500 Blog Post Special: Q&A Celebration

Hello everyone! Thank you for being here and following me for some reason. I can’t believe that I’ve been around long enough to post 500 blog posts. I don’t post everyday and there was a long spell when I was starting out that I would post maybe once a week, so this blogging journey of mine has been going for a while. I mean, I will be blogging for three years come January. I’m glad that these two bits of celebration are quite a distance apart from each other. I would run out of ideas to celebrate the two things otherwise.

In this little bit of celebration, I asked for questions concerning the mecha genre. I suppose, this is technically I mech focused blog, right? I’m thankful for everyone that asked me question. You all are awesome. A few of them gave me quite a bit to think about and some people asked me even more than one question, which is great too.

Once again, thanks everyone that got involved. Let’s answer some of these questions, shall we?

-What’s your favorite mech? Least Favorite? Which would you most like to pilot and why? – Aster Crow from Crow’s World of Anime


My favorite mech in recent memory is the Escaflowne. It’s a beautiful looking mech in its standard humanoid form because it’s so elegant, but it transforms into dragon. That’s so awesome! What’s not good about any of this?


My Least Favorite Mech is the Zeong. I am a fan of chunky mechs from Zeon, but they pushed it too far here. Aerodynamics don’t matter, but aesthetics do. Worst Zeon design ever. The gigantic Behemoths from Full Metal Panic are second.

Patlabor Alphonse

The mech I would love to pilot myself is the something more grounded like the AV-98 Ingram from Patlabor. Its aesthetic is beautiful and I just love how it operates with almost limitless items to attach to it and the mech isn’t always going into an all out war scenario. Sounds like a winner to me

-I’d actually just like to know which robot design you feel is the most practical for one day being a reality from all the mechs you’ve seen in anime? – Karandi from 100 Word Anime

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I think the Armored Shrikes from Blue Gender. The mechs are not that advanced, but they are very hardy for travels around an apocalyptic Earth where everything that wants to kill you. You must have a hardy mech that is easy to maintain yet is powerful enough to fight giant bugs.

Armore Shrike Blue Gender

To me, that is the most realistic kind of mech that we would build. Yes, I say that even though the United States and Japan have had a robot competition, the Armored Shrikes are still the most realistic kind of mechs.

Is it mech or mecha? What is the difference between mech and mech, I there is one? – Lina from Tiny Ugly Animal

I am going to answer both questions at the same time. I googled this one and found some interesting answers. I think the most pointless one something along the lines of Japanese Robots are Mecha and manned robots from the United States are mechs, which is kind of stupid to me.

It’s seems like the same sort of logic of where people don’t understand that anime are Japanese cartoons and want to make it seem like there is a line separating the two. In my opinion, I feel like they are interchangeable. I just think that Mecha is a good singular term while Mechs are more of a plural form. I don’t think that makes sense for anyone else then me, but oh well. If you want to correct me and/or feel like I am wrong, please let me know.

The Mech Genre has certain traits that some might say make it quite un-original in terms of variety. What would you say the Mech genre needs to remain fresh? – Raistlin0903 from Michel’s Book/Boardgame/Movie review Blog

I think the biggest thing people can do add more variety into the genre is to STOP IMITATING EVANGELION. It’s been 23 years and some change since it appeared. Instrumentality is not ground breaking anymore, guys. Having every other mech series trying to lead into the psychological and philosophical realm without any new ideas behind it is kind of boring. At least do it in a way that is different and makes sense like Planet With or something.

Other than that, how about some fresh characters and perspectives? I feel like most have been explored and considered already. There is nothing wrong using concepts that have been done before. Just jazz them up a little more with fresh perspectives that come fresh experience that can only come from living in 2018. Make it more now.

Lastly, if we can’t have 2D drawn robots, can the 3D models at least be well detailed? Please? That would help my enjoyment at least.

The mech genre gets 1) quite a few shows over 20 episodes or 2) new entries in older franchises (more so than some other genres, at least). Are these two factors impediments to the genre as a whole and why/why not? – Aria from The Animanga Spellbook

Oh wow, that’s an excellent question. Going to answer these individually, because I feel like the answer is very different from both of them.

1) Unless a series is able to handle the themes and story arcs that a mech series with all of that political stuff and character themes that are involved in most mech series in one cour like Planet With, two cours are absolutely necessary. Since today’s anime market is more centered one cour productions, that end result is that they are harder to produce because of the resources involved or their stories are told very fast and kind of bad. Looking at you, Knight’s and Magic. This could be considered a detriment and/or an impediment to mech genre as a whole.

2) Having sequels and/or new installments in older franchises is more of a half and half scenario. Even if an installment has the capacity to be watched without any connections to the franchise at all, the fact that it is attached to a long-standing franchise can be intimidating to people. That hurts everything that the franchise is going for. Looking at something like Gundam with its alternate universes, they are still Gundam series. Not many people understand what an alternate universe is or what it means for some reason. Not having that cleared out can hurt and not many franchises are good at that.

