Space and Mech Quick Cuts: 9/24/18

Hi everyone, this is something that I am just trying out. I’m going to attempt to cut down everything I have to say about each episode in four sentences maximum. It seems like I tend to ramble and possibly make something unreadable, so here is my attempted to not do that. If it doesn’t work, then oh well. All my content is never in a final stage because I always seek ways to improve myself and what I write.

-Episode Cuts-

Gundam Build Divers: Episode 24

This was a decent final fight episode all things considered. The game’s champion is shown how awesome he is through his skill and the abilities that his Gundam has. I am glad that he kicks Riku’s ass, who has been riding the “my mech has a special ability card for a while, because it’s finally shown that skill matters. Riku’s final power up after the build divers talk about how Sarah has influenced them felt like a cop out to me, but the fight needed to end somehow.

Armored Trooper Votoms: Episodes 25-27

Here we are at the end of the Kummen Civil War arc with the fall of the prince of Kummen who died taking the older ways of his country with him to the detriment and death of the people who worked under him. We also get how incomplete the Perfect Soldiers are with our Fyana being too attached to Chirico to do what the specialists want her to do and Ypsilon being too naïve for his own good. There are familiar things that happened in last arc’s finale like the Melkian armored assault going in at the end to kill everyone, but it’s different because you can tell the Melkians learned when to attack to minimize their casualties.  The best part is that Chirico got a win for once and escapes Kummen with Fyana. Yay!

Planet With: Episode 12 (FINAL EPISODE…NOOOOOO!!)

The final climatic battle with the dragon continues and sense they are no match for it, every part works hard to seal the dragon into space statis like he was originally meant to be. Of course, Souya, Ginko, and Sensei get stuck behind to make sure the dragon stays, but they take that time in statis to thank the dragon for all the good deeds the dragon did with some tears too. With the help of the oldest race in the universe, Sensei, Ginko, and Souya escape the statis and end up on Souya’s home world where we see a flower growing on it showing that Sirius isn’t dead at all. Everything culminates together with the group of three are saved by the rest of Nebula because Nozomi can sense where Souya is even across the universe cementing love as the story’s message.

-Binge Watch Cuts-

Last Hope: Episodes 1-7

This is a show that has been airing, but Netflix took it and released the first half of the show on Netflix the Friday before last. It’s ok, but nothing exceptional plot wise. You know, that scientist accidently destroys a lot of the world and must work to rebuild it to redeem himself story? Still, it has some of the best cg that I’ve seen in a while I’ve been having a lot of fun watching it.

Aura Battler Dunbine: Up to episode 34

Aura Battler Dunbine must be the original isekai story or something from the 80’s (even if it isn’t, it’s close) that centers around a Japanese teenage motor bicyclist by the name of Show Zama transported to the land of Byston Well. He gets involved in the many political battles and fights there and is fighting for the planet’s environments. The story is so twisted and repeats so many plot episodes or has our main character going somewhere in the middle of a major conflict that may or may not add something to the overall plot later. Because of that, I am not sure how I feel about this show.

I liked doing this a lot better. Finding ways to summarize things in four sentences is a challenge that I like to do and at the same time it feels a lot less like work to me.


  1. I saw Last Hope making an appearance on Netflix somewhere last week. Haven’t yet seen it, but it sounds like a fun show, so might give it a go at some point or other.
    Oh, I also don’t think you ramble, so no worries on that point! 😊

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    1. Cool! If you do try Last Hope, the first episode has a bunch of technobable than gets thrown in upfront, but it lessens a lot in the episodes to follow. Also, it’s a very ridiculous show but that’s what I like about it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, well I do like ridiculous shows as well, and I really like the premise for it, so will definitely check it out soon. Thanks for the recommendation. Will let you know what I think of it soon 😊

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