Mecha March 2019 Announcement Post Thingy

Dang it! Lita beat my little announcement with Mecha March Announcement. It seems like she has some cool and ambitious plans and I hope she gets to everything. I enjoyed a lot of the things she has planned to watch, so seeing other people watch those series is a lot great. More people to talk about some of my favorite shows with.

So that’s enough talking about Cool, Thug Lita, here are my plans:

Reviewing Older Mecha Shows

I’ve been watching Mecha Series since August because some of these shows have been around fifty episodes in length and I wanted to make sure that I don’t burn out from mecha series. Then again, I am currently digging through some super robot series so what do I know about genre burn outs?

The following shows are what I plan on reviewing:
-Aura Battler Dunbine
-Armored Trooper Votoms
-Giant Gorg
-Genesis Climber Mospeada
-Fullmetal Panic: The Second Raid

There is going to be one of these reviews a week. My tradition for the past two years has been bringing older mecha shows to the wider WordPress Community and the internet. I know that I don’t always get the largest amount of attention from these reviews and I don’t have a large following either, but that isn’t the point. I had a lot of fun watching them and I want to sure my enthusiasm with other people. That’s all that matters to me. The Aura Battler Dunbine review will appear on Friday.

Mecha Features

This is a vague category and there is going to be one extra Mecha post each week as well. I mean, you guys know that I don’t usually blog everyday right? This is continuing my usual blogging pattern. This is what that looks like:

-Two Different Mecha List Posts
-One post about Mecha Engineering
-One post about Gunpla

What order those posts appear is going to be a surprise :).

There you go, you now know all of my Mecha March Plans. Simple, right? 🙂 Since I’ve written all of these posts in advance, this month is going to be a break for me. I need some time to refresh myself and my ideas, so all this hard work paid off somewhat.

Future Mecha March Goals

Next year, I want to make Mecha March larger then before, but I don’t know how to do that. This isn’t a 12 days of blogging kind of thing and posting about Mecha all month isn’t exactly up to most other blogger’s tastes, I think. There is a huge mecha stigma going around that I just don’t understand.

What do you guys think? What is a good, digestible, and approachable method for getting more people involved? I’m not sure what to do in the future


  1. Why not make a thirty day mecha challenge list for March and put it up before hand and people can opt for which days and prompts they’d like to respond to, linking back to the list? While people may not want to do all thirty days, a lot of people would participate in some of the prompts as most people have watched at least a little mecha.

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  2. Thanks for the thug mention !!! I love the idea of 30 day mecha challenge but that is too much even for me lol I’m looking forward to everything you have planned and here’s to mech march *drinks vodka*

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    1. You’re welcome and here is to another Mecha March *drinks hard cider*.

      I’m pretty sure that Karandi’s idea was for other people to at least take part in one of the days, which sounds like a fun idea to me.

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  3. Mecha is a niche within a niche, which is (probably?) why it’s underserved.

    As for ideas to make it bigger, at first I was thinking a collab or a tag, but those aren’t restricted to a certain month. You specifically want this stuff restricted to a month, no more or no less, huh? So maybe do a cross between the 12 Days and a blog tour – i.e. circulate a spreadsheet link around the community and see who wants to participate in that year’s Mecha March and then just run posts on your set day/s (although the only caveat is it would be chaos to update a spreadsheet if people want to post regularly during it, so you might want a shared drive instead)…you might have to make promotion mandatory or close to it, especially in earlier days where the event is unknown. That’ the best idea I can think up on a whim, anyway.

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