Weekly Seasonal Watches: 3/18/19

Most shows have been good this week, but I really exhausted from shows that repeat a note or two without taking it in any new direction. I know why Promised Neverland is doing that, so it gets a pass and everything. Kaguya-sama on the hand has had potential, but has reverted to me not caring about anything that appears on screen this week. It’s just kind of frustrating.

Mob Psycho 100 S2 Episode 10

I to watch this episode twice, because it was a full episode of no stop things happening. Not a line of dialogue was wasted and every scene meant something. You would think that I would be used to this after watching Space Battleship Yamato 2202 and Fafner: Exodus recently, but I don’t think that the production crew is aware they are transmitting a lot of information in a less coherent manner then usual OR it’s just not directed as well. So, that’s a ding from me.

With all that said, a lot happened by not much happened at the same time. Claw’s foot soldiers, who are modified humans wrecked havoc against normal police forces. At the same time, Riegen and the crew centered around the bar last episode finally came into action to fight against claw. A lot of them were either completely overwhelmed in quick cuts by the end of the episode or just cornered in a sewer. So while many on our side were noticeably powerful, the quick cut and down aspect of this episode showed how wrong they are.

And once again, at the same time, another part of the episode was centered around other people protecting Mob. Riegen and Dimples were able to fend off soldiers and one muscular guy for a while only to have the muscular guy chase down a Dimple controlled Mob down the streets of this city. Dimple and one of the best muscular kids ever were able to defeat the guy though and Mob finally woke up. So I didn’t go into detail here, but I kind of don’t want to. Partially because my memory when it comes to names is bad AND I don’t think there is a lot to comment on really. Can’t wait to see Mob in action again though.

Dororo Episode 10

Oh hey, a non Hyakkimaru and Dororo focused episode. I mean, they appear in the episode a little bit, but it’s not their episode. And that’s ok, because Tahoromaru is just as fun of a character to follow as Hyakkimaru is. He does seem a little whiny because of the big secret his parents are keeping from him (Hyakkimaru’s existence), but he is still an alright character. While Taho is still a noble, he is able to come up with a plan to fight this water creature by denying it of water and fighting the thing up front with his small group. He’s not a coward, so I have to give a lot of credit for that. Him and Hyakkimaru finally meeting when Hyakkimaru showed up to give the final blow himself must be fate. Man, some drama is going to go down in that family. That’s for sure.

Not as visually interesting of an episode as the first few episodes or as powerful as a story, but there are a lot of interesting things and themes going on that make the show interesting anyway. Especially after this one ended.

Run With The Wind Episode 21

A lot of things went on in this episode. The first segment of Yuki worrying about time running in the snow because of the danger it takes shows how much of a smart and thoughtful person he is. Smart people worry about the small things and no dumb person would pass their BAR test the first time like he did. When it comes to his turn running, he goes all out down the snowy hill and finds new confidence when his mother, who Yuki has had issues with because she was remarrying, showed up to cheer Yuki on. Also, Yuki felt a little bit of what it’s like to be Kakeru when running down the hill as hard as he can noting how lonely it is being in the front, which earned him some bloody feet. Such a sentimental journey from such a usually quiet or angry guy.

Nico’s Journey in this episode wasn’t as meaningful for me. His journey of being fit to run this race was his arc and this was just the conclusion of it. He’s now the right weight and completely fit to run, so he found the joy in it. Especially when he met with Haiji during a flashback. King didn’t get any focus, but I don’t think he had any sort of arc because finding a job. Something he must have done for now, so his job is only to get the sash over to Kakeru. Kakeru and Fujioka starting each other down and preparing to run the race of their lives was a pretty good replacement for King’s arc finishing itself. I can’t wait to see what happens.

The Promised Neverland Episode 10

A very solem episode with some hope this week. With this episode, we see Norman not exactly giving up all children leaving the orphanage, but giving up himself to his fate. He gives all the details of the nurseries lay out to Ray and Emma, and then tries not to have a break down while he remembers all the touching moments he had with Emma and Ray. After Emma tries a last ditch effort for him to escape, Norman and Isabell walk out of the gate of the orphanage and that’s all we see of him. Afterward, we feel how Emma and Ray feel in a sad montage of time to Ray’s shipment date. Fortunately, the episode ends with Ray being solemn about his last day at the orphanage and Emma giving him a smile about having an escape plan.

