come from the female spy on board who was caught and chased by the Yamato and the female Gatlantist member that is driving the comet by playing the organ (yes, that’s a thing).  The two are almost exact clones named Salares. This is a strange case for the Gatlantist race, because their society is made from incomplete clones with different sorts of quirks and personalities attached to them. For some reason, these two were almost exact copies. Their powers synced up with each other so what one clone was feeling was felt by the other one. The tragedy here is that while one was trying to destroy the Yamato, she felt exactly what she was doing to her clone. It’s the separate circumstances that makes everything special. Zword did nothing but boss around his clone and telling her not to feel. On the Yamato, the Comet’s attacks were aimed at their Salares and she was saved from falling damage that the Yamato faced by our Gamilas Agent. Their connected feelings and Zword’s hate of emotion lead to him killing both clones then ordering a new one. Man, some powerful moments happened in this episode.

And here we have the difference between Yamato 2199 and Yamato 2202. Yamato 2199 was a more well thought out space opera that upgraded and updated a lot of things to today’s standards of anime and perceptions. It was a great reboot that we don’t see very often. Yamato 2202 is a little more ambitious and emotional story. We not only see the problems brought on by the Yamato’s journey to Iscander, but also the human concept of love is being challenged by a powerful alien race that doesn’t care about emotions. The story structure is a little looser, but not to the show’s detriment. I mean, I’m still enamored with it as much as I was with Yamato 2199. I’m glad that the two seasons are different. It means that the creators behind this series are being ambitious and trying something new. Thumbs up.

Planet Wish Episode 4

This show is easier to watch and think about then it is to write about. Why? Because the show is made from formed out of a lot of planned out eccentricity and a lot of character interactions. There are some awesome animal shaped robot battles that are awesome and full of fun explosions and sometimes dragons, but the character emotions are the central key behind this show. This episode’s actual plot takes up only a sentence or two of space. After fighting the latest nebula monster from last week, our girl who wanted revenge went after our not as angry protagonist and was followed by her friends. They fight, Souya over powers her, her mech turned into a dragon, then Souya and her friends work hard to take the dragon down/help her return to normal. It sounds like some typical shonen anime stuff with some robots added in and it might be, but Planet With has a lot of heart to it that even if you haven’t spent a lot of time with them, you know them. Four episodes in and this show has some of the most well-developed casts we’ve seen in a while. Their characterization happens through quick, nuanced moments and realistic conversations. This show is getting good. I can’t wait for next week because this show’s direction isn’t very clear. It’s very predictable but not at the same time I that makes sense.

Not much to say here until besides me noticing that I am apparently a big cry baby that pretends to watch mech and space shows for the technology and not the heart behind. Is that called a self call out? Anyway, until next week!

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