“Do You Want to Build a Shonen?” Tag – Technology and Industry

I agree with Cactus Matt, this tag’s name does have a funny Frozen like quality to it. I might have been trying to create a full musical scene of it in my head, but that didn’t turn out that well. Oh, did I mention that Cactus Matt tagged me. Thank you! I was hoping to dig into this tag eventually. I didn’t know it would be so soon.

General Rules:

  1. Copy the post you were tagged in (From the Rules down, include links to each person’s post. Exclude that person’s personal comments and their tag choice, of course.)
  2. Read the general rules Here (the post will be updated as new rules appear)
  3. According to the rules for the current section, write your piece of the post.
  4. Tag a post of someone who has not yet been tagged. (Give them 3 days or so to accept, if they don’t you can choose someone else to keep the tag moving.)
  5. If you accept a tag, try and get the next piece written within a week, so things keep moving at a decent pace.
  6. Have fun!!!

Rules – Section 1: Setting/Worldbuilding

  1. Use between 100 and 300 words (a little overflow is ok but don’t go too wild), to add a piece to the setting of our Shonen world. Feel free to draw on various types of Shonen tropes, but make sure that your part of the setting follows a certain “Theme.” Themes can be such things as “Magic system”, “Politics”, “Geography”, “Technology”, “Organizations”, etc.
  2. Make sure to label the “Theme” of your piece of the world setting at the top of your section, as demonstrated below.
  3. Try not to duplicate themes.
  4. You can go into as much or as little detail as you want, as long as you stay within the word limit.
  5. Have fun with stuff, but try and make things fit into the pre-existing pieces of the world setting.

Themes already created:

  1. AstralGemini – Creation Theory
  2. Kimchisama – The start of “magic”
  3. Arthifis – Politics System
  4. Cactus Matt – Weather

Ok, with all of that good business out of the way, I should probably start my part of this post.

Technology and Industry

This is a world of magic, but technology and magic walk hand and hand with each other in some ways. The big deciding factor for how well developed a nation is on a technological level depended on how much magic and how important the magic is for the society at hand. The biggest examples of this are the White Crest and Red Crest Nations. Since they are the biggest nations in the world, they were what others aspired to be.

For a nation like the Red Crests, magic was the name of the game. Since they use magic for everything and everyone who didn’t use magic was enslaved, everything that wasn’t magic was produced or used through manual labor. Only crude, simple tools were produced to make the servants jobs a little easier and that’s it. Why put thought into industry and technology when magic and servants do the job?

The White Crest’ nation was completely different. Since normal people over saw people with magic, technology and industry was given more thought. Even if technology was on early industrial era and nowhere near as helpful as magic in some applications right now, it was affecting the country enough to allow the mages to focus on more serious and focused tasks.

Other nations not in the big two would fall somewhere in between the two or were on a higher industrial era if they didn’t have any magicians because they have more needs that needed attended too.


I read everyone else’s posts and decided to do use what everyone else said to develop the world a little more. I hope everyone like this installment.

Once again I would like to thank Cactus Matt and his bold mind for tagging for me this post. This was a lot of fun. Also, another thank you to AstralGemini for creating this tag.

I would like to tag Irina for tag next. I think she will provide an interesting perspective for the world we are trying to build right now. With all of the creativity energy and detail that go into each of Irina’s posts, I can’t think of anyone else. Please let me know if you accept.


  1. Another awesome piece of the world! I can totally see how each country would view technology that way, considering their reliance on magic, or lack thereof. It makes me so excited to watch this world grow as more people add their input, and I agree, I think Irina will also add some awesome new stuff to the table!

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