Weekly Seasonal Watches: 3/4/18

Why do all the emotional beats of things have to appear around the same week in seasonal anime? It hurts so much and having one emotional episode after another hurts so much. Please stop this, anime studios. Why you do this?

Mob Psycho 100 S2 Episode 8

What a completely wholesome episode until the end happened and ruined everything for everyone. Mob’s physical and psychological growth was completely upfront here when he was training for his marathon and I loved it. He used to be so passive, but he fell and hurt his leg during the race and showed his resolve by continuing to push forward. I’m so proud of my anime son. The fact that he got help from Reigen and others is also wonderful, because it shows how much the people surrounding Mob want to see him succeed. Mob didn’t make his goal of getting in the top ten, but he improved quite a bit.

Then the ending happened when a psychic opponent from the previous seasons showed up to Mob’s family’s apartment and I’m so sad, guys. I was talking about how this show was lacking emotional resonance for me, but this episode hit me hard. Damn, I feel so sorry for Mob right now. He better get his revenge, if all of this conflict is real. I don’t know what this kid’s abilities are, but this ending was scary. ☹

Dororo Episode 8

After Mob Psycho’s insanity this week, I need something to recover with and I am glad that Dororo stepped up to the plate. It was the classic sort of “help, my sister who is about to married/sacrificed to a monster” kinds of episodes, but it was down extremely well. Dororo and the younger brother in question, Saru, got to know each other and act like kids, so that was a lot of fun. Plus, Hyakkimaru got to fight a giant dragon centipede and that was awesome. Also, Saru’s adoptive sister came back from the monster. Just fun all around with great animation and art design and direction all over the place.

Run With The Wind Episode 19

The Hakone Enki is on and in the center of this episode are Prince, Musa, and Joji (I think). Prince and Musa got an ample amount of time exploring their fears, why they are doing this, and how hard they are running brought to us by flashbacks to scenes that we haven’t seen yet. Everything felt wonderful and meaningful with a huge sense of hard work and joy into their runs. Toji didn’t have that much time or characterization to him, but I think that is fine considering that I think he and his brother are some of the flattest characters in the show.

Seeing them put in a comedy position is good and this episode ended in a big laughing kind of moment. Perfect what is needed in this incredibly tense competition moment. Good episode all around really. Very well thought out and touching like the whole show has been so far.

The Promised Neverland Episode 8

This was the tension releasing episode that I wanted. Why? Because I am a very impatient person (sue me) that was waiting for something to happen. Something crazy and powerful. Episode 8 is Mother Isabella’s because she out smarted everyone. Krone was eliminated in this episode when she was told she would be a mother somewhere else. Krone knew about that something was fishy, which is why Krone gave the kid’s a hint about escaping and used the evidence she found to make the case for her to stay at the orphanage. Of course, the later thing didn’t happen, because Grandma sent the demons after Krone and she died. Krone’s life literally flashed before her eyes and it was sad. I cried from that. Damn.

Then the second half of the episode is Isabella ruining the kid’s plans completely. Of course, she did. Isabella is the adult in the situation and while the kids are smart and have figured out things about the world, Isabella has so much more life experience and training. She even broke Emma’s leg in a split second, which is completely horrifying. Also, Norman’s shipment date was moved closer. So scary. How are the kids going to beat that person?

Two questions for this episode. WHO THE HELL IS GRANDMA? She seems to have some power over the demons. What sort of deals has she made to get this far? Where does she line up? What is going on? And also, what about Phil? He seemed unhappy when Isabella carried injured Emma back home. What does that mean? I have so many more questions and they aren’t going to be answered anytime soon, are they?

Boogiepop and Others Episode 14

(Episodes 10-13, the At Dawn arc, will be discussed on a post appearing later today)

This episode was a lot of table setting for the rest of the arc. Everyone involved in this post is visiting the signal tower of a dead billionaire, because the company involved is opening it up to the public before destroying it. Since it’s such a weird shape, people are naturally interested in it. I know I would be. After introducing some characters and why they are going to the building, the plot starts up. It all gets a little weird when a kid returning from the bathroom to his spot in line saw the ceo of the company in a different form. Then the tower the opens up, people get stuck inside the building, and they get stuck in their own minds in some way. Boogiepop helps glasses girl out of her dream from the self-named Distortion King but looks like he has some business to do.

For the beginning of the last arc, I like where this is going. From the way everything seems to be going and how it’s set up, this is going to be a very introspective arc. I hope so, but the fact that glasses girl imagined the guy Echoes killed in the first arc without some solid explanation behind it worries me. Am I never going to learn much about her besides she is class president and a good student?

The Price of Smiles Episode 9

This feels like an episode just to push the plot along so the anime could get to the final conflict with enough information for it to make sense. The first half of this episode involved the mysteries of what they do. Apparently, they are devices that connect with the micro machines that were installed in the atmosphere a long time ago to increase the performance of something? I mean, they improve Mecha’s power and they also increase the growth speed of crops so the chrar application has a lot of variability. At the same time, they reduce people’s ability to breathe in the atmosphere. Also, Chrars could be used as an E.M.P. for a large amount of times. Yeah, it’s crazy that the information they just got from an empire everyone forgets about because it doesn’t exist anymore. I have so many questions, but whatever. Let’s keep going.

