1. Lol..you read my mind. I really did think that somewhere in this story a mech would show up and was responsible in some way for the fire. But..that said, I think you did a great job here. There were plenty of times in my school days where I had hopes the school would burn down so we did not have to take any tests…of course that never happened lol 😂😂

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    1. I think we all had days when we hoped the school would burn down. Darn thing never happened though.

      That would be a good idea to add Mechs, but that seems a little predictable.

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      1. Lol, I guess that’s true. Although the entire school building turning into a giant robot would be totally awesome 😊😊 (sorry, sometimes my imagination gets the better of me 😂).

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  2. This was extraordinary. You have a knack for showcasing details in a way that transports the reader into the scene. It’s actually a rare trait in writing. I think you’d be excellent at writing pure fiction. I say that as someone who bloody loves pure fiction and looks for this trait in basically everything that I read. Marvellous.

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    1. Really? I had no idea, so thank you. I stayed up late trying to make sure everything made sense and the flow was right and everything. That’s a lot of work for 750-ish words.. Maybe I’ll try to do more in the future.

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  3. That was a fun story. Great job with it! Thanks for mentioning my latest cell phone novel, too. You did NaNoWriMo before? That’s awesome! I’ve done that multiple times including Camp NaNoWriMo and I’ve published some books from those challenges.

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    1. Thanks for tagging me. It was fun, but hard. I never expected to get so much positive feedback because I felt like I had no idea what I was doing.

      I’ve done it twice, but I don’t feel like releasing any of it to the wild because they are kind of awful. Maybe good in concept…but yeah….

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      1. You’re welcome. You did a good thing with this story. I didn’t even know you used to write stories back then.

        Really? That’s a bummer. Maybe you can get them edited? Maybe the stories are better than what you think. You never know.

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  4. With a post title like that, I was expecting a slice of life/romance but where people go about their daily lives on a huge spaceship or mech and there was going to be a huge twist at the end. But hey, regardless of whether that happened or not, what you produced was great so don’t sweat the small stuff.

    That reminds me, I haven’t written any proper fiction since I latched on to someone else’s collab a few months ago…I remember not being very happy with what I’d written in that since the romance seemed too forced…

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    1. Thank you. I’m surprised about all the good feedback I’ve gotten from this post. I do kind keeping people in their toes so I decided not to do that. I am thinking about writing an original space story though. Still coming up with ideas for that.

      Yeah, writing a romance story would be hard. I am hopeless romantic myself so I an not sure how to do that.

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  5. That was an awesome story! I was waiting for something mech related but that never came. Still, a wonderful story! I guess nobody gets away with exams, not even in this story ahahah

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    1. I like being unpredictable sometimes. Glad you liked it a lot!

      I am thinking about writing an original space story eventually and it was your tag post that made me think of doing that. Thank you!

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      1. Being unpredictable is good lol 🙂
        Awh, I’m glad the tag post sparked your imagination in that direction! Hopefully I’ll get to read this space story 🙂

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