Alita: Battle Angel – That’s More Like it!

Live action anime/manga/other adaptations have a bad rap. Why? Because I don’t think a lot of people know how to adapt something properly, companies think they can do whatever they want with a franchise for a cynical cash grab, or they aren’t bold enough with their new ideas to sell it to an audience in a quality way. Do you know what is worse? It seems like adaptations that are bold and do their own thing in a quality sort of way don’t sell that well anyway. Should we talk about how Edge of Tomorrow was destroyed because the creators of the movie didn’t know how to market it? Yeah, that was a light novel adaptation with a lot of quality and hard work to it. And here we are with another adaptation called Alita: Battle Angel thrown into the movie market and it’s as awesome as hell.

Alita: Battle Angel is the story of a cyborg doctor finding the upper portion of an android with a living heart and brain missing the rest of their body. That android fell down to the junk yard of the messy Iron City by the upper class city in the sky by the name of Zalem. Over the course of the movie, she figures out what her true identity is while also living the life of as normal of a teenager can be when they are a cyborg. Over the course of a series, Alita turns out to be a teenager and also a martian death robot from a war three hundred years ago. The last surviving one who is here to fight for freedom against the force that is controlling Zalem and society at large. That’s all I am going to say, because there is more going on then that and I don’t want to spoil it all. It’s so cool and anime, it needed a live action adaptation like this.

Do you know why I think Alita worked for me? Because it’s a two hundred million dollar passion project by people that love Alita. James Camera said he loves Battle Angel Alita and you know what? Based on how this movie moved and looked, I can believe that. Especially since it is pretty accurate to the manga with only some minor things for western adaptation purposes and to make the movie work. I can tell you that because I’ve been reading the manga reading. Also, it’s has a decent screen play with good action, solid visual design, a decent soundtrack, and some questionable acting. More proof alongside the original Star Wars that editing can save a movie from horrible acting. (Also, it’s nice seeing something that doesn’t like MCU like. Movies have started looking so boring recently because Marvel and Disney have just been taking over. All the sad.)

So after writing all this, I think you should check it out. I feel like this is going to be another instance when something unique is going to be ignored by the general audiences at large. Maybe it’s time for all of us anime fans to stand up and make sure it’s a success. I don’t think we should let this stepping stone to accurate adaptions die. I just have a feeling that it’s going to be a box office bomb and a sequel is never going to happen. Then again, it’s Cameron and he might make one in a couple decades or so anyway, but I don’t want to take that chance. Even if you haven’t read or watched Alita before, you don’t have to. That’s the magic behind adaptations like this. Going in blind is completely fine. (I’m just against doing that myself, so please ignore me.)


  1. I think Cameron has been wanting to get his hands on alita for years. Avatar is like a prototype for it. The big difference I find is that, most western directors don’t really have an understanding of the source material involved. It’s not that surprising that the ones that do work, have everyone having a basic understanding of the source material. Cameron goes above and beyond that; he actually respects & understands the source material. Which is why a lot of his movies are just hits.

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  2. Interesting review. Looks like there was some effort put into that movie besides the visuals (even if this version of Alita weirds me out with those big eyes). I do want to check out more of the manga and that 90s OVA that ADV released a while ago. It’s weird to think how this anime/manga got the American live action treatment.

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    1. The effort amazes me too. Then again, James Cameron does put a lot of effort into all of his movies.

      I need to read more of the manga too. I’ve only watched a couple volumes at the moment and need to do more. It’s weird, but I’m glad it got something this high quality.

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      1. Sure thing. I know Cameron delivers in the visual department even though I’m not a fan of all his movies.

        I would definitely like to get more immersed in the original manga. More people should treat the source material with respect instead of just trying to make a buck on a movie or playing on anime fans’ heartstrings.

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  3. I’ve heard a few people talking about how good this live action is. When it was announced I was prepared to boycott it like most other live actions because of how these projects usually go for us anime fans. After reading your review I know I have to get down off my anime high horse and give this film the chance it deserves! πŸ™‚

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