Weekly Anime Watches 1/14/18 (Some First Impressions Inside)

I feel like I keep making changes to how this post works, but I think that I am just going to use it to talk about seasonal anime now. I originally wanted to do something more complicated then that with adding other shows, but it hasn’t been working as well I’ve been wanting it to. Talking about quick episodes in this format just makes more sense. It also allows the non seasonal I’ve been watching to be more of a surprise when a review shows up, which is what I want. I also might have some other plans for those besides review things.

-Episodic Thoughts-

Saint Seiya: Saintia Sho Episode 4

Episode four of Santia Sho was great from a thematic and emotional level, not an animated level. Sho did her best to get her sister away from the evil god that is trying to possess her through Athena and cosmo power, but she failed. Why? Because her sister was overly absorbed by the evil goddess and it was too late for her to return to being human. Now Sho is hopefully going to become a stronger Saint now in her sister’s name. So all of that is good stuff right? It’s too bad that the visuals didn’t help with spreading this message. A lot of the boss fights that happened were a bunch of still frames with action lines or laser beams and not much else. I guess they are very pretty still frames though…

Dororo Episode 1

Dororo seems to be the very definition of sacrificing their first-born son. In the first part of the episode, a samurai lord ruins his relationship with Buddah by preying to 12 demon lords. Lords that take all the limbs, the skin, and the eyes of the samurai lords first born son. Holy crap, that’s horrifying. Then the second half is this guy with now mechanical limbs and a fake face meeting a young child thief by the name of Dororo and killing a demon that gets his skin back. Thank you so much for telling us with visual language, Dororo. I love that you can trust us with things like this. With the excellent visuals and animation from this show, I can’t wait for more. Mappa, don’t let me down. Maybe we can get more Tezuka adaptions sometime if this is successful. 

Mob Psycho 100 S2 Episode 1

I missed this show. Mob Psycho has so many interesting and experimental visual styles with amazing animation, great character work, and an interesting story. I can definitely say the same things happened with season two here so far. I mean, they used sand animation. How cool is that? It looks like this coming arc is going to be about Mob gaining some confidence and while he was forced to do that by being forced to do that through various means and even fake getting a girlfriend, he still made a massive step forward at the end of the episode. Oh man, I can’t wait to see how he grows up this season. Excellent job, Studio Bones!

Run With The Wind Episode 12

I missed this show so much. It’s characters are so great and all of their individual stories are absolutely wonderful. I love how Kakeru is running even faster now that he is relaxed and how he, Shindo, and Yuki planned how they were going to run this race. I also love how beautiful the animation was in the race because it’s obvious Production I.G. spent their month off to great effect. Yay, now seven people passed their time! I do wish that Running Shinji (if you have watched a Fate show, you may know why I am calling the bully this) keeps getting in our group’s way. Can’t he just leave Kakeru alone? I suppose people that are asking to be hit just exist. What a sad thing that is. Overall, great episodes with excellent shot framing and color usage.

The Promised Neverland Episode 1

I am not going to talk about any spoilers for this show, but keep an eye out for next week when I do start writing them down here. I’m going to try to not be the person that spoils people on the internet first. So, some quick talk about this episode:

-I’ve seen this premise before, but this was well done.
-I like these characters
-The expression on people’s faces and animation is pretty good
-I will probably not sleep very will for a while because of what I saw at the end of this episode.

That’s it done.

JoJo Part 5 Episode 14

I suppose there is a lot to talk about and yet not enough to talk about when it comes to JoJo. You know, like usual. The crew did get the key from the episode last week and this resulted in them finding a special portal to hide in the train in the form of a turtle. Meanwhile the villains are desperate and use their stand powers to age people on the train who haven’t drank anything cold. So in the end, one guy with a tray of two ice cubes and a guy needs to take these guys out. Fun times are ahead I’m sure with the usual JoJo levels of insanity.

