My Top Five Anime Studios

Not going to lie, this is a total copy of Karandi’s list idea. Every since I read that post, I couldn’t help but think of what my favorite studios are. I’ve thought about it for a long time, so hopefully this list seems like it. I feel like these are completely obvious choices for me. Yes, I am leaving out some major studios, but not all of them affect me the same as way these do. Every studio produces solid content at some point, but there are three or so studios that I will check out content/series for no matter what they are producing.

Supposedly in no particular order, but probably is


As of right now, Madhouse is pretty on an off in terms of anime quality, but they did produce a lot of my favorite series. Madhouse has lost a lot of their edge in recent years while pandering to a lot of otaku culture instead of being as hard edged then they were. There is hope though. Probably. Still, there is too much nostalgia centered around this studio for it not to be here somewhere.

Studio Gainax:

I have been on a little bit of a Gainax watching thing recently, but I can’t help it. Even if they aren’t always the best produced series in existence or have the greatest endings ever, what they produce is just so interesting, unique, and expressive from every other studio. No, it’s not just from Evangelion. Studio Gainax is much more than just Evangelion. There are so many other shows that they have in their repertoire that I still need to look at, but their love for their work and their love for outer space just sings to me more then most. Man, I need to check out everything they’ve produced. That’s going to be hard.

Studio Sunrise:

Speaking of Space, I feel like all of you expected this from me. You know what? You’re right. Sunrise has been producing mech shows of large varieties for years and they are more then good at it. Their mastery of mechs is beyond compare from anyone. They are the only studio out there that still uses 2D mechs and know how to combine 2D and 3D to have the best result. Even when they only do 3D models, you can’t compare the result to anyone else. This includes their large variety of mech series with unique genres and settings all over the place. I love Studio Sunrise. They are my jam.

Production I.G.

I’ve fallen in love with Production I.G. ever since I watched Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. I have a lot for their well detailed backgrounds, their polish, solid character animation that goes unnoticed by a lot of people, and their animation quality. While I prefer their cyber punk and fantasy antics, I still must at least try whatever they produce. They aren’t a studio that produces every season or even every year,but a lot of their have more work is unique and much more polished then most studios out there. The studio that came from them, Wit, feels the same way.

Studio Bones

I am an absolute fanboy of Bones, alright? From what I’ve seen before, Studio Bones is the most consistent studio when it comes to producing content. In the past five years, I watched everything that they’ve produced to completion and most of them are stand outs. Their early series that they produced after leaving Sunrise were exceptional as well. While they do have some problems with original endings from time to time, I can’t help but love some of the series they are attached to. Not to mention their interesting aesthetics, their beautiful scenery, and their consistent fight animation/choreography in every series they produce. Their only fault is that they don’t produce enough mech series. More originals, please. Studio Bones has me guys and it’s not letting go.

I know that I left out a lot of studios they I like, but they haven’t hit me as hard or as consistently recently. What are some of your favorites?


  1. KyoAni and P.A. Works always get a look in from me, otherwise I go on a show-by-show basis.

    And is it just me, or does Karandi inspire a ton of posts? (I know I’ve (*ahem*) “borrowed” a number of ideas from her.)

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  2. It’s interesting how your favorite studios mirror not only your tastes in anime, but also a bit of your personality—I guessed more than half the list before reading! Wasn’t expecting Bones to be on it, but then again, what top animation studios list isn’t Bones on?

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