Weekly Anime Watches 12/10/18

Something I am going to say right now, I’m sorry if this post is even less polished then usual. I was working on an engineering report all weekend. I am a bit exhausted from looking at computer screens for extended amounts of time. Still, I tried my best. I may have also stayed up playing board games until 4 am on Sunday so…. that might be a thing that happened.

And now finals week is here. I’m not sure how much writing I will be able to do this week, but I plan on writing list posts and those are usually easier for me.

Thank you for reading my rambles. Let’s talk about some anime. Man, there were some pretty dramatic episodes this week.


-Episode Watches-

Space Battleship Tiramisu S2 Episode 10

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Yeah, this episode was ok I guess. I mean, they weren’t hurting me if you know what I mean, but they weren’t anything ground breaking. Subaru Beyond going to the rotating sushi place and him trying to act like he is superior to humans on his own mind while being easily distracted by all the moving and shiny things in the sushi place was kind of fun. Not original at all though. Also, the rebellion’s leader completely spoiling our villain’s group plans to the rest of the universe was interesting as well, but him picking up ordinary food at a fast food restaurant afterward wasn’t as fun. So yeah, just an ok episode.

Thunderbolt Fantasy S2 Episode 10

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Oh yeah. A fun episode of craziness, thieving shenanigans, and complete and utter puppet violence. Lin completely tricked Glasses Cop by stealing his illusion proof glasses and having the cop trying to launder off swords that are illegal in that country. This caused him completely humiliation. In other news, the former monk and the seductive sword’s bond grew stronger as the monk proved how strong he was against swords that are strong against the demon sword of blood lust. So basically, even more people died. There were fun dialogue scenes between Lin and Shang along with Lang and Shang having an argument about Shang having too kind of a heart. Yeah, lots of crazy and lots of good drama. I wonder how all of this is going to end.

Golden Kamuy S2 Episode 9

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What even is Golden Kamuy anymore? I know there is a plot about the heroes trying to find some Ainu gold for their own purposes, but known of those seem to be a focus on these later episodes? At the same time, I am loving all the craziness and character focused shenanigans that have been going on and that is alright with me. The gold was only a plot point to get these things together in the first place, right? Anyway, this episode’s plot was crazy. While our guys were taken a bath in the onsen, they were attacked by blind assassin whose powers are the lower level Daredevils. Yeah, that’s about it. A bunch of naked guys along with Inkarmat and Asirpa fighting against blind assassins and it was a lot fun though I feel like I saw too much of these guys. On the other end, why are people so easily seduced by Lt. Tsurumi? He’s not even that good looking. Man, this show is never what I expected it is it and that is alright.

Run with the Wind Episode 10

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Oh man, this was such a great episode. So much heart, character growth, and comedy all in one package. The first half was centered on the aftermath of Haiji’s collapse from last episode. It turns out that is he is alright, just exhausted because he was doing so much for everyone and almost never slept. So the gang tried to force him into his room and then attempted to fend for themselves from a coaching and food perspectives. Even Hannah, the high school girl that has been helping them train, showed up and failed at cooking as well. The second half of this episode is where the gold is. That is when Kakeru and Prince start to understand each other. They start reading manga together and Kakeru figures out how to get Prince to run faster and that culminated in Prince making it past the thirty-minute mark. Oh man, such fun episode stuff. I am liking the lesser amount of angst and Kakeru just growing as a person.

Karakuri Circus Episode 9

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Considered how ignorant or bubbly I can be sometimes, if I can tell when an adaptation of something is skipping manga chapters by large amount, then you know that something is wrong here. This aspect is why I never know what to expect with this show. The beginning of Karakuri Circus was pretty normal pacing wise because Masaru and Shirogane got closer again, they found Guy who is shirogane’s teacher, and a little more of Shirogane’s backstory was revealed. Also, Masaru goes on his own journey on his own. Then we jump way far in the future with Narumi walking some parts of China with the older Shirogane Lucille and a former training partner travel to find their master and then we get some backstory on how alchemy and puppets merged together. We only got the second half, so we need to see where this goes. You see what I mean? This show jumps around so much in a way that makes sense, but I feel like I am missing out on a lot of stuff. I don’t even know what a lot of that is, but I want to.

Bloom Into You Episode 10

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This was another one of Bloom Into You’s tame episodes. There is a lot of stuff going on yet not enough at the same time. From a character perspective, everything is staying where they are at and there is no physical content at all either because Touko and Yuu do not kiss in this episode or even touch each other at all. To be quick, the script for the student council’s play is presented and it seems like it’s going in a very psychological direction too for our main character Touko. It’s very subtle, but Yuu is current in love with Touko, even if she doesn’t want to admit it, and wants to not touch Touko at all because she is still rejected it. It’s very parallel to the themes of this show about how people don’t know her and she doesn’t know which face to put on or which is hers.

