Dragon Ball Super (Up to Episode 81 + Broly Movie Thoughts)

It’s been a little bit since I talked about Dragon Ball Super on here. I did do a big Dragon Ball Collab with Leth from Lethargic Ramblings and Shoujo from Shoujo’s Rambling a couple months ago and that was fun. Still, I feel like I should talk a little more indepth on my thoughts of what I’ve seen so far. I mean, there was an arc that finished and another one started since then. Those are big things to occur, I think. Maybe? Maybe not? Either way, I about Super anyway. Besides, there is a new movie trailer to discuss as well.

By the way, I know that the show is technically over. This is the one show that you could call me a dub only watcher. Somebody tried to use that as a derogatory term against me on twitter and I couldn’t help myself laughing at it. That’s still the way that I prefer it and you can’t change my mind about it. I’m that stubborn.

Zamasu/Goku Black Arc

This was the weirdest and possibly worst end that I’ve seen from anything Dragon Ball. I am not a fan of having a literal deus ex machina ending because it means that our characters didn’t have to work for it. Isn’t working and struggling to get somewhere the point of shonen battle series? Either way, the rest of the arc was alright. I do have some issues with our protagonists not being able to understand how time travel works, but whatever. The character stuff was what mattered, and Dragon Ball Super was able to deliver on that front decently.

Future Trunks was able to hold his ground and stand up for what he thought was right and that was mattered until it didn’t. He and the survivors of the Earth that was decimated by Zamasu and Goku Black fought off and destroyed Zamasu until they didn’t, and I already talked about that. I do have to say that a broken god and Goku as a complete evil villain were fun concepts that I am glad I got to see explored a little bit. So in the end, this arc was alright for me. It also leads to some fun filler episodes that I had an absolutely blast watching.

Beginning of The Universe Survival Arc

At this point, only the exhibition arc has been completed on Toonami and that was a lot of fun. The trio of danger was a good foe for our characters Buu, Gohan, and Goku. Their abilities were interesting and  they provided some good threats for our crew. Well, except Goku. I mean, Goku does have the ability to access god energy and nobody except Universe 6 knew about so that was always a fun shock. In fact, it’s always fun to see people play down Goku’s ability and then shown how wrong they are after the fact. Seeing Gohan and Buu fight was good too, because it’s been a while since we’ve seen of them in combat. Having the focus taken away from Goku for a little bit was worth it. Also, each fight was only an episode long so it was easy to keep engaged with all of them.

Now there are some other ideas that seemed interesting. For one, having Goku in a villain role for wanting to have this universe wide tournament in the first place is an interesting idea. While Goku has played the role of hero in a lot of situations because he fights many villains over the years. All of those situations just involved Goku fighting somebody stronger, so he has only been a hero by happenstance. Having all the universes other then ours placing Goku as a villain makes sense here and I would like to see how this plays out. The thing that ruins it are the Omni King saying that whoever loses the up coming tournament has their universe wiped out of existence, BUT it was said that these universes would be deleted anyway because their mortal levels too well. Goku gave these universes a chance to live, but the other universes never acknowledged that. I guess they might have wanted to be taken out of existence without knowing about it? I suppose ignorance is bliss.

Dragon Ball Super Broly (movie)

The more trailers that appear for this film, the more excited I am about it. I never liked Broly because he always seemed like a muscle head that has no inner complexity to him that is not worth having three DBZ movies after him. This more Toriyama built Broly seems to come from a much more sensical and sympathetic back story. So yay, he can have actual character now. The visuals look amazing as well and hearing about how Vegeta is going to have a bigger role in this film makes me even more excited, because Vegeta deserves so much more then what the franchise has given him up to this point. There is so many things to be excited about here, so yay! I hope the hype I am building for myself doesn’t ruin this film for me.

I am a little conflicted about some of the story changes though. This movie’s backstory is changing what was made by years of Toei’s canon so that we get much more Superman story then what we were originally given. Having Goku making the trip to Earth when he was a toddler instead of a baby changes things a little bit. Still, I don’t mind it. I mean I do like the Bardock film a lot, but if this movies’ backstory could be as interesting as that film, then this change can be considered a win in my eyes.

IF you have watched all of Super, please don’t spoil things for me. I have a general knowledge of what happens in the Universe Survival Arc, but I want to see how everything plans out and leads to that point. Thank you for indulging me in this.

I have noticed that a lot of Dragon Ball Super’s flaws are the same kind of flaws that DBZ had, so I have been enjoying Super even more since that fact. Watching new Dragon Ball after watching other different for anime for years has been a very eye-opening experience for me. Thank you for enjoying my Dragon Ball posts, even if they come out inconsistently.


  1. I also wasn’t a huge fan of how the Goku Black Arc ended, but I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t love how high the stakes were during that arc, even by Dragon Ball standards. The Z Fighters were definitely outmatched this time, on a level like never before, and that along with the interesting ideas such as an evil Goku and a power hungry god being the villain. Even the time travel, while convoluted and nonsensical, was pretty fun and different.

    As for what comes after, obviously I won’t spoil things as that’s unfair, but I can assure you it’s good. Mostly. The final few fights of the series are among the best in the franchise and are ridiculously well animated in a way that they’re the pinnacle of what a modern era Dragon Ball should be.

    And the Broly movie is going to be awesome!

    Glad you’ve been having a good time with Super overall. It’s definitely something else to be watching a series like Dragon Ball in 2018.

    Looking forward to your final thoughts!

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    1. Oh god, agreed. The stakes were so intense. How can you not be just waiting on bated breath for what comes next?

      Thank you. I would probably forget to be honest, but it’s better to play it safe.

      Can’t wait for this film. I’m glad this old franchise still has some weight to it in 2018.

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  2. I’m definitely a dub viewer for Dragon Ball as well although I do quickly take a look at what’s going on while waiting. For example I saw most of the final fights already but it’ll be more fun with context. I’m definitely eager to see the tournament really get going soon and I agree that the first 3-4 prelim fights were a lot of fun in the meantime

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  3. While I’m a big fan of the original Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z I haven’t actually seen any of Super yet though I have read some of the manga version.
    I’m glad you specifically mentioned changing Toei’s “canon” because that’s an important distinction that not a lot of people seem to be making. Toriyama’s story in the Super Broly film seems to expand on stuff he already wrote in the Dragon Ball minus manga special published in Shonen Jump in 2014 so it doesn’t contradict the manga only Toei’s Z anime and the “Bardock Father of Goku” TV special (Of course it’s the anime version a majority of western fandom will be referring to when discussing the topic). When you consider that Battle of Gods and Resurrection F in Toriyama’s own words were designed as continuations of the manga and not the anime then the new Super movie follows the same convention of being a continuation/expansion of the lore of the manga. I never liked Broly either, I agree he’s a total non-character. Hopefully Toriyama’s writing makes him more interesting. I only own the 3 previous Broly movies for completion’s sake 🙂

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    1. Yeah, I did some research on that aspect of Toei’s added scenes in DN and DBZ. I suppose studios do that from time to time, but the Creator does have say over what is Canon and what isn’t.

      If you do watch Super, be sure to skip those arcs the reanimated those movies in the anime.

      Being a completionist is hard sometimes.

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