Weekly Seasonal Watches: 1/28/18

Last week, I mentioned how I was uncertain about how I was going to approach Kaguya-Sama moving forward because the show seemed more interested in repeating it’s formula of boring, pointless battles from the two episodes I saw. Episode three was going to be the deciding vote for me, and it passed. More comments on why below.

Saint Seiya: Saintia Sho Episode 6

You know what the problem is with a show that ridiculously fast paced sometimes? That a show like that would seem like it has no emotional or any weight to it at all. Especially when it comes a show that has training arcs to it. In this episode, Sho and some of her friends got a days worth of training or five minutes in this show.

For all the hardships that were described in becoming a Saint or a Saintia, I can’t really believe any of that at this moment. Then there is the Athena getting captured thing that happened last week. Yeah, that resolved itself in a matter of seconds. Combine all these things with a visually questionable show, and you have an average one at best.

Mob Psycho 100 S2 Episode 3

After Mob and Reigen’s adventures last week, Reigen creates a website that gets a number of hits. That means that Reigen and Mob go on three different jobs in one day. Jobs that are fairly minor for them, but bring up a lot questions for Mob to consider. He’s possibly the strongest psychic in the whole universe. What would happen if Mob cursed somebody and why do people treat the super natural so badly?

There was a ghost couple with a child that were just friendly ghosts. Why do they need to be eliminate just because some sleezy college students want them to vanish? It’s very Natsume’s Book of Friend’s territory in some ways and I am glad that Mob is growing up and is aware of how powerful he is. Oh, and the episode looked great as usual.

Dororo Episode 3

You know, just when I was wowed by the complex sort of situations that Mob Psycho was starting, here walks in Dororo and it’s episode of redemption. After a carpenter crucified large members of traitors for his war lord, his wife was marked as a traitor and killed, so he jumped to his death in repentance. Of course, he lived unfortunately and now he lives building limbs for injured people in hope that one day he can redeem himself.

Of course, his student learns about the carpenter’s past and leaves eventually. Of course, Hyakkimaru shows up in baby form with a fate to fight monsters. No matter what, looks like the guy will never get peace. Thus our main character’s backstory is presented in such colorful backstory lense. Oh, I was mesmerized by the noir like colors in this episode. Just so good. Oh, and so is everything else.

Run with the Wind Episode 14

So, this episode was built out of two montages. The first part focused on the end of training camp where everyone was together, finding themselves in incredible running shape, how their lives improved along with how much confidence they have, and finding unity and glory in their racing. The second half focused on mostly Prince (and those other two characters) making their times.

On his last chance at making the necessary time, Prince had his group write forward on his arm and it motivated him to push forward more and more. I won’t say that this was the most pretty or dynamic episode of this show, but it had the most meaning and heart then what I’ve seen in a Run with the Wind episode for a while and that’s all it needs for me to consider it great.

The Promised Neverland Episode 3

A lot of things seem to be going on since the second mother/nurse came into the scene last episode. For one thing, Isabella (the first mother) doesn’t like the second mother (Krone) at all. That scene between them was great and I loved how the concept that it’s let on this adoption facility is just one out of many away from the children as it should be.

Also, love that Krone is playing everyone’s side in order to win all of this. At the same time, Ray, Emma, and Norman are starting to piece together where their tracking devices are on each orphan and planning in the forest in a way that it’s framed like someone is watching them. The story boarding in this show is pretty good. So yeah, another interesting episode. I can’t wait to where all of this goes.

Boogiepop and Others Episode 5

I think the most interesting think about Boogie Pop is how unstructured it is because it doesn’t play by any normal anime rules at all. I mean, let’s talk about how crazy and out of control things are. The first part of the episode is based on the couple that the school psychologist saved last week. It’s apparent the girl in this relationship isn’t a human at all, but the boy isn’t picking on that because he’s in love her. Also, the boy isn’t that popular with the guys at school because he is considered a womanizer for some reason?

Then the second half happens and it’s focused on the stalker who wants to be the boy’s friend but doesn’t know how to express himself. Out of nowhere, the stalker gets turned into a drown by another alien force in a human body which results in the stalker’s grades increasing so he can go to a better school. Then the psychologist comes in to stop making him a drone THEN boogie pop comes in later on to save him from the alien force. It’s nuts and I appreciate that. I don’t think this show is to everyone’s tastes because of how crazy and unstructured it is, but I enjoy it. I just wish the visuals were more interesting.

Price of Smiles Episode 4

After focusing on the attack group on the opposite side, the point of view go towards Princess Yuki after their resources were taken. She’s in a panic at the moment, because she doesn’t know how to handle the situation at handle. Pretty believable considering the war itself was kept away from her. The reason why communication between the two nations has been explained due to a resource break down leading to the death of many officials and royalty years ago.

Yuki sees the cost of war for the first time when she wants to send help to some civilians ending in people dying for the first time from the massive retreat. That hurt so much because of how innocent she is because she doesn’t understand the concept of losing people from war and she is seeing it right in front of her. Man, as simple and manipulative as that is, it’s still incredibly powerful. So yeah, good episode. Maybe not that visually exciting when it comes to mech combat and such, but not completely necessary here.

JoJo Part 5 Episode 16

Once again, I think my theories about Bruno being the main protagonist of this show instead of Giorno are proven in this. Why? Because this show is about Bruno and his crime family. Bruno sacrificed everything including his own life to fight off the two villains on the train. Two villains that needed to win here so they gave it their all, but luck and resolve was on Bruno’s side this time.

The end of this fight was amazing and totaly worth the three episode length because it’s so different the typical “oh by the way, this is what our hero did ass pull” that resolves a lot of JoJo fights. Also, Trish, who the gang is protecting, has her own stand power she doesn’t understand. Despite the train been stopped during this battle, JoJo has gained a lot of momentum here and I am happy about that.

Kaguya-Sama Episode 3

I found the last segment of Kaguya-san from episode two and this entire episode interesting because it decided to stop playing with the formula from episode one when President Miyuki and Vice President Kaguya-san pointlessly squabbled at each other and were more character focused instead. Episode three was mainly learning about Kaguya-san and how sheltered she is from normal life because she is rich and that was incredibly interesting too me.

Also, the ending scene when President Miyuki allowed Kaguya to ride on the back of the bike was incredibly romantic and just happened because the two didn’t have enough time to argue and compete with each other. I know I probably won’t get more out of this as time goes on, but more episodes like this please. Thank you, that’s all.

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  1. The Price of Smiles is interesting. Not the best by any means, but I like what they are doing with Yuuki’s character so far and I’m curious about where it will all go. Hopefully they manage something interesting with it throughout the season.

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  2. Boogiepop scratches an itch for me. I like slightly confused, unstructured anime because that is how much of life is. Life is a lot like bouncing down a pachinko machine. You have an idea how it will all end but often no clue of how you’re getting there.

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