Mech and Science Fiction Weekly Watches: 10/23/18

So, this post is a little late because Natsume’s Book of Friends took precedence as it should. Still, this post still needs to go out at some point so it’s going out now. Not to mention that this post coming out late helped me to produce it because I was gone this weekend for October Fest and Halloween stuff. I do have a social life sometimes.

Yes, I changed the post lay out again. Have I mentioned that I have no idea what I am doing?

-Episodic Watches-

Space Battleship Tiramisu S2: Episode 3

This episode was ok because it did have some interesting jokes like the food delivery guy being able to power the new Durandal/mech while Subaru’s brother Isuzu has no potential for universe powers at all. Kind of reminds me of the Dilbert Cartoon where the garbage man was the most intelligent person in the world. It looks like the brothers are separated once again because Isuzu is the only one without universe powers in this show. Oh Well.

RErided: Episode 7

Well, this was a simple non time travel episode in a time travel show. Yuri ran away last episode and was captured by a sketchy person who want’s Derrida’s information for some reason. So basically, the episode is about Derrida gaining the resolve to get Yuri back and then we get an awesome car chase involving flying robots and stuff. Still a very eh episode all things considered.

SSSS.Gridman: Episode 3

Well, this episode had a lot of cool things, but it was too early or too fast paced and should have been split in half to develop everything completely. This episode was the “is our protagonist dead” episode after Akane’s new monster “Anti”, who looks like Gigan from Godzilla lore, destroyed him the first few minutes. After that, we have new characters just show up, tell Rikka and Utsume that Yuu and Gridman aren’t dead, and help Gridman defeat Anti when they fight the second time. I think the character introductions are done now.

Binge Watches-

Fullmetal Alchemist (2003): Episodes 11-14

I am getting more and more shocked by how much Brotherhood changed from the original. For example, the circumstances involving how Ed and Al met Doctor Marco are completely different from brotherhood because Scar wasn’t apart of that that episode at all. Also, the Iron Blood alchemist’s presence just adds a big fascists regime feel to the entire show and Brotherhood doesn’t even include him. That being said, it was fun seeing Mustang’s crew dealing with a dog and fun watching Ed and Mustang fight it out.

Gatchaman Crowds: Episodes 1-5

I know that I am only starting this series, but this feels like the ultimate millennial anime series. I mean, the premise is that Hajime, the seemingly air headed girl pushes the boundaries of what people consider normal. When she joined the Gatchaman group, she quested their narrow view of things and made friends with the enemy they were all attacking. Also, the person that created the social media platform called Galax that the show is focusing on crossdresses in public and nobody questions him, so this is the ultimate millennial paradise.

Older Mech Shows-

Giant Gorg: Episodes 1-3

At this moment, this show is a great adventure story. Our young protagonist by the name of Yuu Tagami’s father was killed so he travels to New York to meet up with his father’s coworker Tom and his younger sister Doris. After meeting and getting kicked out of their house, the three of them and their partner, whose motivations haven’t been figured out, by the name of Skipper, start traveling toward this mysterious island named Astural. All this time, they somehow survive the many attacks of the multinational group named BIAL.

Genesis Climber Mospeada: Episodes 1-3

This series take place in the future where the Earth is fighting a losing battle against the alien race called the Inbit with some of humanity escaping to Mars. After proposing to his girlfriend, Stick takes part in the second attack retake attempt and ends up crashing on the Earth. There he starts gaining a ragtag group of followers as goes from town to town going toward the rendezvous point where all crashed survivors go toward. Oh, and there are motorcycles that turn into exo skeletons. That’s important.

Armored Trooper Votoms: Episodes 37-39

This week, we have the final showdown between Ypsilon and Chirico which starts with Rochina, as an officer for the Ballarant forces instead of the Gilgamesh like the rest of the show, captures Chirico and his friends and is forcing Chirico to fight Ypsilon for his friend’s safety. Their first fight ends in a stalemate when they are stuck under rubble discussing their ideals and how they are different yet the same. Finally, the last episode is Chirico and Ypsilon fighting which proves that Chirico is a special kind of Perfect Soldier. I am always impressed by how good Votoms is, because I am shocked by how it can build complicated relationships with people who only know how to fight.

A big question is that if I switched over to talking about all the anime I am watching, how would you feel about that? Would that work for everyone? I have a feeling that everyone would be surprised by how much anime I watch. Unless you are Marth.


  1. Oh my god: you are watching Genesis Climber Mospeada😲😲 That is so awesome!! It’s the third part of the Robotech saga and I have never seen the original anime. Seriously cool you are watching this!!(Sorry for my enthusiasm 😅😅).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I wouldn’t mind you talking about all the anime you watch, unless of course it eats into your Real Life priorities too much.

    Considering Rikka was preoccupied with the idea that she hadn’t answered Yuuta’s call, it seems somewhat odd that she and Sho needed new characters to tell them “There are many different ways to contact someone”…and the smartphones indicate they’re in the internet generation at the very minimum, so I thought Rikka would’ve tried harder to give Yuuta the apology via a means that wasn’t face-to-face (and she would’ve figured out how to contact him in the process). But that’s my quibbles from looking at the logic behind stuff too hard again. Maybe you’re just not meant to think too hard about it all.

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    1. Thank you, things have been getting busier recently but I want to be bold and try writing about everything anyway.

      I do have a habit of thinking about things a little to hard. I mean, I think that’s where my blog comes from….

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