Science Fiction and Mechs Weekly Watches: 10/29/18

This last week was a lot more relaxing then the week before it. I got a good test score back, I just got back from my trip so I was in a very relaxed state, my project is moving forward, and I am almost done with my self-study thing so that means I will have some more free time soon.

Oh, I also watched some good anime and my Natsume series went well I think. Here is a special thank you for everyone that was involved with this project and wrote amazing posts and everyone who read those posts. This meant a lot to me.

Episodic Discussions-

-Space Battleship Tiramisu S2 Episode 4

I think this episode was more interesting then the last few. Especially since this episode introduced another pilot who is female and Tiramisu’s equivalent of a cyber new type. I like how she feels well characterized when she tries to keep her calm as Isuzu bends between being nice to her and being a jerk to here. Oh, and Subaru is going to meet up with the Tiramisu crew in his new Durandal next episode so I guess that’s something to look forward to.

-RErrideD episode 8

This episode, we get back to what seems like the main plot. Derrida and the gang travel to a city out in the boonies, because that’s where Mage was according to their last records. Also, we see the bad ass female bounty by the name of Donna still chasing them and an introduction to a character that helped with Mage’s travels, Cassiel. Derrida learns the consequences of him time travel because he used his ability to get him out of this predicament with Donna, but he ended up endangering the world even more.

-SSSS.Gridman Episode 4

This was a very drama-y episode, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. I like how the awkwardness of Akane and Rikka’s relationship never left as they went on a teenage meet up with two other girls to meet college boys. I also like how our two boys were stalking this date because Utsumi likes Akane, who is beyond his level in multiple ways, and Yuta is interested in Rikka so we got some natural teenage stuff going on. Oh, the action scene was great as well, but I loved it when all support units for Gridman went into the computer that needed more ram at once and caused a freeze. Still waiting for a plot to happen though.

-Binge Discussions-

-Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) Episodes 15-19

Now I am getting into more familiar territory with these five episodes. Ed and Al returned to Resembool to get Ed’s arm fixed up and then these set of episodes ended with the beginning of the Laboratory 5 arc. The way everything is done is very familiar, as you would expect, but Scar is being tossed around more which is good because I liked him. I  can also tell how this series is different from Brotherhood just by scenes that you need to pay attention to, but I can’t want to see how different this 2003 edition is in the  second half.

-Gatchaman Crowds Episodes 6-10

I suppose I don’t have much to say about this show because it is doing just what it wants to do. Hajime is still pushing the Gatchaman in having more of a social media presence and the alien who took over the major social media platform the show is causing more chaos. It’s not that I am not enjoying this series. it’s just feels very paint by numbers for me because things happen to fulfill an alien vs Gatchaman plot.

-Older Mecha Discussions-

-Giant Gorg Eposides 4 and 5

This show is such a fun, Saturday morning cartoon anime series. Also, I should mention how well directed and efficient it is in telling its story. When Yuu and his gang turned up on the island, their group was split in two, Yuu and the dog had some dramatic moments meeting the giant robot named Gorg while the others met the Islanders who were in direct opposition against G.A.I.L. I loved how Dynamics the meeting was between Yuu and Gorg and I liked how the rest of the gang showed they were aligned with the Islanders by immediately firing a machine gun at a G.A.I.L. when the two met.

-Genesis Climber Mospeada Episodes 4 and 5

This anime’s story structure is unique and non-linear. In these two episodes, the newly established Gang centered on Stig get chased in the woods by the Inbit until he can get into a transforming jet to destroy their pursuers and steal fuel from a town that is helping the Inbit while the crossdressing yellow puts on a concert. I guess these episodes did establish who these characters are and their relationships with each other, but not much momentum toward Stig’s location goal has been obtained here. Doesn’t matter, because this show is incredibly entertaining.

-Armored Trooper Votoms Episodes 40-42-

Very slow episodes this week, but we get another interesting planet to explore so that’s ok. Chirico lands on a planet named Quent whose only city is made from immigrants and the rest of the planet is just desert. All Chirico wants to do is find out his origin because he is more than simply a soldier, he must be a perfect soldier of some kind. Of course, the society follows him to this planet and they try to take Chirico out as he and his buddy from Kummen set out for who knows where in the desert.

I think I am going to try and talk about all the shows that I watched for next week. It sounds like a lot of hard work, but I am willing to try it out.


      1. Both the Full Metal Alchemist shows are great. I think the original starts stronger whilst Brotherhood has a better conclusion.

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  1. Nice to hear that you got some good testresults back: congratulations! 😊
    Like you I am highly enjoying SSSS Gridman too. There certainly isn’t a real plot so to speak of, and it does still seem like it’s a monster of the week type of show. But…it’s still very enjoyable to watch 😊 I actually though that my Ipad broke down when that freeze came up…😂😂
    Also…so cool to hear that you like Mospeada so much. It was my second favorite segment from Robotech 😊 It will only get better..I promise you that 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!

      And that’s the capacity that I am enjoying Gridman. I could probably watch the giant monster stuff and direction for forever honestly. I do wish it was a little more though.

      It is quite a bit of fun.

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  2. You haven’t seen Kiznaiver, have you? The romance felt like Kiznaiver in this episode of Gridman, and not just because Trigger was at the helm in both. (Note I feel like Kiznaiver is fine but could be better because it tried a bit too hard for drama at points, so a comparison like that is not quite a complaint.)

    But honestly, I feel like with 3 dudes of Arcadia missing, we aren’t quite flailing for a plot as of this particular episode (although I want to see the combo Gridman form or the Borr/Gridman or Vitter/Gridman forms…ugh, I wanted to see Utsumi/Gridman or Rikka/Gridman forms while that was still a possibility, but it sure doesn’t seem like it’ll ever happen at this rate).

    Every second episode of Gridman is better than its odd-numbered episodes so far IMHO…although plotlines so far make me wonder…will Akane and/or Rikka need saving in the end?

    Gridman’s Junk computer needs bigger pages, haha. (Sorry, IT joke.)


    1. Nothing about Gridman is like Kiznaiver, because none of Gridman’s interactions are as mean spirited and hateful while also trying to emphasize that these characters are supposed to be friends which is why I hated it’s guts. Anyway…

      I want to see those other forms as well. The muscle form is cool, but it gets boring when you see it time after time. Episode 5 does have a new form, which is good.

      I do wonder what they are going to do with Akane at the end. I think Rikka will be ok.


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