Last Week in Space and Mechs: 9/10/18

Same drill as last week:

I’ve looked at the way I looked at the way I’ve been posting every week recently and it looks like I will be hitting 500 posts in early October. To celebrate this, I wanted to do something mech themed. You know, because this Mechanical Anime Reviews. I should write more mech posts eventually.

So here is the deal, please give me any of your questions centered around the mech genre and I will answer them to the best of my abilities. These could be problems that you think the mech series has and hopefully I can provide a good enough explanation for you. If not, then you can have fun with me flailing around answering things that might not have answers. I’m sure that would be fun for some of you.



Gundam Build Divers episode 22

I don’t know how to feel about this show anymore. While I like the concept of A.I. evolution and everything, I don’t think that Build Divers is the show to explore it at all. I mean, this is a show centered around customized gundams fighting against other customized gundams. Build Divers cannot handle this concept with the nuance that it deserves. They did give it a lot of heart and seeing Sarah, a young child character, look at anyone and say that they wanted to be deleted is uttering terrifying and saddening. Do you really want to murder something that can feel fear and has a mind of its own like Sarah does? The problem is that nothing is consistent with the show that builds upon all of this.

The administration and the coalition of Build Divers is cartoonish terrible and just wants to delete Sarah without even thinking about how valuable an A.I. is. The Build Divers and its characters are cartoonish good lead by Riku who just wants to beat people up and is somewhat hot blooded. All the nuance that Build Divers was trying to build with this concept went away when it became a plot point to have gundams fight each other. As awesome as 1:1000  battle is and the fact that I am looking forward to it, I’ve just been thinking about how weird and lacking the Build Divers is. If only it focused and spent time building on something, then this show could have been great instead of a hodge podge of half-baked ideas. I know this is a show for kids, but kids deserve better. Let’s be honest about this fact.

Armored Trooper Votoms: Episode 19-21

So once again, we’ve got some easy explanations for these three episodes plot wise. Especially since the episode in-between was a recap episode. One that felt completely necessary to me, because we’ve gone through 19 episodes of content. I remember a lot of things, because I’ve written my thoughts down from this blog, but I still forget some details. Episode 19 centered around Chirico and his gang driving off the Veela’s attack from their residential district after it was already destroyed and then Chirico meeting with his mercenary commander and Captain Rochina from the Melkian force. They have a short dialogue about super soldiers between Chiroco and the other two and there is even a scene of Vanilla once again losing a stable life style and trying to find something more consistent.

Episode twenty-one is a failed stealth mission. Chirico and his gang attempt a stealth mission, but their commander doesn’t understand what stealth is. He stops a ship going there way just to check them out and blow it up later and then attacking a holy area that ends up in a gun fight. That’s not how stealth works, guys. Jeez. At least that commander gets his come-uppance in the end where he dismissed from commanding anyone. It’s too late for damage control now though. The enemy knows where they are now, so it’s not like this problem can be fixed. It’s like putting on a band aid on a bullet wound. All the necessary damage is already done. It’s going to be interesting to see how all of this gets resolved.

One thing I’ve been thinking about recently is wherever or not the writer behind this show had some military experience. At least a natural guard level of military experience. The comradery between the troops is quickly formed but feels so natural. These are people that have been fighting for a long time that seem to instantly form a bond with people that are the same way. That kinship seems like something that would happening automatically, so no complaints there at all. I also can’t complain about the commander’s bad decisions either, because I’ve seen people like that before. He is only commander for a small amount of time before it goes to Chirico, so he wants to achieve as much as he can along the way. His goal of achieving too much just went completely over his head and put the mission in jeopardy. A very human reaction, because nobody isn’t infallible and his pride was at stake for some reason. Even Chirico hasn’t been perfect. I really like the writing behind this show, guys. It’s so good.

Planet With Episode 10

Every step this show takes has always stunned me. How is it possible for this show to have two seasons worth of content in ten episodes? It does skip things like fleshing out the side characters more then they could, everything else is flawless in execution. This episode was an action one centered around our pacifist side going full bore against the sealing faction. Cat vs Dog. Cat Robot vs Dog Robot. Cat Space Ship Robot vs Dog Space Ship Robot. It looked like a very even fight that put the weight of the robots in play as well, which is fantastic. In the end, Souya, Ginko, and Cat Sensei do win but they are just as beaten up as the losing side. The best part is that nobody died and Souya suggested that the dog leader’s sealing actions worked in the end because it will humanity toward a peaceful path AND he suggested they watch over humanity for a while. Good job Souya, you learned the pacifism game well and I bet Sensei and Ginko are more than proud with you. Another touching moment was Benkika and Yousuke having their own emotional moment. You know, holding hands and stuff. Planet With is just too good for words.

If I do have any problem with the show, why where there a four-year time skip to when the dragon appears? It could appear faster and we could have the ending not feel like an epilogue situation. That’s only a minor problem, because this show is still fantastic. Especially this episode. I think this is some of the best robot cg I’ve ever seen in anime outside of Gundam. The models looked well detailed, the choreography and weight behind each movement felt realistic, and the sound design was owning up to everything. I seriously have no major complaints all about this show and this episode. Not sure how else I can sell this show.

Still need to do some exploration on how to build this part of my blog and make it feel more natural. Right now, it feels like the adoptive son of the whole blog because it belongs but doesn’t at the same time. Yay constant blog experimentation.

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