Sea of the Stars Ep 1 – Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Hello everyone! I mentioned that I was going to try my hand at a solo podcast, so here is the first episode of it.

At this moment, I am still learning to be comfortable with actually talking into a microphone and putting my voice along with my thoughts on the internet, so any feed back here or on the youtube video I dropped are very much appreciated. I hope that my awkwardness doesn’t come through too much.

in case you were curious, the opening themes and ending themes were put together and arranged by myself. It takes up a lot more time then one would think. My ears aren’t as musically trained as they used to be.

The opening theme is an excerpt from Gundam MS 08th Team’s ending “Ten Years After”

The ending theme is an excerpt from Legend of the Galactic Heroes’ third opening theme “Sea of the Stars”

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