Weekly Seasonal Watching: 4/1/18

Happy April Fool’s Day! I’m not going to be posting any sort of joke on here. Just going to talk about some anime because that is what I do. Especially since a lot of them ended recently.

Since next week is empty seasonal anime wise, that’s when I am posting my Winter 2019 In Review posts. There is always a short week before the next season starts, so I am going to use that to my advantage.

Mob Psycho 100 S2 Episode 12

And here we are with another interesting and somewhat powerful episode that shows how far Mob has grown. He refuses to attack people and would rather talk about their problems instead of actively fighting. He has actively taken in the lessons by Reigen, so he’s such a good boy. That was all proven in the first part of the episode where he talked with the shut in Serizawa and got him to join Mob’s side. Unfortunately, suit Frieza, the final boss, says otherwise and is way too powerful for Mob to handle on any decent level. And yeah, the guy is literal suit Frieza because there were Dragon Ball references in this episode and he was shooting people with his finger lasers.

So next episode is the final battle and I can’t wait to see what kind of visual insanity this show will have because it’s Mob Psycho. You can’t have normal visuals in this show. Even if the villains are kind of there like marvel movie villains, Mob has grown and that is what matters when it comes to this thing.

Dororo Episode 12

Man, that episode was something else and was a great way to end it’s first cour. Especially since it focused on Hyakkimaru meeting with his family face to face for the first time since he was a half demon born child. And yet seeing and hearing all about Hyakkimaru’s suffering and looking at the poor guy in the face, every single member of Hyakkimaru’s family decided that his suffering was worth the richness of their territory. The typical Vulcan argument of “the needs of the many are more important then the needs of the few or the one.” Of course, Hyakkimaru’s family are just ass holes. Very simplistic yet complicated things going on. Dororo supports his adopted brother in spite of it all. This was such a hard episode to watch, not that it wasn’t good, but because of the material involved.

Run With The Wind Episode 23

Here we are. After all this time, Run With The Wind came to an end. It began with Kakeru running extremely fast with Haiji chasing after him on the bike and ended with Haiji running the last leg of a race to Kakeru. That one sentence is the entire story arc between Haiji and Kakeru through the course of this show. Because of that, it makes sense this last episode was focused on Haiji and Kakeru, because this show has eight other decent characters sprinkled in to carry the show through its 23 episode run. Haiji running his possibly last race is so emotional, but so is finding his reason for running. I honestly cannot express how powerful of an episode this was in a short amount of time, so I might have to write a post on this soon. Just now that this episode and its entire run is incredibly worth watching.

Other sensational things like Kakeru barely beating Fujioka’s record happened too and the ending scene that involved a time skip with the group having a reunion three years later are powerful, but those scenes aren’t the main reason why I loved this episode.

The Promised Neverland Episode 12

While this was an absolutely solid finale in a lot of ways from having our characters escape. I still think that having all the kids practicing how to escape while mother focusing her attention on only Emma and Ray a tad too convenient here. How else does an adult see kids practice their obvious escape maneuvers and techniques while not trying to stop them in anyway? It’s kind of ruins some of the smart drama that the first ten episodes brought to effect. Maybe that’s the only way the author knew to set up the kid’s escape after episode 8? Otherwise, the dramatic scenes, seeing Ray help kids cross the gap, and Isabella’s background when she tried to escape, and the reveal of Ray being Isabella’s mother did help this episode a lot alongside the show’s stunning visuals. Still going to be here for when season two comes out because it’s going to be a different kind of show apparently.

Boogiepop and Others Episode 18

I enjoyed Boogiepop’s finale. It really did build on a lot of what the show has been building up since the beginning in terms of relationships and character motivations. The Distortion King just appearing and still learning their powers was an interesting concept and seeing Boogiepop and them talk about how they aren’t enemies was pretty interesting too. A lot of things happened in this arc in the labyrinth called the Moon Tower and it all came to a head here and really clicked for me. The tower’s existence, the sudden emergence of powers, healing the distortion in people’s hearts, and so on. The last two arcs of this show helped clicked everything together for me and while I still have questions, I’m glad I watched it.

JoJo Part 5 Episode 24

The usual sort of JoJo stuck in location shenanigins happened today. This time, the group was stuck in an airplane and a remote stand that is attracted by movement attacks the crew in the entire plane. It’s frightening and costs the crew a lot to sort of fight back and not. I’m pretty excited to see Trish finally take part in the fight in her own way and defeat and get everything back to normal. Yay, go her.

Kaguya-sama Episode 12

I should have expect this finale. The first half with the drama of Kaguya-sama wanting to see the fire works and her friends in the student council and Kaguya’s maid Hayasaka working their hardest to allow her to do that was great stuff. The president taking charge, saying cool lines and everything to where the cast can see another fire works display by car was exciting and excellent. First half has a major thumbs up for me. Then everything came to a stop in the second half because these are still awkward kids. Mr President Shirogane was suddenly wondering about how awkward the lines he said during the first part and Kaguya-sama was too in awe of Shirogane to look him in the face. I understand that is the point of this show, but I guess I was hoping for something a little more anime original and emotional to seal everything together? Maybe that is what happens when you enjoy the outside elements of the show’s formula instead of the show’s formula itself.

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