(3rd Blogiversary Week) Why I still Love Anime Tag Post

So hey, I was tagged by Raistlin for this post on *checks notes* October Fifth. I still have a lot of trouble doing these tag posts, but I deliberately delayed this one. Why? Because I felt like this post would be a good idea to use for my third Blogiversary week. The actual day is January 14th, but some preamble is good. Still, I am the number one example of people who don’t do a good job keeping up with tags posts. I barely have enough time to write what want to write, so tag posts aren’t a big thing that I like doing unless I can make a fun post out of them.

Back to Raistlin though, thank you for tagging me. I really appreciate it. Even if this is a little or very late and even I don’t respond to some tag posts, I also genuinely appreciate everybody that does decide to tag me. Thank you all very much.

The rules:

  • Write a post about why you love anime. It could be your favourite thing about it or one of your favorite things about it, it doesn’t matter which, but just pick one!
  • You can get as personal or as impersonal as you like. You might want to write about how anime helped you through a tough time or something that it has taught you or you might want to write about just how much fun you’ve had watching it over the years. Your choice.
  • Nominate three bloggers to do the same.
  • Link back to this post. I would love to see what you’ve written and I may compile a list of my favourite entries further down the line.

Man, where do I even start with this one? I guess the beginning, right? Yeah, that’s usually a good place to start.

Anime has been apart of my life for a long time now. Ever since elementary school. Yeah, yeah. Toonami and stuff. I’ve mentioned all of that before in quite a few places. I’m not going to dig into that aspect too much, but it’s existence and its availability was very important for the dooey eyed youngster that I was. During my childhood, I watched a lot of western cartoons like Looney tunes, Tom and Jerry, and a lot of things that aired on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network during that time. I enjoyed them and everything because they were funny and had great, relatable characters, but they didn’t feel that permanent too me. Watching anime for the first time with their complex themes and their overarching storylines blew me away because anime felt like something special to me. Even if I didn’t know that it was from Japan at the time.

Ever since then, anime has just been a major part of my life. I know that there was a deep lull where I didn’t watching anime again from Junior High to my junior of high school, but I can’t imagine going an entire day of my life without watching at least one episode of anime these days. It still feels special and interesting to me even if I do watch a lot of off and even if I do get bored from it from time to time. Even if Western animated series have started to have these long flowing and over arching storylines to them as well and possibly having some complex themes to them as well, it’s not quite the same for me. Watching anime for an extended period of time has seriously damaged me in a great way and my love for it is never ending.

To push some harshness on western media more, I’ve been so bored when watching western live action series recently. It feels like each one-hour episode captures about as much as a thirty-minute episode anime does. Because of that, I get incredibly bored by them. There are some always action-packed live action shows whose episodes are always filled with good and solid stuff, but those feel like they are few and far in between. There can be arguments for world building and other things that can be thrown out, but whatever is done doesn’t work for me. Even shorter shows like Brooklyn 99 that are half an hour an episode just bore me to death because of how simple they are and how basic the humor is. I really feel like an outsider when it comes to watching shows from my own culture sometimes.

To some this all up, I love anime because it latched on to me when I was a kid, it has very complex story telling for a series made out of thirty-minute episodes, and I can’t go a day without watching it. That’s about it. Anime is my thing and I can’t find myself straying from it anytime soon.



At this moment, I don’t know who to tag because I think everyone has done it already. If you haven’t, please feel free to do this tag. That’s right, I am nominating everyone!



  1. I love it too(obviously) but my passion kind of ebbs and flows on a mathematical schedule of consistency lol. June through October I’m Jonny on the spot, HOT on it! Usually I’m preparing for Anime Expo so that I know what’s topical and hot on the streets there, then I get pumped up while I’m there and then I found out about a bunch of anime I missed, binge a ton, watch movies at premiers etc.

    By October I’ve been through Anime Expo, seen all the hot stuff, caught up, been to some movie premiers, maybe have a show or two but then I COOL WAY DOWN LOL. Watched Goblin Slayer, been watching Dragon Ball Super on Toonami, and watched Megalobox since October, I usually have a weekly anime or two through out the year.

    However this Spring, between One Punch, My Hero, Attack on Titan… I’m actually pretty excited! Anime is amazing after all! Not to mention all the great video games coming out…

    Damn good year to be nerds! And congrats on regularly producing such great content all these years! Good stuff as usual!


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  2. Hey!!! Thanks for participating in my challenge and congrats for making it through three whole years – that’s extremely impressive! Anime’s also ruined me for Western TV shows. I feel like they simply do not compare in terms of creativity, lovable, well-developed characters, and deep, thought-provoking story-lines.

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