[December 2018 OWLS Tour] JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders – Taking a Stand against Darker Times

I know that I don’t say it a lot on this blog because I don’t think it should affect anything that I write about, but I am a Christian. Faith is one of the things that keeps me together a lot of the times, because I haven’t had the easiest life for the past five years. I am not talking about my personal life, but the fact that I’ve had six loved ones that I’ve grown attached to pass away over the past eight years and that is something that is hard to deal with. Knowing that there might be a plan for all of us helps me quite a bit, so faith has become something that is important for me. Even if I don’t show up to church every Sunday, especially in the bible belt right now where they had the pastor on a platform raised up over the congregation which really bothers me, it’s still very important to me. I think that this post is a good place to talk about this. Now is the time to take this is a less serious direction.

Oh hey, I’m not using Gundam or a mech show in general for an OWL’s post this time. What a shock that is, right? Yeah, I was shocked as well but Gundam didn’t speak as much to me when it comes to this prompt and I’ve been wanting to write more about JoJo considering that it’s fifth season is airing right now. My attachment to this franchise was birthed in the same kind of way as Gundam if that makes any sense and the way the show is formatted can be easily compared to the structure of the universal century Gundam stuff it that makes any sense. There you go, I at least mentioned Gundam on some level in this non Gundam related post. Before I move on with that, I should probably talk about OWLS a little bit.


For those of you who haven’t heard of it before, what is OWLS you might ask. Well, that’s an easy question to answer. OWLS, also known as Otaku Warriors for Liberty and Self-Respect, is a group of otaku bloggers who promote the acceptance of all individuals. This is all regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religions, race, and disability. All about humanity for humanities sake. Each Month, our members are given a topic to write about and each of us approaches that through our own personal views. If you want to know more, please click here and look at the OWL’S Blog Page.

December 2018 Prompt

This month’s prompt procured by our chief creative officer LynLyn is called “faith”.

Tis the season where miracles happen. For December’s theme, we will be exploring faith in anime and pop culture. We will discuss some of the miracles that enter a character’s life during their darkest moments. Some of their questions we will explore is how does a “miracle” change a person’s life? How do we define miracles? Can miracles only happen due to a legend or a mystical being? Or do miracles happen every day, but we just don’t see it? We hope that you enjoy this holiday season! Happy Holidays! – the OWLS Team ❤

-How the Grinch Stole Christmas
-Your Name

An Introduction to JoJo

Describing what JoJo is to people who have never watched it before is a nearly impossible task. Why? Because a lot of what happens in any singular episode is sometimes hard to explain to people who know what JoJo is about. You have no idea how many times I’ve had to rewatch scenes or entire episodes to get a passing glimpse of this insanity. I mean seriously, not understanding what is going on and just watching spectacle and craziness is one of the many charms of watching it. With that being said, I am going to try to condense a lot of what JoJo is about in a few sentences. It’s a good thing I am not moving past part three for this. Maybe that will be a post for later.

To put this briefly together, Stardust Crusaders is part three of a who knows how many parts so there is some backstory behind it. Part one is centered around the conflict between the protagonist Jonathan Joestar who is from a rich family and Dio Brando is being adopted in the Joestar family. Their rivalry first starts out as a brother vs brother conflict, but it slowly moves onto a battle with Jonathan using the power called Hamon which comes from breathing and the son against the now turned vampire Dio. Yeah, the first part’s escalation is insane and wonderful but it’s still tame compared to later arcs.

Part 2 is centered around Joseph Joestar, Jonathan’s grandson. It takes place during world war two and is about these people from an ancient race called the pillar man who have come back to try and take over humanity. Just like Part 1, Hamon power was the name of the game and Joseph’s shenanigans with running away and being a charismatic guy in general is wonderful stuff. Still, a lot of things changed in Part 3 which sets the motion for the rest of the series. At least that is what I know from up to watching Part 5, so my knowledge is mostly limited.

Stands are a curse?

Starting with Part three, otherwise known as Stardust Crusaders, the power used in each of the fights has changed drastically. No longer are battles centered around aura power based on power from the sun and breathing. Instead, our main characters use these things called Stands which are ghosts that punch other ghosts and/or have use special powers attached to who knows what? Also, they are usually named after a rock album or something connected to popular western music. Some powers allow people to delete the physical space and time between objects write out of existence while other powers can reform things and objects in anyway possible. What I’m saying is that the variability of stand powers and the craziness that happens because of them is one of many selling points to this show.

