My Hero Academia: Two Heroes – I’m still a child at heart

I guess this is the part that I say that I am a still a chuunibyou. Being an anime fan for so long has nothing to do that. There are plenty of mature series that play with themes in more ways than “let’s add blood here to it’s no longer shonen” thing.  I have a side of myself that likes watching giant monsters destroy cities and getting hyped by shonen action series too. I’m twenty-nine and I feel like I am confessing my sins to a priest or talking about my problems to a psychologist, though I am writing a blog post. Does that make all of you either a psychologist or a priest. Each of you choose what you are. Anyway, I still watch Dragon Ball Super on Toonami every Saturday and enjoy it for more reasons then nostalgia and I had a blast watching the My Hero Academia movie last Thursday.

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is a shonen jump film. If you all know what that means, then I don’t have to say much else. If you don’t, that means the movie is a non-canon story, a villain that is flat and you won’t very anywhere else, added interactions and costumes for the cast that you might not see in the show, action scenes and powers that you won’t see in the official canon either (though this movie has a way around it sort of), and characters that you won’t see anywhere ese. I haven’t watched a lot of shonen jump films, but I have seen enough of them to know how they work. The problem is with all that is I like the characters this movie introduced, and I want to see them again at some point. Sad that it probably won’t happen though.  Two Heroes isn’t any different from all sorts of other shonen series, but it has the heart and soul of My Hero Academia behind it. That’s a lot more then what you can say for other shonen jump movies I think. I was yelling in excitement and crying at the moments this film wanted me too. This film had the audience and me in its grasp and I just let it take me where it wanted me to.

Before I get anywhere else, I should probably talk about the audience that watched this film with me. This is the most filled out that I’ve seen any movie theater in a while. On that level of all the Star Wars and Marvel film audiences that I have seen in recent years. The difference is how passionate and into the show everybody was. There was a female All Might cosplay in the audience and there were chants of “Plus Ultra” before the film started. It was incredibly obvious that the people behind this show loved it just as much as I do. That’s the perfect environment of watching a film like this and I am glad I was here for it. I do wish that The Night is Short, and Walk on Girl and Perfect Blue had the same audience kind of audience size and energy, but what can you do? The worst part of watching this show dubbed (the dub is great by the way), is that audience was laughing over a lot of the show’s dialogue from time to time. Passion is forgivable though. It’s fine, these people were a lot of fun and so positive.

I was in full fanboy mode for this movie. There were so many great things that I enjoyed. Seeing the crowd around All Might in the beginning part of the film isn’t something that we see often, so that was one of the best moments ever. Seeing a lot of the cast dressed up in formal clothes, including Bakugo, was a lot of fun, and the action stuff was more amazing then the show’s best animated moments. Also, I really like the villain’s Magneto powers because we haven’t seen how metal manipulation works in this show’s universe compared to other powers. I feel like the X-Men movies were limited by a lot of live action things, but this anime film used everything anime to its advantage here. Lastly, I liked seeing All Might and Deku work together in that that Batman and Robin situation that you don’t see anywhere else in the franchise. That was the most hype moment ever and it looked as amazing as it felt. So yeah, it’s a movie. Of course, the action scenes are going to be incredible. If they weren’t, what would be the point. Still, the best part to me is that the show introduced new cast members specifically for this movie that I want to see somewhere in the story’s canon. They were well developed and had backstories that you can get into. Please let them show up somewhere.

So, this is the part that I talk about flaws, right? I kind of don’t want to. Yes, I was thinking how imperfect this film was on my way home from that theater. You know, that moment when I was outside of the hype and the fantastic moment of my life this movie provided. Yes, the beginning of the film, which was set up and a recap for people who haven’t watched MHA, was slow. Yes, the reason why the gang who showed up was dressed up in formal wear was kind of questionable. Yes, some of the cast were left out and just shown in hotel rooms waiting for the event that is going the happen next day (which I think is an interesting world building thing actually). Yes, the actual villain was more of a reason for our cast to unite together then being a character in his own right. I will probably admit all the problems that you will mention to me, but I loved what I watched from Two Heroes. I felt like a kid watching Saturday morning cartoons again and if something can do that for me, then I can’t help but love it. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is a fun time. If you are a fan of this show, please watch it when you get the chance to. Maybe it will make you feel the same way.


  1. Hey, I’m 42 and I still feel like a kid, and I don’t ever want that to change either (which in all likelyhood will never happen anyway, just having way too much fun 😊). Thanks for the Shonen Jump explanation. I have heard of the term but never quite understood what it meant.
    I can definitely understand not wanting to talk about the negatives when you loved something so much: totally relatable, as I pretty much do that always too. Awesome that you had such a great experience. Seeing as anime movies never make it to the cinemas here, my only thing to look forward to each year is Animecon. But I’m pretty sure I will catch this film at some point when it comes out on dvd! Wonderful post, loved your enthuisiasm! 😊

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    1. As everyone keeps saying, age really doesn’t mean a thing doesn’t it? Only a number.