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Episode 1

I know that I walk into a lot of shows not knowing what to expect so I am used to being blind sided, but what the hell. I wasn’t expecting a special edition of Death Note where two characters are trying to make the other confess with galaxy brain level shenanigans. The top two elites of school playing this sort of love game is pretty normal in anime, but not like this. That being said, I loved it. The wacky hijinks is what I like to see when watching anime for sometimes because no other visual art form would be this nuts. Seeing the two thinking processes helps me to realize who each of them is as well, so there is just some good, solid characterization going on here. I want to see where the stakes end up going next.

-Longer Thoughts-

Price of Smiles Episodes 1-2

I suppose I don’t have that much to say about Price of Smiles besides it’s an average mech series with decent production values. The first episode was setting up Princess Yuki’s isolation in her city utopia from the rest of the world and some of the major characters in the story with a stinger at the end of the episode. A stinger that leads into episode two which shows that the kingdom is at war a local empire, it’s mostly a stalemate, but the kingdom can’t hold on for long. Also, the princess’ guard she’s known all her life died. The wall is tearing down around the Princess’ world and I want to see where this goes. Some other points, the mech models are well done CG and move decently fluidly, so I want to see that continue from this point on.

Boogie Pop and Others episodes 1-3

At this moment, I am not figuring out what this show is about but what it’s pacing is going to be like. It’s an urban fantasy series with evils appearing to consume people and replace them at a certain Japanese high school (of course). The first episode felt like a topper and ending episode telling the audience that everything is ok. The second and third episodes finished up a story arc and resulted in all super natural elements, besides maybe Boogie Pop, disappearing. I’ve never watched the first show, so I don’t know what to expect from this point on. I am intrigued for what comes next, so that is a good thing. With some mix production values, but great animation where it’s needed and interesting directional style, Boogie Pop also has some visual aspects keeping me interested in watching it as well.

Tsurune Episodes 11-12

Tsurune was on a large emotional ride these past two weeks. Episode eleven was a fantastic Masa-san focused episode in which he felt so uncertain about what direction he wants to go in his adult life. A very relatable thing, I assure you. Masa-san also questioned whether he should seek what his grandfather actually thought from a friend or not is also an important detail to consider here. What a complex and wonderful character he is. Especially when he needed a push from his students to go visit this friend. I’m just said he got into a car accident. Not just because of Masa-san’s life, but because it through his Kyudo students into disarray when they didn’t hear about from him.

Episode 12 was the biggest emotional pivot of the entire episode. The thought of not hearing about how their mentor was doing at the hospital was the largest chunk of terror on them. Why? Because the original thought of “remembering everything Masa-san told us” made them nitpick their moves a lot more which lead to more stress and more inaccuracy then usual. Finding the confidence in themselves was the thing that helped them slip into the finals. Why does this show have to end next week? That’s unfair. It’s been an incredibly beautiful and emotional ride from a visual and character perspective.

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  1. Nice recap of the new shows and episodes. I’m definitely interested in that Dororo remake. It would be great if it lead to some more Tezuka adaptations. An anime of Captain Ken would be sweet if done well for example. Also, I just realized this remake would be the 50th anniversary of the original TV series.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, that makes sense for it being an anniversary piece. I mean, there have been a large number of those happening recently. Megalobox was an anniversary piece for tomorrow’s Joe.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m not sure if it was just because of the timing, but it’s certainly plausible. It’s certainly a common way to make a remake or even to do a sequel. I didn’t know that about Megalobox. That’s cool.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Devilman Crybaby was the same thing for Go Nagai along with other bad Go Nagai adaptations. I kind of like this trend because it opens up older creators to newer audiences.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Makes sense with Nagai’s work. Despite my issues with the remake-a-palooza going on, I have no issues when it comes to remakes from forgotten properties from older creators. If it leads to remakes and adaptations from some of those old-school creators, then I’m okay with this. Who knows? Maybe you’ll see more stuff from Nagai, Tezuka, Ishinomori, or Yokoyama.

        Liked by 1 person

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