Weekly Anime Watches: 11/19/18

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Also, this weekend is thanksgiving, so I will be flying home tomorrow night for five days or so. I am so excited to be back home and watch football with my family :D. Oh, and eat turkey too. I Just need to get through this test today first!

-Seasonal Episode Watches-

Golden Kamuy S2 Episode 6

Well damn, talk about a dramatic episode. This week’s episode was centered around Genjirou Takagi’s backstory and that was a scary one. Basically, his brother in law murdered his sister, burned their house down, and left to join the military. Gejirou, seeking revenge, ran away from home as well and joined the military so he can kill his brother in law. The circumstances of their meeting couldn’t be anymore dramatic, because it happened during the Japan-Russo war. The guy took a grenade to save his crew, but Genjirou wanting to kill him anyway. It turns out that Genjirou’s brother in law killed his sister because she got hit by a plague. Burning the house down was the only way to stop it from spreading. Man, that really got to me.

Thunderbolt Fantasy S2 Episode 7

In this episode, the invincible Shang meets his match. With the Queen of Cruelty. put into a corner, she unleashes the ultimate beast of a blade in order to survive her encounter with the lawful villain. It was a sword that draws in whoever looks at it, so the sword can kill them. Then there is the other bonus that the more blood the sword eats, the more powerful it becomes. Man, what is Shang going to do now? He can’t even look at that thing. I guess that is what next week is for. Then there are some talks between Engimatic Gale and that lawful villain and another one with Shang to be mentioned, but that was all about him manipulating people like usual. All around fun and dramatic episode.

Space Battleship Tiramisu S2 episode 7

There are some fun things to talk about in this episode. The first one is Subaru waking up from his injury finally and then immediately going into a psychic conversation with his threatening clone while his clone is ordering a burger at a Japanese mock McDonalds. That was pretty funny. Then there are the moments when Subaru’s clone shows up to attack Subaru’s Durandal. They look at each other from outside their cockpits, but the clone locks his down accidentally and even has gum in his lock so he will need the door replaced. That one caught me off guard too. Thank the lord it wasn’t a mood whiplash like last week.

Run With the Wind Episode 7

Yay, we get a track meet episode and I’m actually excited about it. (Sorry, Sports anime are usually my thing.) Besides Haiji’s insane driving, everything went as you can expect in this 5000-meter run. Kakeru showed that he was beyond the level of everyone else in his group, but he fell behind two people so he ended up in third. Not being the best pissed him off. The biggest thing that made me happy was that Haii, despite the injury he had on his leg, was able run the entire race in decent form. Wait, why am I happy about Haiji? Anyway, mostly everyone was in decent form except Prince who was Prince. I think the biggest thing in this episode was Kakeru, who can’t communicate with everyone properly, was angry and ran off by himself in the end. I think he still has some issues to solve. Besides that, this episode was fun.

RErided Episode 11

I want to start this episode off by saying how wrong I was. I got Donna mixed up as being a human instead of a cyborg, despite the philosophy they tried to throw in this episode, so that’s my fault. The thing is the direction is horrible. Anyway, this week not only do resolve the plots against the villains of Donna by telling her that she is human and Schmidt, by having Graham fly into a helicopter he is in and blowing up, the world is about to blow itself up. All while Derrida and Yuri travel up the tower where Mage is and finding an entry point. Couldn’t they have paced this out better? Also, couldn’t they have made this episode look better? Most of this episode was still frames with cg robots thrown over the frames which meant the visuals didn’t gel together as well as they could have. Gah, I am glad this show is ending next week.

Karakuri Circus Episode 6

We find out what happens to Narumi in this episode. One month after being seriously injured, he finally wakes up in a hospital. A hospital dedicated to solving the disease that Narumi with tons of children around it. At first, Narumi is having a fan time hanging out with these children and getting to know them, but the horrors only increase as time goes on. The experiments to keep the children alive are failing, the doctors are taking medication to keep up their moods, and there is an entire room dedicated to children in pure status.

