Fall 2018 Anime in Review

Merry Christmas everyone! I didn’t have any major plans for a Christmas post in anyway, but I thought it would be a good idea to start doing some of my end of year stuff. I know this season isn’t done yet, but I feel like I have watched enough of all these shows to have all my opinions about them all sorted out. So yes, this is my Christmas gift to all of you even if it isn’t that exciting. This might be like getting socks for Christmas, so I’m sorry.

To me, this Fall season is consistently better then the Summer. I think Planet With was consistently hitting all the marks for me last season, but on average all the Fall’s shows that I have been watching has been great. This Fall season is just so stacked in a good way. I have not been watching everything that everyone thinks is good. Some for personal reasons in me questioning their quality and others that I just haven’t had time to watch. Let’s get to the list.

RErided won’t appear on this list because it ended much earlier than everything else and I have a post about it that. 

Karakuri Circus was dropped for being a terrible adaption that was obvious it skipped chapters even when I have never read the source material.

-Watch These Right Now

Bloom Into You

Can be found in HIDIVE

I know that I am pretty are along with this show at the moment, but I am honestly shocked by how into this show I am. I mean a Yuri anime is way out of my element, but there are so many elements that this show does well for me. For one thing, Yuu and Touko are an adorable couple and feel like realistic people which is an automatic win for me. For another, the direction behind Bloom Into You in general is amazing. Maybe it’s not consistent, but there are stunning scenes centered around these two that helps with the romance that is going on. I just yearn from this show more and more as time goes on because it’s one of my highlights of Fridays besides Fridays just existing.

Run With the Wind

Can be found in Crunchyroll and HIDIVE

Once again, sports anime are far from being my favorite sort of genre of anime. Still, there are so many things working for me with Run with the Wind. I think the biggest thing that changes thing up for me is that it takes place in college. Most people are beyond the high school drama level and are just very cool and relaxed. It still has major sports things like running events and the main character carries his high school drama with him to this environment, but nobody puts up with him that much.  Some of the track scenes are amazing as well. It’s just good stuff. My post where I go into more detail on this and Bloom Into You is right here.

Thunderbolt Fantasy S2

Can be found on Crunchyroll

I do think that the beginning of season two was a little messy and had too many plot points going on for to make it completely coherent. Still, as time goes on everything become more coherent and I’ve fallen in love with these insane puppets even more. I just love how insane this show can be yet be grounded with some realistic philosophies and ideologies. Click here for my post where I go more in depth with this show.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5

Can be found on Crunchyroll

Well, this is Part 5 of JoJo so it means more unique characters, more stands with different kinds of abilities. The only difference here is that it’s more of a mafia drama. I look forward to watching this one alongside Bloom Into You on Fridays.

-Then These-


Can be found on Crunchyroll

There are so many elements that I love about Gridman. The awesome Gridman vs Kaiju battles and the direction behind this show are what keep me coming back with a happy smile on my face. At the same time, everything else feels kind of half fully realized and half not. There are some great characters in this show like Akane when she is going down the tragic villain route and Rikka plus some solid characterization from others we don’t pay attention to, but our main hero Yuuta is still a boring amnesic kid. Also, Gridman’s first half can be boring for those people who are interested in episodic robot man punching giant monster stuff like me, but I liked it. Over all though it’s pretty good. Read more about my thoughts on Gridman here.

Double Decker

Can be found on Crunchyroll

A lot of my thoughts about Double Decker very easily fall in line with how I feel about Gridman. It has good characters, but some are left behind by characterization.  The plot is good, but some of the in-between episodes. Everything clicks together well and is a joy to watch with its very well rounded out humor and twists that make a lot of sense. More thoughts can be found here


Can be found on Tsurune

Oh hey, here is another sports anime that I have found some interest in. I guess I don’t have many complaints about it and love how calm it is, but that is also one of Tsurune’s down falls for me. I love watching it every week and seeing our main protagonist crew of Kyudo arcs become closer to each other, but I also feel like it lacks bite. There is nothing that is sticking with me every week that makes me want to come back and watch it even then it already is. Not a bad thing, but Tsurune could be so much better and more interesting then it is. As it is now though, it’s decent.

Golden Kamuy S2

Can be found on Crunchyroll

I feel like there is a theme going with this section except right here. This season is about traveling to a prison to figure out what the true path to the Ainu’s gold is, but season two does seem to have lost its path along the way. That’s completely ok though, because I love Golden Kamuy’s characters and seeing how they interact with each other is a blast. I am just down on the show a little because S2 could be heavily described as an enjoyable spinning wheels in mud. Once again, it could be a lot more.

-If you Feel like It/For Mech Fans-

Space Battleship Tiramisu S2

Can be found on Crunchyroll

Besides some interesting characters being thrown into Space Battleship Tiramisu’s mix this season, it’s technically the same as last season. Maybe it’s a little more plot focused, but that isn’t saying a lot. It’s still decently enjoyable for, but still entire forgettable once the show ends.

Like I have said before, I do feel like I am missing out on some shows that aired this season. At the same time, a few of those shows didn’t hold any interest to me. For one thing, everyone describing Bunny Senpai as Snafu meets Monogatari. Me having no love for either of those shows cancelled out all the interested I had for Bunny Senpai. Sword Art Online…will you know that I don’t like it right?

Next week’s post is going to be centered the best of things. All centered around the older shows that I watched and enjoyed and what I think were the best of what came out in 2018. Maybe there will e some more fun stuff that I appreciated about this year. Definitely a great year in anime.

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