On an emotional front is all the character things. Princess Yuuki and Harold continue to have some solid discussions about war tactics. Yuuki doesn’t want to kill anyone because she is twelve-year-old girl that happens to be royalty. On the other end, Harold is a grizzled old war veteren that wants to find ways to win at all costs. Their fights are an interesting concept, but they never trully go anywhere because no one grows from their discussion. Well, not until Harold gives Yuuki a speech about his ideals before he goes into battle and dies. Except for Harold’s fight, I feel like I’ve seen the fight that happened in this arc somewhere else before. Definitely a budget saving episode, but that is alright. Good emotional stuff, but I am still not sure how I feel about the science fiction B.S.

JoJo Part 5 Episode 21

In this episode, Bruno isn’t dead, apparently. Maybe. And because of that fact, Bruno fought his way up to the first floor while fighting against King Crimson. There he meets up with Giorno and the rest of the gang. I noticed that while Giorno did heal Bruno, he didn’t bleed when stubbed one of his appendages. There is something funny going on with Bruno.

The main emotion thrust of this episode came from everyone choosing sides. Bruno and Giorno and are rebelling against the very gang they are apart of because they are now fighting for the boss’s survival. The line has been drawn and Bruno’s gang, except Fugo, decide to side with Bruno against all the gang members in Venice. I don’t know what Fugo will do from this point on, but there is going to be a lot of crazy things happening now. Much crazier things then usual. Five people against the world.

Kaguya-sama Episode 8

Some more interesting character-building and world building stuff happened in this episode. Some of it is up in your face and others are hinted at. Kaguya’s galaxy brain ideas and vastly wild assumptions came into play when Shirogane’s sister shows up. All her galaxy brain ideas are realistic, because my mind works in the same way, but automatically looking at Shirogane’s sister and thinking that you are automatically going to be like siblings is beyond my levels of crazy. Having to do the work to get that point never seems to hit her head, so she is smart just that her brain is too far out there sometimes. Then again, Chika gets involved in everything too easily in comparison, because Chika has a younger sister that hangs out with Shirogane’s sister. Makes sense though, because Chika is a lot of fun and who wouldn’t want to be around her? The result: we know more about Shirogane, Chika, and Kaguya. Shirogane and Chika have sisters and Kaguya doesn’t understand familia love.

Then the next two parts are centered around test scores. Shirogane and Kaguya-sama’s rivalry is interesting. Also, some of Ishigami, the school treasurer’s backstory was revealed as well. He looks like a down trodden character that doesn’t want to go anywhere in life, so it was cool to see Kaguya-sama take the kid under her wing and forcing Ishigami to study even in a dominatrix sort of way. Yeah, maybe a little too far there, but I can see why Kaguya-sama did it. Kaguya-sama cares a lot about people in strange ways. At the same time, a scene with Kaguya-sama and Ishigami in the library with two school girls whispering behind Kaguya-sama and Ishigami’s backs. So Ishigami did something a lot of people don’t like, we just don’t know what it is yet. Interesting. The comedy is slowly diminishing a little bit to be replaced to interject with a little more thoughtful narrative, and I approve of that. I would like to see more of it.

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  1. I need to catch up on my anime! I put down Run with the wind and I regret it so much! *cries* Mob Psycho I’m enjoying so much and Boogie pop and others. I read the novel to Boogie pop a while ago and near the end I wasn’t into anymore.

    love your reviews! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good recap on these shows. I will still wait and see how the rest of the series play out although you know this Dororo remake is something I’m the most interested in. I guess Tezuka was on the brain today after posting my review of the Jungle Emperor Leo 2009 remake. Haha! :3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That could be possible! I noticed that Crunchyroll has Jungle Emperor Leo, though I am not sure what year their edition is from, and I want to check it out soon when I have enough time. I don’t know how I am busy as someone who is searching for jobs but I guess it happens…

      And thank you for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I see. I looked up Crunchyroll and they have the 1997 movie for streaming. That movie is a retooling of Leo/Kimba as an adult and he has his own cubs. I heard it was close to the manga’s version of the last major arc, but modernized. The animation is gorgeous and sakuga-quality. You could watch it on it’s own which is fine, but I’d recommend watching the original Kimba the White Lion series even though they don’t follow the same canon. I also reviewed JEL 1997 on Iridium Eye if you want to check it out and know my full thoughts. Also, this movie almost got banned in North America by Disney (gee, I wonder why?).

        No problem, Scott!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh, ok. If I can find a way to watch the original series somewhere, then I will. Also, I will definitely have to look at your review at some point.

        Disney does have control over some of the things that come over here and that man be pretty bad, I say as someone who saw a marvel movie this week.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Of course. I know the DVDs are available to rent on Netflix. It used to be available on Hulu, but it got removed (I hope it wasn’t because of Disney’s stake in that service, but I sometimes wonder). Feel free to check it out whenever you can. I’ve also reviewed the original Kimba series during my first year of Iridium Eye which I’m proud of since that review allowed me to be more assertive and honest online and in real life when I bring up the obvious film plagiarism controversy it’s associated with. It’s still surprising to this day how much hate I didn’t get for writing those Kimba/JEL reviews.

        Yeah, and it’s quite stupid. I’m glad the lawsuit didn’t go through. I have a theory that they may have backed down unless they would’ve looked super guilty if they banned it because even some anime fans and some people who grew up in the 60s/70s knew about Kimba.

        Wow, Kimba may not be my favorite anime, but I think I’m guilty about talking about that series more than most anibloggers. Hahaha! In all seriousness, I really care about originality and my mind was blown when I watched it not just because of how easy to connect the dots between the two lion stories (the research didn’t help), but also because of how shockingly progressive it was with the story and themes therein.

        Liked by 1 person

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