This also connects to the after-credit scene where Touko specifically says she wants to be her sister. Ummmm, danger and identity issues ahoy?  Other things like Yuu hanging out with her friend over summer break, a student council study camp is in play, and Yuu and Touko’s phone call at the end. Not much here from a directional perspective, but a lot of things and yet not a lot of things from a story perspective. What a great set up episode this was.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5 Episode 10

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Compared to the last episode, a lot happened here. We get a pretty awesome fight that reminded me of Antman stuff and the villain cast of hitmen was introduced as well. The fact that the villains our group is going against are at the low end of the mafia totem pool is interesting to me and instantly adds drama to the situation as hand. At least it does to me. The fight itself focused on our ever-shrinking episode’s protagonist that tracked down the miniaturized smaller villain with his airplane stand which lead into the sewers. So basically, a lot of rats were killed by little airplane. It was fun. JoJo is good when it moves around a lot.

SSSS.Gridman Episode 10

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That didn’t go the way that I thought it would and that is a good thing. This episode felt a lot more thought out and interesting.  I was correct in some ways about Akane going down the path of depression. There are a lot of scenes centered around Akane in sad scenes outside in the rain along with many scenes of Akane being forced to work on a kaiju. The end results of that are: 1) a week without Kaiju attacks, 2) No Gridman so Anti wanders around and tries to figure out what he wants to do, and 3) an eventual kaiju attack. The first kaiju is weak and can be easily destroyed, but it hatches a second kaiju that is hard to defeat. It’s too tough for Gridman to defeat, so Anti (Gridknight) and Gridman work together to defeat it. The result of that is Akane figuring out how Gridman works and stabbing Yuuta with a Knife. Wow, that was a shocker! Not lying at all.  I guess it took time for Akane to figure out how to solve this Gridman problem and I think she did it by not getting a kaiju battle involved at all. (Also, I think everyone in this city is dead now so I think we are going down the path to the final. This is going to be nuts.

Double Decker Episode 11

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Wow. After Gridman, I wasn’t ready for another dramatic episode. Still didn’t feel a lot of weight from this one though. It was the standard stake out episode that goes wrong with the bad guys keeping everyone off guard and even killing one of the 7-0 crew members. It’s even worse when you consider the fact that Kirill was questioning whether or not he should join the military instead and turns out that the bad guy was behind that one in the first place. Still, not everything hit too well. For one thing, the character that died is a robot. Everyone was sad about that, but it’s easy enough just to create another one with the same memories and everything. I know it’s that whole “I don’t want another dog” after the first dog died scenario, but Yuri was never a living thing. Maybe I am just feeling too dead inside for  all of this.



Tsurune Episode 8

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Thank you for this non relaxing, relaxing episode Tsurune episode. Yet another classic episode of having the first half being where our Kyudo boys failed in the first half of their round then finding themselves in the second half. Oh hey, they even made it to the next round of this tournament. Yet again, the best thing about this show are the little character interactions. Especially in the second half where Minato made a good shot and encouraged the others to shoot better. Oh, also interesting interactions between Shu and Minato along with Shu and Saiya. I wonder where those will go.



-Other types of watches-

Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 Episodes 45-49

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Wow there is a lot of things going on in these final episodes. A lot homunculus fights, a lot of well done character drama between the Elric Brothers and the homunculi themselves, Alphonse is a philosopher’s stone, Colonel Archer is half human and half automail, and there is even a Colonel Mustang focused rebellion against the Fuhrer right now. Yeah, I think that covers it. Most of the ideas that Studio Bones has put out in this second half have been good, but the decision to include World War One in the narrative completely confuses me. Why couldn’t they just solve the plot at hand? It’s annoying.

Tiger and Bunny Episodes 6-10

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I feel like I am going to repeat a lot of what I said last week, but until episode 10 the show is still introducing Tiger and Bunny’s cast of heroes. I am remembering how much I like this cast of characters and how well they interact with each other. Also, Tiger and Bunny are getting along better too. I missed all of them so much. Maybe the plot of who killed Barnaby (Bunny’s) parents is brought out more along with the show’s anti hero Lunatic makes an appearance, but it’s still good character introduction stuff. All that being said, the people who killed Bunny’s parents make an appearance at the end of episode ten to build more drama into the show. Now we can see where all of this is going.

Giant Gorg Episodes 14-15

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Giant Gorg felt like it had more energy all of a sudden. These two episodes can be summed up but Doris and Yuu getting deeper into Saddle Point and Gorg’s base?, Lady Lynx escapes from G.A.I.L. through her fem fatale means, and then gets captured by Skipper and prisoned on the carrier tank that is getting bombarded by G.A.I.L. That being said, Skipper was a complete bad ass in both of these episodes. I think that needs to be pointed out, because for a big guy he deal knows how to be sneaky and fire a fun. He’s just a lot of fun. A big mystery was opened this episode with the appearance of a second gorg, so I wonder what will happen next.

Genesis Climber Mospeada Episodes 14-15

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Once again, not a lot happened but a lot happened at the same time. The first episode was about our crew being stuck in a forest, dealing with tribesman who think that things like dams are magical things, and leaving Mint behind to get married. Episode 15 was when our crew got caught in an abandoned subway and the pressure of that situation made all the character drama pop out. Many where tired of being chased by Inbit and wanted to go come home. Of course, nobody actually did and they are now heading home. Not a necessary episode, but one that felt needed. It’s nice to see that not everyone is completely unified.

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