Cells at Work Knows Me and it Hurts

I just want to say it right now, Cells at Work is one of the most unique formulaic shows that I’ve ever seen. Let’s be honest here, it’s a monster of the week show centered around barely their characters. While the white blood cell is awesome, he’s still just there to kill things and get blood over his clothes. The red blood cell we follow is adorable, plucky, and gets lost all the time so we get a point of view character somewhere. The thing that makes the show intriguing and unique is the setting. Unless you have never watched this show and think the title is some sort of bad DBZ reference, it takes place in a human body. Should be talk about how a backstory episode had younger cells learning their jobs in what other anime series might consider to be a dystopian setting, but it’s considered a good thing here muffled with some good cuteness. This show is so weird guys and I enjoy watching how it gets weirder ever week. I just wish this show didn’t feel linked to me.

Food Poisoning

The funniest story that I had was my own food poisoning episode. The day before the episode appeared, I ate a shrimp po boy at one of my favorite local eateries. I’m not going to lie, it was delicious. Well, at least it was at the time. Completely different story later that night. Around midnight, I started throwing up which is never fun. I’ll skip all that gross out stuff, but let’s say I wasn’t hungry for a while after that event. Then the food poisoning episode aired. I didn’t need to know how it happens, guys. Thanks for that. That made me feel a little worse over that entire weekend. Thank you show. Thank you for doing that to me. I still love you Cells at Work, but you put that into question sometimes.


Did you know that I’ve had bad allergies since forever? At one point of my life, I had over 30 something shots to test what I was allergic to. It turns out that I am allergic to almost everything that can be airborne. I haven’t had a normal Christmas tree in a while because I’m allergic to fir trees. I’ve also allergic to dog fur as well, but I couldn’t imagine living life without a dog. They are too cute and good not to have them as a pet. To this day, I take Claritin, rinse out my nose with salt water, then use rhinocort. I’ve had days where I couldn’t sleep in as much as I wanted because my nose would get stuffed and I couldn’t breathe when I was asleep. Allergies aren’t fun. Seeing the body’s immune system go on over drive and the literal snot rockets was a lot of fun. Not to mention seeing the robotic pill destroy everything. That all made complete sense to me and was quite a lot of fun. Monster combat and new, adorable characters makes this show enduring.


This is where the show hurt me the most. Not because I’ve ever had it, but because I’ve lost a lot of family members to it. I don’t have any grandparents anymore due to other forms of it and it’s not fun stuff. You ever see a grandparent make it to your graduation in the highest level of health then die six months later? It sucks. The episode with he appearance with of the cancer cell came after the news of losing my aunt that previous Wednesday night. (I’m glad I saw her two weeks before that happening). Seeing that cancer cell made me extremely angry. He was only on screen for maybe two minutes? The reveal was good, so it did exactly what it was supposed to do. I just had some meta stuff in my life that made it worse. I wasn’t over my aunt’s loss then and I’m still not, so I hoped that they would murder that cell before it got worse. I know that this show won’t let this body die, but I can’t help how I feel about things. This show sometimes….


Any show centered around the human body and illnesses is going to hurt in some ways. It just seems that this show is aimed to either make fun of or just plain hurt me sometimes. Still, I can’t help but love this show. The monster designs are a lot of fun, the animation is great, the platelets exist with just as adorable younger white and red cells, and the insides of the body are cool as well. Sorry for writing about my tales of sadness. Friday’s post should be a lot more fun to make up for this.


  1. You should never ever apologise for a post like this. Why? Because it adresses sad things? I would twist it around: it’s a personal post, and if you have seen some of my comments or posts you know that I always appreciate those. I have lost both friends, colleagues and family members to cancer so anytime something like that makes an appearance in whatever show it is, I always become angry too. I hate that disease.
    Anyways…before this becomes too much: I think this post was awesome. So, really no need to apologise in any way. And despite it’s flaws…I just really love this show too 😊

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    1. I’ve been trying to think of a way to say anything for a while now, so it’s obvious that you made me lose my tongue for a little bit here. (Even though that doesn’t make sense from a keyboard perspective.)

      Thank you.

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  2. There are definitely some parts of this show that are going to hit home for some viewers, though the show itself has so far remained relatively upbeat (with Cancer being the one fairly tense moment and even then it was resolved relatively quickly). Glad to hear you are still having fun with the show despite it hitting a little too close for you.

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  3. This show is at its BEST with our two favorite, star crossed, blood cells…

    When they are up to no good together? Even better!

    And I agree this show has the ability to hit home with so many because it is TRULY, the most effective least common denominator…

    All the content revolves around HUMAN BODIES. Everyone that watches this show AND understands it, exists as a human with a human body. And ALL humans get sick. It’s extremely relatable to EVERYONE.

    Unfortunately it’s not always just a “fun” bout of food poisoning. There are some rough diseases out there and cancer is one of the roughest. Just an improper copy of a cell, happens all day every day to all of us… and yet the body is amazing in its fight to protect us, for the most part.

    Sorry about the long comment but that was a very thought provoking post.

    Good stuff as usual and keep it on the up swing!

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  4. That is the testament of good writing if something makes you feel good or bad like that. I can see where that could hit some people hard especially the cancer episodes. I think though the fact that they use the episodes as a means to educate people is a great thing. The one that hits home for me was the allergy one. I have suffered from allergies for years now and to see the disaster that ensues because of them really struck a cord with me. Great post and thanks for sharing such personal experiences!

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  5. Really great, and very personal, post this time around Scott.

    It’s always really interesting how something like an Anime can be so relatable to your own experiences in the real world, for better or for worse.

    There are plenty of shows, some even among my favourites, that have really connected with the more negative aspects of my life, and my past, so I understand how you feel here.

    A show like Cells at Work which focuses on the human body and its inner workings was more or less guaranteed to hit close to home for a lot of people.

    And you shouldn’t apologise for this post at all. Yes, it addresses and brings up some sad stories and unfortunate personal tales, but I think I speak for many of us when I say that personal posts like this are something I tend to appreciate.

    I’m glad that despite being hurtful to watch at times, that you’re still able to enjoy the series in the end. It takes a lot of courage to do so. At least I think so.

    Excellent post as always, and as you already know, I’m sorry for your recent loss.

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    1. Dang it Leth, you made it hard to respond to this comment.

      Cells at Work is definitely dangerous with all the content it provides in such a unique way. Can I not be intrigued by the show and like it. Just having more emotional baggage behind the show makes it more of an emotional release I suppose.

      Oh fine, I won’t apologize for personal posts again. All you and Raistlin’s fault for that.

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  6. This series is greater than the sum of its parts. It should suck because, as you say, it is formulaic and the characters don’t have much depth. Despite all that I still have a fun time watching each new episode.

    Maybe it’s because the series reminds me of an old show I used to watch (Once Upon A Time… Life.) Another reason, as your life experiences attest to, is that viewers can relate to the subjects each episode covers.

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    1. Yes, exactly. An anime centered around food or the human body are cheap shots for relatability, but I can’t begrudge them that. Especially when they are this fun.

      Definitely greater then the sum of it’s parts 😁.

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  7. Illness is the one thing that hurts the most. Especially when it’s a loved one’s.

    (I haven’t watched the show because it seemed a little… Well…. Off… But people are saying quite a bit of good stuff about it)

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