Jotaro and Star Platinum

As you would probably guess though, these didn’t start out as much of a positive thing as you would expect. For one thing, these powers came from the return of Dio. He came by attaching his head to the body of Jonathan Joestar. With this came stand powers to everyone in the Joestar family both male and female. Jotaro Kujo, the protagonist of Stardust Crusaders and Joseph’s grandson, locked himself in a jail cell at the beginning of part three because he was afraid of this unknown capability and didn’t want to hurt anyone.

It wasn’t just Jotaro that gained a stand ability. Every living Joestar gained stand powers as well. Joseph Joestar is still alive and got one and then Jotaro’s mother was affected by the stand powers as well in a negative since. Her latent stand power put her in a comatose state that will eventually kill her in a month or two. It’s scary stuff. I should also mention the many numerous other stand users that were seduced by Dio and gained a stand ability because of it. Most of those characters are villains that stand in the way to save Jotaro’s mom. A few others lose their possession to Dio and join the Joestars as they travel to Egypt for revenge. It’s a messy and complex world they must deal with.

Sometimes a curse can be a gift

Image can be found here: https://www.zerochan.net/The+World+%28Stand%29

Over the course of Stardust Crusaders, the curse of traveling around the world fighting against other stand users slowly turned into a gift? Why? Because these five people and the dog with a stand become a closer-knit group of friends as they travel from place to place. Every big and small event that happens, including unique stand battles, is another thing that brought them together in some way. All of these things became something they can all laugh at or go “Remember that thing that happened that one time? Yeah, that was big.” Even things that almost resulted in people’s deaths.

Jotaro, his grand father and some friends

I won’t lie to all of you. Stardust Crusaders doesn’t have that friendly of an ending. Some people that you get to know over the course of this fifty-episode series don’t make it home. The reason why that is a bad thing is because you get to know each of them and their individual personalities from the many adventures they go on. The characters of Stardust Crusaders are far from being the most complex characters that anyone has ever seen on screen, but their presence is always wonderful and exciting. Part of the gift part is getting to know these characters can result in more of a curse. Then again, the protagonist in shonen anime is always curse.

Beyond Stardust Crusaders

After Stardust Crusaders, stand users are still around. Part 4 is a much more chill season centered around city life around one called Morioh. There aren’t a lot of life and death situations centered around stand users unless the protagonist crew is doing battle with the villain. You know, the villain who represents the completely negative discourse all around civilian life. This means that using stands is a lot more fun and provides so many more complex and interesting situations then Stardust Crusaders. Part 5 seems to be a combination of the two by giving the city a more corrupt feel to it. Gang life is hard and cruel. Still, the balancing of gift and a curse in stand abilities is something that is going to stay around in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure until it ends whenever that is unless part 9 changes everything completely or something. Either way, stand users have a habit of finding themselves around other stand users for one reason or another. If anything, it’s because of the plot.

Jotaro in Part 4

Like all forms of faith, you have to accept the positives and the negatives. Faith isn’t built on just good things, it is also about living with the bad things like all the stands in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. That was the wildest sentence I ever wrote. All we can do is take what we are given and make something out of it.

Thank you for reading this post, everyone. If you want more OWLS content, Carla post on Summer Wars yesterday, and Yumdeku is launching a post on Naruto tomorrow from now. In case you want more, here is a link to our entire OWLs tour.


  1. I’m not super familiar with Jojo with the exception of playing that Capcom fighting game on the Dreamcast a long time ago. That was a well-written post and I did my best to follow what went on in this series. I’m also sorry to hear about your losses. I’ve had my own over the past few years like losing my grandparents.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I tried to simplify it, but this franchise is wacky which is why I like it.

      I’m glad that you enjoyed it. Sometimes I get some unique owls posts in my head and have to run with them.

      I’m sorry to hear that.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No problem. I do know how wacky it is with the over-the-top action and numerous music references. I did laugh when I found out that there was a character named Robert E. O. Speedwagon.

        Sure thing. It’s a good thing you’re doing.

        Thank you.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Your title. Heh. I saw what you did there.

    I haven’t watched the jojo anime (yet) but I have read the manga up until the start of steel ball run.

    Well written.

    I know how hard it is to write a review about an anime with a very wide and strange flow.

    Also a good perspective on a show where people likes to pose like super models. 🙂 hahaha…

    Liked by 1 person

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