Even with Norman’s build up to being shipped with Emma’s and Ray’s interactions are sad, but I can’t help but think they lingered too long for me? Understanding why Norman likes Emma makes sense and gives off some more tragedy to this aspect and I know that Emma and Ray are sad about Norman not wanting to escape, but that keeps repeating and repeating and repeating. I don’t think I have a stone cold heart, but I can’t help but go “GET ON WITH IT”. I hope the escape is worth it. Also, I doubt Norman is dead. He had to wait in a room instead of be instantly killed for some reason. Something it up.

The Price of Smiles Episode 11

This was the first double episode which focused on Grandiga and Soleil. Soleil’s side focused on Princess Yuki and her remaining forces heading for her capital as faint with still prototype mobile artillary (which I wonder why it’s a new invention?) while Yuki and crew are headed to a hidden location. The Grandiga side received the news from Grandiga about their continuing invasion and squad getting closer after their team father’s deaths AND finding Princess Yuki’s troop headed to an unknown location as time was going on. Their was a lot of movement and powerful moments in short form with group dynamics and everything, I just wonder where it’s all going, but the show knows so I will trust it. It’s gotten me this far.

Boogiepop and Others Episode 16

So much happened in this episode, holy crap. Boogiepop fought a monster from a kid’s imagination, which was pretty awesome. Also, Boogiepop asked if it had a sense of self and finding themselves being jealous of their alternative self for their boyfriend was also pretty interesting. Especially since Boogiepop doesn’t consider themselves human at all. Oh, the hacker boys getting a call for Nagi, Keiji running into the moon tower, the distortion king possibly not being the villain here, the moon tower is falling, AND THE PROM’S TOMORROW. Sorry, I had to throw in that last one.

It was far from being the most focused episode of Boogiepop, which is saying something. A lot of interesting plot developments, table setting and things, people being thrown into this situation, and Boogiepop (the character) being vague and confusing. So many concepts up in their compared to all others that appeared. I hope they land decently without hurting themselves.

JoJo Part 5 Episode 22

After the episode from two weeks ago with all the insanity involved, it’s nice to get a goofy fun episode. You know, Mista, Abbachio, and Narancia getting what a vegetarian is completely wrong and then randomly beating on a guy that complained about getting wine on his suit. Oh well, haha. Even the stand abilities of a metal shark appearing in different pieces of liquid by teleportation and Narancia having a stand around his tongue telling people the opposite about what he’s saying was goofy. I know that they are threatening and everything, because Giorno was cut by a giant shark at the end of the episode, but the situation is still so strange. I always need to see all of these insane things and I am glad that JoJo is here to deliver.

Kaguya-sama Episode 10

Yeah, just getting more and more bored from this show. Especially with this episode’s two parts where it was focused on recovering from Miyuki being in Kaguya-sama’s bed when Kaguya was sleeping. Yeah, considering that it was resolved off screen sort of, but it’s still here in front of us for two thirds of this episode regardless and I just DON’T CARE. These bland characters aren’t going anywhere and aren’t being developed in anyway without looking at everything through a microscope. The third part focused on the Student Council finding a time to hang out during vacation and then having Chika talking about all her foreign trips was interesting though. But when Chika left, I just lost in everything going on. Two episodes to go, so I might as well finish this nonsense.

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  1. Sounds like a mixed to positive week of shows in the season so far. Not going to lie, but when people mention the group Claw in Mob Psycho 100, it’s hard for me not to think about the villain from Inspector Gadget or one of the main villains from Kimba the White Lion. Hahaha!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I see. Makes a lot of sense.

        I know, right? Hahaha! I definitely remember watching that cartoon when I was a kid even if they were reruns. One spinoff I also watched was Gadget Boy and Heather way back then.

        It’s quite obvious that Claw is the original Scar. I agree that it’s inconsiderate of them with this and other characters, but he is the most obvious counterpart with the two animated properties. Dang, I wish Disney would just own up to it and credit Tezuka.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I, on the other hand, loved Kaguya-Sama this week. I was pleased to see some incremental progress in the Miyuki/Kaguya relationship, and thought it was an interesting switchup to have a set of conflicts where Ishigami ends up being more helpful in resolving them than Chika. But of course I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the whole series right from the start. I feel like for all the manga readers’ insistence that it gets better (which I think it has), it’s still pretty clearly one of those shows where anyone who’s not into it after the first couple of episodes just isn’t going to get into it, judging from the reactions of you and Karandi and Sean and a few others I’ve been reading.

    Liked by 2 people

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