Space and Mech Quick Cuts: 10/1/18

Here we are with a second week to see if I can do this consistently. I have little doubt that I can, but this is for scientific purposes anyway. I guess that’s for three data points though.

-episode cuts-

Gundam Build Divers: Episode 25 (Finale)

In order to transfer Sarah to a body, the Build Divers need to bring her to the transfer station at the Gundam Build Network’s transfer tower. The computer bugs come back and this results in all of the Gundam Build Network fighting together to work together for the sake of Sarah and the server which is kind of nice. The rest of the episode is focused on the Build Divers and some of the show’s best characters having a party together in real life and it looks like they have a fun time. A satisfactory episode to a kind of eh show, so I have no complaints.

Armored Trooper Votoms Episode 28-30

Since their escape from Kummen on a fighter, the two ended up on an empty ship headed on an unknown destination that they can’t change. First, it starts out as a romantic moment with the two finally in a quiet place until loud fanfare music playing. It was the music for a video of the Red Shoulders, a unit that Chirico used to be apart of, performing heinous acts like killing civilians. It’s obvious that Chirico is being manipulated from an unknown force, but he takes it all in and destroys all the forces they face because it’s the only place he feels like himself. Damn.

-binge cuts-

Aura Battler Dunbine: Episodes 35-40

This series has gotten so much more interesting for me since the series has changed from the world of Byston Well to our Earth. Yes, entire fleets of floating battleships and mechs are now in our world and are doing with real world politics. Anything from Byston Well has barriers on them that make all our weapons ineffective including nukes, yes nukes have been put into play, so you have many nations of the world trying to put an appeal to them in different ways. I’m saying everything is perfect, but there are powerful moments like the destruction of Paris that appeal to me.

Last Hope: Episodes 8-13 (End of Part 1)

Definitely not the best show that I watched from Shoji Kawamori of Macross and Escaflowne film, but damn if I haven’t had a blast watching this show’s insanity. Each character has been very character focused and story focused at the same time, which has fleshed out our crew’s personalities and backstories as will as the show’s world at the same time which is good. My favorite was the sniper episodes which had a giant lizard wielding a sniper rifle firing against multidimensional copies of some one. Its fun watching what shenanigans we see next.

You guys are seeing glimpses of what shows are going to appear in Mecha March in five months are so. After I am done with Aura Battler Dunbine, I am thinking about watching Go Lion (what turned into Voltron) next. What do you guys think? Maybe something newer? I don’t know.


  1. I think Last Hope might be the next show I am going to try out. Even though it might not be the best show around, for me it doesn’t always have to be. And the scene you just described with that sniper sounds really like something I want to see for myself 😊
    As for your question…hmm🤔🤔Go Lion sounds pretty cool, as I don’t know much about Voltron. Don’t know if you have watched Macross Frontier yet, but that one is pretty worth it to check out as well. Well, whatever you will be choosing, I will be interested in reading about it anyway! 😊

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    1. I hope you have fun with it! Last Hope was such a ride of a series to watch in a lot of ways.

      I actually have watched Frontier before, though it’s been a while. Maybe I’ll look into it OR the original Macross. That might be worth a rewatch again.

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