Scott’s Anime Pirate Crew

Creating one’s own group, whether it be a super hero group or political system out of anime characters is always a lot of fun. I was beyond ecstatic when I was tagged by Karandi to do this post. Thank you so much! She is one of, if not the hardest working anime bloggers out there so please check out her crew and her blog when you get the chance. I’ve got some pirate crew building to do.

The Rules!

1) Display the My Pirate Crew logo and add ‘My Pirate Crew’ as a tag.
2) Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog.
3) Link back to the original post here (So I can compare your crews to mine).
4) Select seven anime characters and give them a position on the crew. These are the positions you can fill: Warrior, Sniper, Chef, Doctor, Scientist, Navigator, Strategist, Mechanic, and Entertainer
5) Nominate 5-10 Bloggers
6) Set sail and rule the high seas
And with all those rules out of the way, let’s build a pirate crew!

Navigator: Asirpa (Golden Kamuy)

Asirpa may be young, but she has an excellent head on her shoulders and is a master hunter. With her excellent hunting skills comes an excellent sense of direction because she knows where to find where she is by using the stars and that was what ship navigators do most of the time. She’s fit for the job! Also, she is Ainu Batman so that is another thing Asirpa has going for her.

Doctor: Leorio (HunterXHunter)

Leorio was only a medical student at the beginning of the series and is a little bit of a doofus, but he extremely dedicated to his goal of helping people after a disaster that happened earlier in his life. Also, he’s already proven that he is great at helping because he has helped bandage people up in a professional manner. Also, his battle capabilities have grown since he’s been off screen for a while.

Warrior: Alexander the Great (Fate/Zero)

Looking at the picture above it all you need to know. I don’t think his fate version is that intelligent compared to what the historical records say, but he’s a great fighter, has access to a parallel realm with thousands upon thousands of soldiers, and he’s as charismatic as hell. So basically, I have an entire army in one person here. Unfair? Yes. Do I care? No.

Strategist: Akane Tsunemori (Psycho Pass)

Other then being insanely attractive (sorry, waifu here), Akane is a good fighter, insanely intelligent, and is able to pick up the clues of what happened in different situations and decide an action. I’m imagining that she would be able to do that during sea battles as well, so excellent!

Cook: Shirou Emiya (Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family)

In this version of fate, Shirou is an amazing cook and that’s it.

Mechanic: Bulma (Dragon Ball Franchise)

Bulma is a teenage girl, but she is also one of the smartest people on Earth and is able to build machines no one knows how to. Also, she is apart of the richest families on Earth. I mean, if Bulma didn’t build a dragon ball radar, then Dragon Ball would never have happened. Now she builds time machines, space ships, and can buy islands whenever she feels like it on a whim. I would just want her as a mechanic, but her being there has some added benefits as well.

Entertainer: Sakamoto (Haven’t You Heard? It’s Sakamoto)

Sakamoto is the definition of rule of cool and pulls off feats of strength, dexterity that no one on Earth should be able to do and it’s great fun. Seeing Sakamoto pull off whatever he wants off is entertaining enough to keep him around.

Thank you, once again for tagging me, Karandi, this was a lot of fun!

Tagged People:

1) That one Guy
2) Some other guy
3) Whoever that person is behind you
4) Watch out, they are attacking you
5) Your best friend

(Please go ahead and have fun with this one if you haven’t already)


  1. “Unfair? Yes. Do I care? No.”

    Hah! That’s the pirate spirit! 😀

    A formidable crew you have here! Excellent! It’s no fun when my crew wins without some stiff competition first! 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  2. At least 10% of the original Fate VN was about cooking. If Shirou was good for nothing else, he was good for that (certainly decision-making wasn’t his strong suit.)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. oh nice! i like how different your list is from the others xD i haven’t watched any of these shows but i recognize the psycho pass girl and bulma 😀 didn’t know bulma was so awesome tho! i still need to write mine but it’s so hard to decide on who xD

    Liked by 1 person

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