Last Week in Space and Mechs: 8/20/18

This whole not having Yamato 2202 to watch is hurting me. Not as much as it could be, because I’ve been watching some interesting older series, but Yamato 2202 was like my weekly drug dose. It’s a tood thing that I’ve got other shows to watch this season around it. Especially Planet With, which may be my favorite series that aired this year so far and this is a hard year to decide that.

Gundam Build Divers: Episode 20

Notes: Pure Fun and Good Heart

If there was a way to have the most commercial episode out of a series that is a commercial for gunplay and show off the strength of the show’s entire female cast, this is it. I mean seriously, this episode was the quintessential best girl contest. Every female character in this show, including the gunpla store employee named Mari, who is Koichi’s younger sister, were involved in a relay race only to become the the It girl of the entire MMO game. Contestants had three legs of the race and had middle points that were gunpla involved. One was a gunpla speed build contest and the second one was a gunpla sumo contest. We never got to the third one, because that was interrupted by a computer bug, but the result of that was incredibly special.

The best part of this episode was despite how competitive everyone was, everyone always went out of their way to help some one who was in trouble. It’s just good stuff. The result was that every girl was best girl, by the way. No seriously, they all got a tie and that is the best ending that this episode could have. Looks like we are digging into the drama corner next week with Sarah’s backstory, so I enjoyed this fun ride while it was there.

Classic – Armored Trooper Votoms: Episode 10-12

Notes: Good Plot Pay Offs

Alright, here we go. Here is the pay off from all the somewhat filler episodes from the last couple weeks. In this week’s set, Chirico and company (Vanilla, Gotho, and Cocona) escape from the police smoking them out, then Chirico armors up a Votom and goes out on a counter attack. Seeing Chirico fully accept them and join in on some banter here and there was good. He’s not just a robot. I have to ask, how much resources and people do the police force of Uoodo have? Chirico has been murdering them one right after another, but they keep coming? They might as well be a military force.

Then we have other pay offs. Chirico and the Prototype meet each other, we see the shyer side of Chirico because he is clearly in love with her and because the prototype’s first memory is of Chirico, she feels the same way. They are one of the most adorable, silent, murdering couples I’ve seen in anime. We also have the battle arena taking part to help out the police, which provides some awesome Votom fights, and the ever-watchful military spies are sending an air unit into Uoodo. The only problem I have is that I wish the prototype didn’t fall into the the police’s hands again. That seems kind of cliché. Either way, it looks like a lot of good and hard things are going to happen next week. Can’t wait.

Planet With: Episode 7

Notes: Good backstory and set up episode.

If Planet With ever had a low episode, this one would be considered close to it. The sound design wasn’t as great, and the cg was as bad as Lost Universe’s cgi. That was an anime from the 90’s. Still, we see what the inner conflict of this show is moving forward. In the beginning of this episode, we get a taste of every character’s origins. Cat Sensei and Ginko met because he saves Princess Ginko and her people from the peaceful planet Riel from the Siriusians. They get there in time to only save Souya, because the dragon has already destroyed the planet and the Siriusian space fleet, but this where we see how the inter conflict around nebula started. Cat Sensei wanted to show that even the evilest people could show love so the dragon won’t attack anyone while the Dog wanted to seal off the dragon for good. Two sides that I can’t argue against because they are both positive.

The rest of the episode is centered around Souya’s internal conflict. He goes to school, but there is almost no one there because of his battle last episode. His conflict with the Nebula sealing faction has entered his school life, and he is seeing his brother in his mind which puts him in an internal conflict because he is doubting himself for killing someone. At least, that’s what it looked like to me. Looks like we are going to go through some more interesting psychological challenges soon. I like it. I’m glad we are flipping the table on what usually happens in mech series even more now. This was a good low episode that ratcheted up the tension for next time.

Looks like I was able to complete this despite traveling for the majority of last week. I hope I didn’t cheap you guys out of anything. Thank you all for reading.

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