Still, if a person can get attached to some part of a larger franchise, then that’s an opening for people to enter the realm of this series that’s a win. Congratulations, you just got involved in a larger mech franchise. There is no escape for you anymore. I also don’t think the reason why fans who liked franchises also like getting more installments to them needs to be explained. All of that seems to have a natural conclusion.

Thank you for reading all my nonsense. If you have anymore mech questions, put them down in the comments. I’ll answer them here.


  1. Haha…I would not call it nonsense at all! I really enjoyed reading all the questions and answers you gave for all of these. You put a lot of work into this post and it shows too! Don’t hate me, but can I say that I really like the Zeong? Lol…sorry, but I do😅 Great choice on your favorite mech with the Escaflowne by the way! Certainly one of my favorites too.
    Thanks for also taking the time to answer my question. You certainly raise some valid points, and let’s hope that the creators of these shows are going to listen to this 😊😊 This was a really insightful post, and it was nice to learn some new things about one of my favorite anime genres! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, nonsense is that sarcastic thing I use because I’m always surprised that people follow me. It still boggles my mind that people do.

      Raistlin, it’s impossible to hate you first of all. Second, I don’t usually have people just because they have a different opinion from me. It’s fine, don’t worry about it.

      I try my best to give each person’s questions their due and I hope I did that here. No cheap answers from me.

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      1. Well…that’s really a very easy question to answer: People follow you because your blog is totally amazing, and you write incredibly fantastic posts. As I said…very easy answer 😉

        Lol…well thank you: that’s nice to hear😅 I really do need to start watching something with Mecha in it again. Once I have completed my current stuff, next up is a mecha series. No idea which one yet, but we’ll see 😊

        Well you totally succeeded at that, and then some: really no worries! 😊

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  2. Really enjoyed reading your responses to the questions. I found your point about one cour mecha anime being fairly rushed to be really true. Just the scope of the story most mecha anime end up trying to tell really needs longer than the single cour.
    Congratulations on reaching the 500 posts and I look forward to another 500 (5000, etc).

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  3. Congratulations on your 500 posts!

    I like Escaflowne, too. Being able to transform to a dragon is indeed a plus on the coolness factor.

    I don’t watch a lot of mech anime, so I guess I have to take a look at this Planet With you keep mentioning here… Hmmm… I’ll add it to The List.

    I agree with your point on mech and mecha. They seem similar.

    I watch gundam, and yet, I have not delved deep in the Universal Century timeline. It is huge, and can be confusing. However, it can be good to know that a small series is actually part of a large world with history connected to another series. There will come a time that when you enjoyed a show, and it ended, you’ll end up wanting to watch something like it more, and finding shows set in the same universe/timeline which acts a continuation of the show you have previously watched can somehow fill the void of the recently ended show you watched.

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    1. Thank you!

      I know, right? The escaflowne is awesome!

      A lot more people need to check Planet With out in general.

      That’s how I feel about the Universal Century too. While it’s full of side stories, it’s also nice to know that what happened in one series matters and effects other series in a long chain of events.

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  4. Congrats again and thanks for answering the questions.

    Speaking of perspectives that could only come from 2018, I think there are some female mech pilots (Eureka from Eureka 7 had her own mech, IIRC), but have there ever been any from the LGBTQI+ group? Maybe I’d appreciate the mech genre a lot more if it wasn’t mostly a guys’ club when it comes to pilots and people tried a bit more with the variety in that regard…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you and you’re welcome.

      You’re pretty right about the mech genre being a guys club, though they’re have been so mech series with a female Pilot focus. Also, Tomino has a lot of female pilots in his shows. As for LGBTQI+ rep, I can’t think of that many. At the moment only the judo couple from Planet With and the two male pilots of note from Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans comes to mind. I guess Darling in the FranXX (bleh) and maybe Kaworu in Evangelion come to mind too. I’ll try to think of some more later, but they do focus on the traditional couples a lot in those series too. I’ll think of some more later, because it’s getting late for me.


  5. Congrats again! Some interesting answers. I know next to nothing about robots and have seen marginally more than I know. Yeah, there’s an equation for someone to solve. 😎 I get the mecha being singular thing. It flows better with mech being plural. And such nonsense dividing western and eastern robots. 🙄 A robots a robot. 🤖 Anyway, I would like to watch more mech but I have no idea where to start. All I’ve seen is Eva.

    (I swear I followed you but now wp says I didn’t so I missed this post when you published it. I’m glad I caught it. It was a nice read and also, I needed answers. Important answers! 🧐)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you and thanks for asking your question. It lead me down some interesting google searches and plot threads.

      I do think that Eva is a powerful starting point to watching other shows. (Yeah, the whole not following thing got me too for some people. Not happy with that at all really.)


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