Mechs and Sci Fi Quick Cuts: 10/8/18 (now with new seasonal shows)

Well, it’s time to add some seasonal shows to this thing. Sense one of the shows I am watching is science fiction but can’t be put under the realm of space or mech show, there needed to be a small rebranding/title change. Whatever. It happens. Once again, everything here is experimental and can change whenever. It’s how I role here.

-Episode Cuts-

Space Battleship Tiramisu S2: Episode 1

This episode was alright for me. Having the two brothers, Subaru and Isuzu back was a little fun because their dynamic has always been interesting and was very understated in season one. Simple things like having Isuzu’s mech taken to a parking garage or the secret Earth base having a gift shop with Tiramisu got a chuckle from me. I wonder how they are going to treat the character reveal from the last moment of the episode.

SSSS Gridman: Episode 1

It starts with a boy with no memory named Yuta waking up in one of his female classmate’s, but the name of Rika, house. The episode slowly develops its world and its cast with various amounts of humor and charm. Then the action scene happens at the end of the episode with Yuta and Gridman joining together and fighting the giant Kaiju that emerged. The CG for Gridman and the Kaiju are decently well done and well story boarded, so this looks like it’s going to be a fun ride.

Armored Trooper Votoms: Episodes 31-33

These episodes mostly centered on Chirico and Fyana’s ship being chased down and attacked by the Belarant forces until they hit the non aggression zone and then Chirico’s former ship that has Ypsilon and specialists aboard it. While Chirico is sick from a fever and doubting himself, it’s up to Fyana to defend both of thm which she does exceedingly well. The ship then lands on a planet, Chirico somehow makes a recovery, then Chirico and Fyana fight for their survival against Ypsilon which ends with the two of them victorious but nowhere to go then somewhere else on this planet. Man, this show is just taking me on for a ride and I love it because it doesn’t leave out any good character moments or story elements in between awesome action beats.

-Binge Cuts-

RErideD: Episodes 1-5 (will move to episode cuts next week)

Here we have an average science fiction series that has some time play in it. An inventor that created a patch that would stop the apocalypse that is about to happen is chased down by the a corrupt police unit, but ends up in a cry unit that puts him to sleep for ten years. After a decade, he wakes up to a world that has been ravaged by war and is saved by a bounty hunter and his daughter who then go on an adventure with him to save his best friend’s daughter. Yoshitoshi Abe of Serial Experiments Lain, Texhnolyze, and other series’ fame is working on this show, but you sadly can’t tell at all.

Dragon Pilot: Episode 1-7

A girl who has no friends because she talks too much is chosen by a dragon to pilot it. She and similar dragon pilots fly these dragons by being eaten by them and using their organs to fly them like jets. There is also some commentary on women in the work force here as well which is something that I am always shocked by and gives me more then a lot of things to think about when it comes to how I interact with people. This show is so creative and fun so far and I can’t help loving it.

Full Metal Alchemist (2003): Episodes 1-5

This is a famous series, so you all know that it’s about the young state Alchemist, Edward and his younger brother stuck in armor, Alphonse traveling around Amestris to find secrets to human alchemy. The first five episodes are various adventures of that happening while also talking about their backstories. This is my first time watching this series, but I have watched Brotherhood before, so it’s so jarring that the tone of this series is so different, grounded, and emotional then it’s shonen action younger brother. I’m loving it so far.

Aura Battler Dunbine: Episode 41-45

These five episodes were an interesting set up to the last five episodes. A lot of big battles that ended up with saving a lot of cities from what happened in Paris, but a lot of retreats so no side suffers blows that will put their combat capabilities in question. The two princes on what we can call the good side made a lot of movements that put each of them in peril and even made some of them injured. Also, our main protagonist Show and the female pilot Marvel show their love for each other in the depths of the battle field, so a lot of things happened.

I wasn’t sure about throwing in Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) here, but it’s technically a science fiction story. A lot of what they are doing is grounded in a scientific way somehow. If anything, this space gives me a place to talk about it. Looks like we got some good seasonal shows too so this show should be fun for a while.  Thank you all for reading.


  1. I really enjoyed the first episode of Gridman. As I said in my first impression post, it felt a bit like the anime version of pacific rim when you look at the tone, but it’s certainly an episode that I really enjoyed. Can’t wait to see how this series is going to progress 😊

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  2. RErideD got cut pretty quickly after my first impressions. Even if I did kind of sound optimistic after that post, the second episode proved RErideD wasn’t getting anywhere fast, not to mention all the things I was holding out for didn’t appear (except older Mage).

    SSSS.Gridman…was alright. I was probably most annoyed by how the kaiju’s eyes didn’t go in the right direction so it was obvious it was either CGI and/or made to sell toys (and not a story). Then I read back through my notes – “[The people in SSSS.Gridman] seem to treat memory loss as something minor, like a cold. It’s a bit awkward, I think.” – and realised there are barely any consequences (or the consequences are just subtle lines which have almost no impact at all, like “Maybe we should take him back to the hospital”), which goes a bit at odds with the ennui and confusion we get from Hibiki. Nonetheless, I’ve put it on hold to deal with once it has these problems sorted out…assuming it ever does.

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    1. I honestly admit that I am watching RErided because Yoshitoshi Abe is involved in production and he hasn’t been apart of an anime’s production in a while.

      How will you know whether or not Gridman gets its problems sorted out if you don’t watch it? I doubt many people are going to do episode reviews of it.


      1. I have zero experience with Abe’s work, so that isn’t much of a reason to stick around…

        I feel like half my problems were with the kaiju and the rest was execution. If the show can choose whether it wants to be all serious (and start having impactful consequences) or all campy (and have no consequences at all), then that’ll be a good sign, even if that may not be the only thing the show needs to do to win my interest. Or they could serve up a more impressive-looking kaiju and because of that, I’ll jump right back into it…who knows. Depends on the show’s future actions.

        Basically, I think the decision of whether to keep supporting SSSS.Gridman is best made when initial talk dies away and more episodes are out (because I’ve only seen the one episode).

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      2. Yeah, Abe is a more me reason then anything else.

        Alright, fair enough. I kind of enjoy SSSS.Gridman because I am a big fan of giant monster romps like the Godzilla film series and Pacific Rim, so this series hits the right spot for me. I also love the show’s atmosphere.

        Not every series is meant for everyone, so it’s all ok with me.


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