Another weird thing? Narumi’s disease is gone and all his wounds automatically headl because of a secret alchemy serum they are running out because of ancient alchemy. He also had a robotic arm, so something is smelling like Full Metal Alchemist here. Could this series have been an influence of some kind? Anyway, Narumi and a Frenchmen who looks like Shirogane end the episode by joining up against the tons of puppets of body horror that attack them. Are we sure this isn’t where Full Metal Alchemist got some of its ideas from?  Anyway, this was such a dark episode, but I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Bloom Into You Episode 7

I am honestly getting shocked by how good this show is and how much I am getting into it. Especially this one where we learned more about the show’s cast. Sayaka’s backstory where she was dating another girl until that girl decided that dating girls was truly a heart-breaking scene. Of course, Sakuya didn’t think about that and now she has a major crush on Touko, the current school president and her best friend. Of course, Sayaka is the kind of person that wants to stay a fair distance away from Touko so she doesn’t get in Touko’s way, which means that this show is centered around a lot of people that just want to stay a fair distance from each other or just want to remain stationary so they are in comfortable positions with each other. What an interesting way for things to play out and I wonder what Bloom into You would be like if the status quo changed. (Also, the lesbian adult couple are adorable.)

Other story aspects like Yuu not being able to fully describe Touko to her writer friend who is going to create the play which makes sense. Lots of secrets being put into play here. Also, Touko really is putty in Yuu’s hands and I just love those two. Why can’t they just be a couple? I guess that would ruin the point of this show. I am still loving it though.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5 Episode 7

After the awesome dance number with our new cast of characters, we get intoserious business with the Giorno, Bruno, and crew. Apparently, there was someone sent to meet up with their attacker, so the crew send Giorno and Mista totake out the guy. I found Mista feeding his stand pepperoni something interesting, but I guess that increases their effectiveness in battle.Especially when they can make it so bullets hit targets at whatever angle they choose. That is what happened when they came across the bad guy and now, they are chasing after the blood from this guy’s wound. I guess there was just a lot of place setting in this episode, but it was never boring. Can’t wait for more. 

SSSS.Gridman Episode 7

Wow, this episode was a trip. Nobody believing Yuuta about Akane being agod was a funny and interesting touch and Utsumi mentioning how that is a standard Kaiju plot is a lot of fun. Yuuta confronting Akane (or is it the other way around considering that she was in his bedroom lying on his bed and sniffing his pillows) about her kaiju building. She comes clean and then invites Yuuta out to dinner with the alien presence that is her partner at a restaurant to set terms with everything. Unfortunately, the three never came to terms with anything because Anti and his island string puppet thing were attacking. But that’s ok, we get to see Gridman with his jet combination and an Itano circus (macross missile barrage) to defeat Anti’s kaiju. Of course, since everyone saw the cityin the sky when Gridman was flying, they now believe Yuuta. There seems to be alot of complicated emotions going on, because Akane is no longer the confident person she was and has a lot to think about. Anti was punished from his failure too, so there is a lot going on underneath the villain’s skin. Can’t wait tosee what that is.

Double Decker Episode 9

That’s more like it, Double Decker. This week’s episode was more well told then the last two and all together just a blast to watch and even advanced the show’s plot a little bit. All good things. The episode started with Doctor Apple introducing some new tech to the Double Decker crew which nobody thought they would ever use. Of course, Kiril does use all that gear to save Doug after a crime mishap where nothing went planned. The original mission was to save a mayor elect’s daughter but it would flip around with 7-0 failed and he was the hero so drug trade would have a larger market in the city. Of course, the villains messed around with that goal and Doug was captured when as he was tailing the mayor.Seeing Kiril be competent and help Doug escape as well as seeing the rest of the crew work together in support of Kiril was good stuff.

-Binge? Watches-

Gatchaman Crowd Insights Episodes 9 to12

Finally this show ends. Finally, the wave of stupidity from the one named Tsubasa ends. She and Gelasadra finally realize they (mostly Tsubasa) needed to stop being stubborn and listen to the people that provided them criticism. Of course,now it’s too late because Japan was taken over by red, white,and blue monsters(symbolism for USA occupation?) that occupied everyone and provided a forced“oneness” on everyone. I never knew that Instrumentality could be done so stupidly? Anyway, the solution is solved when Berg Katze and Hajime take the blow, disguise themselves as Gelasadra, and get beaten up by the rest of the Gatchaman finally, the world is going back to the normal sort of. The insanity is finally over, and I still don’t know how I feel about it. Ummm, I’ll sortout my thoughts for a review I am going to write next week.

