Weekly Seasonal Watches 2/11/18

I can’t say much about where my life is right now besides looking for some temporary work to keep me busy while searching for my career job and waiting for feedback. Other then that, same old same old.

This week was a fantastic week for anime. Besides Saintia Shou, every single episode that aired was incredibly emotionally impactful, visually stunning, or both. This is a week that shows why I like watching seasonal anime.

Saint Seiya: Saintia Shou Episode 8

Do you love any series that suddenly focuses on characters that have never had any importance eight episodes into it’s run for emotional pay off you weren’t asking for? What about focusing on some characters that we might have got to know when they got into a conflict that doesn’t matter at all? Me neither. That is what is happening to this show now with barely any focus on Shou besides standard shonen stuff. Yeah, I’m going to drop this one because it’s bad story telling and the action scenes are still frames with choppy cuts of animation. If there isn’t visual spectacle, then what is the point. Not sorry about this at all.

Mob Psycho 100 S2 Episode 5

To cut to the chase, most of the episode was Mob being an environment set up by the older psychic where he has no powers and he’s bullied all the time to prove the point that Mob should be using his abilities to rule over everyone. Mob turning that point of view around to where he decides thanking all the people in his life instead is a very good character thing for me. It’s very thematically strong, very good cuts of animation, and has a strong resolution where Mob finds his confidence again to live the way he wants to.

This means that multiple fights happen and BOY ARE THEY AMAZING. Mob Psycho has always looked good, but this is movie quality stuff with an extra hint of experimental stuff. I’m proud of my psychic son and his new shoneny look and attitude. Also, I think he is slowly gaining popularity with the ladies too. So yeah, fantastic episode and growth for Mob. Can’t wait to see where Mob goes next.

Dororo Episode 5

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to never be able to hear and then suddenly gain the capacity to do so? I think this episode was a little bit of an exploration of that, because Hyakkimaru still cannot take any sound because he’s not used to it yet. Well, not until he met a women who sang in a calm tone he felt a calmness and softness from. So yes, the story is Hyakkimaru gets sick after fighting a demon, ends up in an orphanage ran by a women with a mysterious job, and we get to know more of the orphanage through Dororo’s point of view, and the monk from two episodes ago is there just to help everyone out.

Some dark twists like finding out what the women does for a living to pay for the orphanage, because she works at night at certain military camps, there is a war happening, and more monster fights when Hyakkimaru and the Monk whose voice comes back when he’s screaming as loud as possible because his foot was cut up. There were, once again, some great action sequences, but the show will just not let up tonally because this show seems to want to go the direction of the realities of war and that’s ok. Especially when Dororo handles all of that in a mature manner like this. Well, this is part one so can’t wait for part two.

Run With The Wind Episode 16

Run With The Wind delivered on an episode that was basically what the title said. It was all dedicated to our group of friends running the Hakone Enki qualifier run and somehow making it through just barely. I knew that was going to happen, but I was so invested by what was going on that I didn’t care. This show man, it really makes you care. Everyone got their moment to shine during the run with even Prince finding his resolve after throwing up a bit on himself. Not bad for a group of complete beginners who started running competitively a small amount of months ago.

So yay, a sports anime that has completely got me. I just wonder what Haiji’s goal is now since they all made it. Is winning the thing possible? Who knows. Whatever it is, seems like the twins like inserting unnecessary drama when they can.

The Promised Neverland Episode 5

We are going to stuck in this orphanage for a while aren’t we? It’s not a problem, but the very fact that reveals of “this guy is being a traitor for this person” ever week are going to get exhausted eventually. There is only so much you can do with this set up. With Ray being discovered as the traitor by Norman then Ray doubling down by saying he’s also a double crosser for the kids in the orphanages benefit.

That is, if Norman decides to betray Emma and only those three with Don and Gilda escape leaving the others behind. A meeting happens when the three unveil some things to Don and Gilda, the two get impulsive to check out Mother’s secret room then a cliff hanger happens. That’s everything in a nut shell. Nothing unique or interesting happened and I don’t know how long this show is going to hold my interest before the mind games become more and more insane and unrealistic.

The Price of Smiles Episode 6

The fall of the Kingdom is more underway in this episode after last week’s battle. I mean, the Kingdom only has twenty percent of it’s fighting forces now and they must defend their battle to the last. Fortunately, Princess Yuki comes to her own and figures out a way to stop make the battle become a stalemate. What really frustrates me is that when Princess Yuki wants to surrender to the Grandiga empire for peace, she gets betrayed by her military leader to have her escape. All of that with the qoute of “you are just coming into your own, don’t die yet.” It feels very diminishing and patronizing against Princess Yuki’s wishes but at the same time, she can live? It’s very confusing and I am still not sure how to think about it.

So here is my stance on this show at the moment. It’s an alright mech series. The characters are relatable and everything, but they are still rather simple. The reason why the war is happening is also rather simple, but I can understand why everything is going on. The mech battles are pretty great and well done, but not directed in any complicated way, which is alright. So yeah, definitely recommend The Price of Smiles right now.

Boogiepop and Others Episode 7

Definitely one of Boogipop’s most straight forward and yet not straight forward episodes at the same time. This episode was mainly focused on our one couple in this series. You know, the dumb boy Misaki and the not so emotional drone Orihara. They go around as victim (Orihara) and guy dressed as Boogiepop saving her (Misaki), they get into a fight after a rich drone from Spooky E takes over a conversation, and the two break up with Misaki still wanting to act like Boogiepop and Orihara losing all sense of her self when confronted by Spooky E.

What gets me is that this is just one piece in a whole bunch of other moving parts. We know what Imaginator is doing, but he’s not on screen. Boogiepop is around, but we don’t know what she/he is planning. It’s going to be interesting to see how all this clicks together in the end so I don’t know what to say about this one episode because it’s a cog in a machine. My thoughts will be more complete when this arc is done.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5 Episode 18

This episode is nothing but Giorno and Mista driving trying to escape from a villain whose stand is ice powers and an extremely tough armor, and it’s the stuff of legends for me. I was infinitely interested in how Giorno and Mista were going to win this round because I love how wacky all of this is. Especially with a villain who has ice powers, but is extremely hot headed. The circumstance don’t matter, all you need to know is about the insanity behind it all. Also, why does the show want to do so many bad things to Mista? Anyway, I love JoJo’s well crafted insanity. More please.

Kaguya-Sama – Love is War Episode 5

Excellent Miyuki focused episode this week. Even if he didn’t take part in the first segment of this episode, it’s still his fault that Kaguya and Chika have a girl talk with the couple that formed a couple episodes ago. Still, it’s so nice to see him advocate fundraise for a donation that couple is currently in the middle of. Also, seeing how hard Miyuki works with Chika in order to become good at volley ball shows how determined and hard working he is. So, being a decent and hard working person are good enough reasons for a person to be attracted to anybody.

The aftermath of the last segment was the best. There was that typical Kaguya and Miyuki trying to get the other to use their umbrella thing so they can do that adorable couple thing. Why are these two so dumb as rocks around each other? I feel like Chika is setting both of them up and the real master mind behind this show, which is alright with me. The aftermath of them still being under the umbrella together even after the rain cleared up. Even after the credits. Can they just be a couple already?

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