Why Wearing Glasses in Anime is Awesome (Scientific Thesis)

Welcome to my post for Mel’s special event for Megane Day. It sounded like an especially fun and unique event, so why not throw my hat in the ring too. Why not?

As a non-glasses wearing person, besides sunglasses sometimes, I am not going to say that I am jealous towards people who have to wear glasses in real life. I say that knowing that I am the only person in my immediate family and general vicinity that doesn’t wear glasses. I like having my natural 20-20 vision still and I like pointing out details that my glasses wearing family members in far distances away from me and seeing around in all directions and not a narrow field of vision centered around a certain point.

In reality, not wearing glasses, besides sunglasses, is preferable. Especially since I don’t want to scatter the vision of my hazel green eyes to anyone that looks at me. In anime, glasses are different. While glasses can fall off of a character and automatically ruined a person’s vision, there are no other downsides really. Scientific evidence proves it after all.

Added Attractiveness

This is just me, but the best thing about anime character designs have been their eyes. The colors and designs of anime eyes. Even the most basic anime characters have a great eye design that you can’t see anywhere else. What classes does is put a frame around these eyes that brings more attention to them. I mean, let’s look at this example.

I think we can all agree that Uraraka is cute. But which version of Uraraka is the most adorable? Obviously the glasses wearing version, right? Here is some more proof with a lot of other MHA characters wearing glasses including All Might. Scientific Evidence is great, isn’t it?

Added Intimidation

I don’t feel like I have to prove this one at all. I mean, LED lights in glasses. Not a scary thing in concept at all really, but it’s always an added point of emphasis at dramatic moments. They give at least a +2 to a character’s intimidation check. I mean, look at these for evidence.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mess around with any of them. Each person has their own level of frightening to them. Even if they are nice characters like Hiroe in Log Horizon, he really does have some very scary moments.

Added Distinctiveness

Only so many characters wear glasses in each particular anime series. Perhaps only a male and a female character of different hair colors. Yousuke and Nozomi in Planet With are an example. Then there are Sasada and Hitori in Natsume’s Book of Friends. So many other examples of this too. Boom, automatic characer defining trait. So easy to find in any crowd of anime character.

natsume sasada.jpg

Extra Keepsakes

There is added bonuses to this too. Let’s talk about Evangelion. Rei keeping keeping Gendo Ikari’s broken glasses as a reminder of him saving her out of a time of crisis. The one sign that Gendo has a heart and isn’t just a terrible dad. It’s obvious that Rei and Gendo have a little bit of a thing going on.

gendo glasses.jpg

Plus, it’s obvious that Gendo has more glasses. He’s wearing another set after all and I am sure he has a lot more. He’s the director of Nerv after all.


I think that you all know where this is going. Wearing glasses in anime is awesome. From a character design perspective and so many different perspectives, why wouldn’t you be an anime character that wears glasses? You can always point them out in a crowd of characters, they get even more attractive when they wear them. It’s all here in my scientific thesis. Thanks for reading this, guys.


  1. Haha, this was really a very enjoyable read and a highly original idea too for this day! And I totally support your scientific thesis. (I would rush to get it patented, you never know who might be listening in…shhhh🤫🤫) Sorry been watching Steins;Gate for a big part of the day so I see conspiracies everywhere at the moment! 😂😂

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  2. I remember a mock trial we did my Jr. year in high school… Even nearly forty years on, I can remember the guy who was prosecutor using taking his glasses off, putting them on, and and using them as a pointer to control pace and as a prop. You do see this in Hollywood now and again (especially taking them off to rub the bridge of the nose), but I don’t remember ever seeing this in anime. I wonder if it’s a Western thing?

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  3. As someone who wears glasses and feels hella more confident wearing them, heck yeah glasses are awesome. But I am pretty biased, LOL. Loved this post. Everything you mentioned definitely highlights how glasses make people cooler. 😉

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  4. Characters do always stand out when wearing glasses and there are a lot of uses for them in anime in terms of characterisation. Thanks for sharing an interesting post to celebrate Megane Day.

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  5. “Rei and Gendo have a little bit of a thing going on” Oh my god yes, and the glasses prove EVERYTHING! Here’s to all the non-glassses wearing characters who put on glasses in an episode or for key art and instantly look 150% more attractive (talkin about you, Beyond the Boundary)! *lifts glass*

    And as I’ve said on all these great posts, Happy Glasses-kun Day~!

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