Last Week in Space and Mechs: 9/17/18

Same drill as last week:

I’ve looked at the way I looked at the way I’ve been posting every week recently and it looks like I will be hitting 500 posts in early October. To celebrate this, I wanted to do something mech themed. You know, because this Mechanical Anime Reviews. I should write more mech posts eventually.

So here is the deal, please give me any of your questions centered around the mech genre and I will answer them to the best of my abilities. These could be problems that you think the mech series has and hopefully I can provide a good enough explanation for you. If not, then you can have fun with me flailing around answering things that might not have answers. I’m sure that would be fun for some of you.


So, back to business!

Gundam Build Divers Episode 23

Here we are with that action episode that was promised last week. I’ll give this episode some credit. It wasn’t just a straight up action sort of episode. There were some clever writing elements put into play. The first part of this episode was an attempted heist episode with giant robots. One third of the Build Fighters tried to convince the massive force that the giant robots fell apart on their attack run, just to have some of the force have giant robots with massive power attack the Coalitions main group while the Build Diver’s sneakier mechs went around unique routes to get to Sarah. Unfortunately, the coalition is smart and predicted everything that the Build Divers were trying to do and countered them. There were also some interesting rivalry things going on that showed how strong the game’s champion is. I can say that the transition from heist episode to the all-out battle next episode made sense. At least tactics mean something in this show. The Riku vs Champion fight next episode is going to be hype as hell. If only the characters were explored a little more. All these hyped fights would have more grit to them.

Armored Trooper Votoms episodes 22-24

Oh man, a lot of great and crazy things happened in this show again this week. Here is the abridged version, though you can all assume that everything that happens has a lot of stuff going on in them then what I say in a sentence or two. Episode 22 focused on Chirico and his group’s new attempt at breaking in to the enemy’s camp. Considering that their subtle route was ruined by lack of good leadership by some one who doesn’t understand what stealth is, they took the most obvious and action-packed route. Chirico and his gang destroyed the Veela’s forward base and flew in a helicopter for them too head right in the base. This immediately leads to a water with the Veela in the water. A battle that has more emotional feels with it, because the not working Perfect Soldier, Fyana, is supposed to watch the other the other super soldier Ypsilon kill Chirico to reset her programing. A terrible idea, because it results in crashing the helicopter she was in to the Armored Trooper that Ypsilon was in. Fyana escapes the scene afterward while everyone else in the crash immediately heads back to base. Man, such crazy stuff.

Episodes 23 and 24 blur together for me a little because they feel like one long, continuous episode. Not to it’s detriment though. It starts with Chirico and his group heading after Fyana, who know one else knows that she is a Perfect Soldier at this point. That is until Chirico’s terrible commander finds her, ties her up, and holds her at knife point. He radios for help, and then Chirico fights him to death after catching up with him that results in him getting a knife wound. Fyana takes care of Chirico for a small amount of time before he can’t handle that anymore and takes off in his Armored Trooper to fight the Veela. He ends up in trouble, but the three other Armored Troopers he led help him out. After the battle, he explains who Fyana is and then they begin their infiltration of the Veela base with Fyana taking an armored trooper and destroying many of the group’s obstacles in the way. Two cliff hangers from episode 24. The first one is that the head of the mercenaries don’t trust Chirico and his gang anymore, so he intends on killing them. Man, a war on two fronts.  Also, looks like Ypsilon has to prove himself as a perfect soldier when he is given an Armored Trooper from the specialists that is geared solely for only him. Oh crap. This is getting exciting.

A constant theme that keeps being brought up is the fact that you can spend a lot of science and technology to build a soldier meant for battle, but you can’t control how they operate. Perfect Soldiers are humans that have their lives that are built on personal experiences they face in the world like the rest of us. They are possibly getting to hit those life experiences worse then us, because they are grown up babies in adult form meant to fight. That almost seems like a terrible idea, because you can’t control how a baby feels unless you replace their brain with a remote control. I should also mention that I like that Fyana’s combat abilities are never put into question. Even if she does play the nurse role and helps Chirico after he got stabbed with a knife, she plays a more then pivotable role in helping out with the group’s infiltration of the Veela base. It just means that she’s become more multi-faceted, which is something that I am alright as long as she stops being a damsel in distress. Then again, I suppose she never was one of those in the first place

Planet With Episode 11

Wow, so four years have passed since we’ve seen these all these dorks timeline wise. This episode does a lot of catch up in terms of where every character is in a different place and isn’t. All this done through some clever dialogue with everyone in relation to Souya. He and Nozomi are as adorable college geeks and their chemistry couldn’t be stronger. Neither could Souya’s, Ginko’s, and Sensei’s chemistry because they feel like a family. Then we get some commentary on the flying cat doll that has been in the air for a while by our normal citizens, followed by the meeting for Nebula’s combat against the dragon. I just have to say that I love how the battle plan came from hand outs and I also love how every single person has had a part in the battle against the dragon. Last of all, I love how Nebula wasn’t trying to destroy the dragon at all but attempting to rid the dragon of its hatred. There is so much love going on in Planet With and I can more then feel it.

I think that after this season, I am going to be done with episodic review stuff. I’ve tried my hand at it in multiple ways, but it’s not for me. It’s beginning to feel like work and that’s not how I want blogging to feel. I do have some plans on what I want to do though for Mondays. You will see what those are later.


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