      I wish you had more opportunities to see anime films and things. Having only one thing to look forward too sounds like a massive pain. 😦

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      1. Absolutely: I have pretty much never cared about my age, and I pretty much know that isn’t going to change any time soon 😊
        Yeah, it definitely is a bit of a pain. But homemovies/shows do make up for it a bit. Still, nothing better than watching something in the theatre 😊

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  2. I don’t know what it is, but for some reason watching MHA brings me back to a time when I was just starting out on my anime journey. Yeah it’s cliche and there are so many reasons I should hate it, but, I can’t bring myself to. I love the series and the movie like you said is not without its flaws, but while watching it, none of it mattered. this was an amazing post! Thank you for sharing your experience!

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  3. Age means nothing. I’m 39 and nothing will stop me from watching anime. Glad you got the full-on audience participation screening. Same thing in the theatre I went to. Completely packed house, people cheering and gasping, chants of Plus Ultra. Honestly, I don’t want to go see another movie without a crowd like this. It was awesome seeing All Might and Deku fight together and that final scene was epic. Such a fun movie. Totally agree, we need to see more of Melissa Shield. I need more of everything!

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    1. I think you are right on point with your statements about age. Anime is for everyone after all :D. G and PG are for general audiences, not for kids. And I hope I can see another audience like this for another movie some time in the future.

      Oh yeah, I want to see more Melissa too. She was such a fun character. Seeing Deku and Melissa working together in the future would be the best.

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  4. I would definitely like to see Melissa again as she was my favourite part of the movie, though as you said it seems unlikely.
    Sounds like you had a great time with this movie. And it is great fun, until you think about it a little too much and then a lot of it starts unravelling, but still it is fun to watch and it certainly has that over the top energy you really want from this type of story.

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    1. Melissa was amazing. She deserves so much more then being movie only.

      And yeah, it did unravel quite a bit but that’s ok. I saw the movie in the best circumstances possible and nothing can take that away from me. I’m sorry your experience was lacking.

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      1. I got to see an anime movie in a cinema. I’m pretty happy with that given how impossible that sentence would have seemed even ten years ago. Sure Ghibli films have had cinema releases but it is only recently other anime movies have had cinema releases anywhere in my state.

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  5. My favorite part was when me and all my buddies and lady looked at eachother and were all saying “Did All Might just murder those dudes?” I think All Might murdered a few human beings when he ripped through that helicopter XD

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  6. Nothing wrong with having the heart of a kid (as long as it’s not in a jar somewhere… hahaha)

    I haven’t realized that Shonen Jump movie style you mentioned, despite the fact that I do watch a handful of movies, and I have to admit that you’re spot on!

    I breezed through your review of the movie, though, because I didn’t know there was a movie out, and I think I’ll watch it some time in the future, specially now that it’s highly recommended.

    Have a nice day.

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  7. *looks at what’s on TV*
    *goes back to watching Saturday morning cartoons & anime*

    Okay, okay, not all of modern TV is terrible…but I bet if you went back in time and pitched shows like “let’s follow around people buying houses”, your name would have ended up on the “permanently banned list because of bad ideas”.

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  8. Don’t think I’ve seen any Shonen Jump movies specifically, but it seems the annual Detective Conan movie can get pretty close to that…depending on the case. There have been some Conan movies in recent years that correlate to the plot. (Didn’t the Boruto movie lead into the anime though…?)

    The one movie I’ve seen in theatres (so far) is the Black Butler one, which was shown on a Wednesday in my case, and while it was cool and all, it was kind of weird being in a mostly empty theatre (there were about 10 people including myself, if I remember right)…I wonder if the day will come where anime movies will be popular enough to fill up theatres where I am, too?

    Sure, this could be the movie to do it, but I said this was a pass to Karandi so I’ll say it again (because, as usual, Real Life Gets in the Way, plus other sources describe this movie as “popcorn entertainment” – nothing more, nothing less). It’ll probably come out on disc or legal streaming anyways with enough waiting, so I don’t think I’m missing out on much.

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    1. I’ve seen a few detective conan films and I think you are completely right about them being in the same kind of mode. The Psycho Pass movie is the same way. (I don’t know anything about Naruto or Boruto so I don’t know.)

      I think My Hero Academia is just a stand out thing that everyone likes which is why people showed up to it here. Dragon Ball Super’s movie is going to be the same way because of nostalgia. Other movies like Night is Short and Perfect Blue got about the same audience that your Black Butler movie did.

      And that sounds reasonable to me. The more I think about it, the less necessary of a watch this film is. It is a lot of fun though. Worth watching with friends and family instead of stand alone basis for the hype (hell yeah) moments.


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