FMA 2003 Episodes 30-34

While the emotions of the show are still there, the plot and off the rails right now.  Take these five episodes asan example. All that happened was chasing around Greed who captured, Alphonse for five episodes, until Greed decided to let Alphonse go and let Edward Elric kill him. That only happened because they happened to meet up with each other at the same place after Greed had all of his philosopher’s stones taken out of him and he didn’t even mention that to Edward for some reason. Also, there was anew homunculus that had Ed’s arm and leg. They fought and then they separated which meant that didn’t go anywhere for now. I’m still trying to get used to this structureless narrative. -Older Mecha Watches-

Giant Gorg Episode 10-11

I am still loving Giant Gorg quite a bit, but I still we are almost in filler or slow down territory right now. Giang Gorg and the amphibious carrier ares till being chased by G.A.I.L. Well, at least they were until episode 11.Episode ten involved Gorg and the Carrier going through tunnels in the hills that would be completely dangerous, which ended in two kids from the carrier crew going back home for help. Episode eleven involved Yuu checking for the two kids but getting attached by a tentacle monster. Of course, after it’s destroyed some secrets from the island were opened because the monster turned out to be a machine. Then the crew and Gorg go down some ancient corridors to unveil some signs of an ancient civilization. Maybe I was lying about GiantGorg slowing down. A lot of things still happen, and I am still here for the journey to see where all of this resolves. Especially when an ancient civilization is there to be explored.

Genesis Climber Mospeada 10-11

Mospeada has always been a dark show, but the real dramatic stuff hit this week. Stig leading everyone to where a huge military unit should have been onlyto find it destroyed was this show’s darkest hour. At least it was for Stig who was completely depressed and immobile. At least he was until everyone was losing the fight against the inbit and he found a woman with psychic powers and amnesia in need. Ok, that is kind of terrible but people like Stig should neverbe depressed. On the other side, we go to a town that sells people false maps that lead to people’s death all because he can make a profit off of it. We also learn about Yellow’s backstory of why he crossdresses. Of course, it’s because the villagers were on a man hunt for soldiers and that was how he lived through it. In the end, the man leading the town is still horrible and was left to continue his horribleness, but he did show he has some moral boundaries. Man,this show really does pull off some complex stuff when it wants to. Glad it found its steam.

Armored Trooper Votoms Episodes 49-52

Wow, I couldn’t possibly think of a better way to end this show then what we got. For one thing, these four episodes were basically Chirico and his small group AGAINST THE FORCES OF THE ENTIRE GALAXY. Balarant and Gilgamesh are joining together to make sure Chirico doesn’t make it to the heart of Quent to get god powers and it’s something to behold. There are a lot of moments of Chirico being out of character and cruel towards the cast that we’ve learned to know and love, but he never fooled me. He did that just to make sure that Wiseman, literal god, could be taken out and war wouldn’t start again.

We get a sequence of Chirico and Fyana turning Wismen’s computer of in a sequence that was like Dave turning off Hal’s consciousness. Of course, warbroke out between Gilgamesh and Balarent anyway, so Chirico’s friends launched both Fyana and Chirico out into space so they can’t be used in the future. I’m going to miss this show. Chirico found his way to fight off his sense of going into every lasting war in the end and what a journey that was. I guess I need to write my review of Votoms for Mecha March now. That’s going to be interesting.

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    Wow, you watch a lot of anime on a weekly basis. I didn’t mind the Greed arc in the original FMA. The show has some good ideas, but based on what you have written I don’t think you will like how it pans out the further it goes along.

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    1. Yeah, I wasn’t sure about whether it not I should do this either because I don’t have as high of traffic as some people I know, but I thought it would be interesting to at least try out.

      And yeah, I watch too much anime. I need to try and cut down my watch list next season. We will see if I get more info 2003’s second half as time goes on. It can still happen.

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